Order Ecd/868/2015, May 5, By Which Regulates Public Visits To The Museums Of State Ownership Assigned And Managed By The Ministry Of Education, Culture And Sports And By The National Institute Of The Performing Arts And Music.

Original Language Title: Orden ECD/868/2015, de 5 de mayo, por la que se regula la visita pública a los museos de titularidad estatal adscritos y gestionados por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte y por el Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música.

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-5290

Them museums State are institutions that preserve and broadcast the heritage historical of all them Spanish, and contribute to ensure the exercise effective of the right of access to the culture collected in the article 44 of Constitution Spanish.

More than five years since the adoption of the order CUL/174/2009, of 29 January, which regulates the visit to the museums attached and managed by the Ministry of culture and by the National Institute of scenic arts and music, it is necessary to update this legislation to adapt to the changes that have taken place in this period , and for adjust is to it established by the directive 2006 / 123 / EC of the Parliament European and of the Council, relative to them services in the market inside, and to the legislation national Spanish of transposition of this directive of services.

With the purpose of promote the contemplation and enjoyment of the heritage historical that preserved them museums State, the present order maintains the price of entry to them museums. Them changes incorporated make reference to it suppression of the extinct Museum national of reproductions artistic, the inclusion of the current denomination of the Museum national of sculpture, the incorporation of it sale telematics of tickets, it update of the regime of gratuity (that is makes extensive to all them citizens, with independence of its nationality or place of residence) and the reinforcement of them measures of promotion of it visit to them museums.

Accordingly, pursuant to article 26 of law 8/1989 of 13 April, fees and public prices, and in articles 21 and 22 of the regulation of museums of State ownership and of the Spanish system of museums, available: article 1. Object.

This ministerial order aims to regulate public visits to the museums of State ownership assigned and managed by the Directorate-General of fine arts and cultural property and archives and libraries and by the National Institute of scenic arts and music.

Article 2. Scope of application.

This ministerial order shall apply to the following museums of State ownership: to) National Archaeological Museum (Madrid).

b) Museo Cerralbo (Madrid).

(c) Museum of the Americas (Madrid).

Museo Casa de Cervantes (Valladolid) (d)).

e) Museo de el Greco (Toledo).

f) costume Museum, Centre of ethnological Heritage Research (Madrid).

(g) National Museum of Anthropology (Madrid).

(h) Museum national of archaeology underwater (Cartagena).

(i) National Museum of Roman art (Mérida).

j) National Museum of decorative arts (Madrid).

k) National Museum of ceramics and arts Sumptuary "González Martí" (Valencia).

(l) National Museum and research center of Altamira (Santillana del Mar).

(m) National Museum of sculpture (Valladolid).

n) National Museum of romanticism (Madrid).

(o) museo sefardí (Toledo).

p) Museo Sorolla (Madrid).

q) the Theatre Museum (Almagro).

Article 3. Price of the ticket.

1. the general entrance fee for visit to the permanent exhibition of each of the museums mentioned in article 2 will be 3 euros per day.

2. the sale of tickets will be held at the Museum box office. Also may be effected through systems telematic u others channels in those museums that have of this service, and can is, in his case, increase the price of entry with them expenses that this management may cause.

3. access to the complementary services of the museums, such as library, centers of documentation, shop, cafeteria, or others of similar character, will be free without prejudice to proper control.

4. the entrance to the temporary exhibitions will be, as a general, free.

However, when appropriate, may establish an entry price for the visit to the temporary exhibitions and access to cultural activities, which will be determined in each case.

In the event that access to the temporary exhibition may not be independent, they must meet the General conditions of visit to the permanent exhibition.

Article 4. Visit group.

1. the condition of cultural / educational group visit is granted to those visits that are integrated by 8 or more people. The maximum of people who can join a group shall be determined by the direction of every Museum according to its capacity.

2 will require the application of visit before the person in charge of the Museum, with a minimum notice of 15 days.

Article 5. Visit on a free basis.

1 the entrance will be free for the people listed below, previous accreditation with the presentation at the box office of the relevant, valid and up-to-date, official document in each case: to) under 18 years of age and over 65 years old.

(b) students between 18 and 25 years.

(c) the youth card holders.

((d) people with disability, in accordance with the definition that performs the article 2.a) of the Real Decree legislative 1 / 2013, of 29 of November, by which is approves the text consolidated of the law General of rights of the people with disability and of his inclusion social. You can also access the Museum for free the person which, if appropriate, accompany him for the visit.

(e) persons in legal unemployment situation.

(f) pensioners.

(g) members of families numerous, according to the definition that of them same performs the article 2 of the law 40 / 2003, of 18 of November, of protection to the families numerous.

(h) members of the entities following: 1 Board of Trustees of the Museum corresponding.

2nd Association of friends or foundation of the Museum relevant.

3rd APME (Association professional of Museologists of Spain).

4th ANABAD (Federation Spanish of associations of archivists, librarians, archaeologists, Museologists and documentalists).

5th AEM (Association Spanish of Museologists).

6 FEAM (Federation Spanish of associations of friends of the museums).

7th ICOM (Council International of museums).

8th Hispania Nostra.

(i) personnel providing services in the Directorate-General of fine arts and cultural assets and archives and libraries and museums cited in article 2 of this ministerial order, as well as the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

j) teaching personnel, as set out in article 104 of the Basic Law 2/2006 of 3 may, education.

(k) official guides of tourism, in the exercise of their functions.

(l) journalists, in the exercise of their functions.

(m) donors of cultural property, in the Museum that have been attached cultural property subject to donation, upon presentation of the corresponding accreditation.

(n) people who make cultural volunteer work at the Museum in which to develop its activity, upon presentation of the corresponding accreditation.

2 days of free public tour for every visitor will be: to) at least four days a month, one week. The day shall be fixed by decision of the Director-General of fine arts and cultural assets and of archives and libraries and the Director General of the National Institute of the arts performing and music or, in your case, the days of the week in which the entrance to the museums is free.

(b) November 16 (World Heritage Day), 18 may (International Museums Day), October 12 (day of the national day of Spain) and 6 December (Spanish Constitution Day).

(c) other possible celebrations of interest to museums, prior authorization by decision of the Director-General of fine arts and cultural assets and of archives and libraries and the Director General of the National Institute of the arts performing and music.

Article 6. Visit with reduced input.

A 50% reduction on the price of entry to the museums shall apply to persons belonging to groups which are detailed below: to) members of groups in accordance with the definition of article 4 of this order.

(b) those who make cultural volunteer work upon presentation of accreditation that corresponds.

Article 7. Visit to the museums building measures.

1 sets the annual access card for the public view of a single Museum, with the following conditions: to) your price is 25 euros.

(b) the period of validity of this card will be one year, computed from the date of issue of the card.

c) will be issued by the museum itself, at the request of the interested parties. A photocopy of the national document of identity or the corresponding document shall be attached to the application.

(d) the annual card is personal and untransferable, incorporating the following data: 1 Museum for which are allowed to visit public, responsible for his expedition.

2nd name and surname of the holder.

3rd number of the national document of identity or of the corresponding document.

4th period of validity.

2 sets «Museums» manure, that will allow to visit the museums located in the same city.

(a) fertilizer «Eight museums of the city of Madrid», with a validity of 15 days and a price of 16 euro, to visit the following museums without limit on number of visits.

1. National Archaeological Museum.

2nd Museo Cerralbo.

3rd American Museum.

4th, Museo del Traje, ethnological Heritage Research Center.

5th National Museum of anthropology.

6 National Museum of decorative arts.

7th National Museum of romanticism.

8th Museum Sorolla.

((b) manure "Four museums of the city of Madrid", valid for ten days with a price of 8 euros, to visit four museums than those specified in paragraph a).

(c) manure «Museums of Toledo»: valid for five days with a price of 5 euros to visit the following museums without limitation of number of visits: 1st Sephardic Museum.

2. Museum of el Greco.

(d) manure «museums of Valladolid»: with a validity of five days and a price of 5 euros to visit the following museums without limit of number of visits: 1 Museum national of sculpture.

2nd Museo Casa de Cervantes.

3rd these fertilizers will be available at any of the museums in which the same shall be valid.

4. by Convention of collaboration is may agree with other institutions the creation of itineraries cultural that include them tickets and fertilizers previously cited and the access to others museums not referred in the present order.

Article 8. Other measures of promotion and campaigns of promotion.

(By resolution of the Director General competent (Director General of fine arts, goods cultural and of files and libraries or Director General of the Institute national of them arts performing and of the music) is may establish the reduction in the price of entry or free of access in them following cases: to) campaigns of promotion cultural, social or tourist.

(b) collaboration agreements with third-party sponsorship, promotion of the public visit or participation or inclusion of the State museums in cultural or tourism promotion cards.

(c) special activities and events.

Also by means of the aforementioned resolution, Directors-General may establish measures to retain the annual access card holders.

Article 9. Special authorizations.

1. by decision of the General Directorate of fine arts, cultural goods and of archives and libraries or the Director General of the National Institute of the arts performing and music free of charge can be established for those benefactors, collective and professional groups whose visit, its relevance and connection with the museums, can cause on behalf of these institutions or that there are circumstances that warrant it. Visitation of museums that have assigned when any circumstances deemed necessary may likewise be modified.

2. the directors of museums, on a timely basis, may authorize the entry free or reduced-price, to persons, associations, companies, institutions or professional groups or other groups that request it for professional reasons, for study, research or other.

Sole additional provision.

Entrance fee, exemptions, free or discount in the museums under the Ministry of education, culture and sport that are managed by the autonomous communities under the corresponding management Convention, will be fixed by them.

Available to transient only.

On tickets purchased prior to the entry into force of this order, the price applied at the time of the acquisition of the same shall be respected.

Sole repeal provision.

1. is repealed the order CUL / 174 / 2009, of 29 of January, by which is regulates the visit public to them museums of ownership state assigned and managed by the Ministry of culture and by the Institute national of them arts performing and of the music.

2 keep in force the third point paragraph IV of the order of Ministry of culture, of 20 January 1995, concerning the access card joint for museums directly managed by the Directorate-General of fine arts and cultural assets and of archives and libraries, the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia.

Sole final provision. Entry into force.

This order shall come into force from June 16, 2015.

Madrid, may 5, 2015.-the Minister of education, culture and sport, José Ignacio Wert Ortega.