Royal Decree-Law 7/2015, May 14, Which Are Granted Special Credits And A Supplement Of Credit Amounting To 856.440.673,35 Euros In The Budget Of The Ministry Of Defence, To Cater For The Payment Of Obligations...

Original Language Title: Real Decreto-ley 7/2015, de 14 de mayo, por el que se conceden créditos extraordinarios y un suplemento de crédito por importe de 856.440.673,35 euros en el presupuesto del Ministerio de Defensa, para atender al pago de obligaciones correspondientes...

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The present Royal Decree-Law aims to grant some extraordinary credits and a supplement of credit in the budget of the Ministry of defence in total amount of 856.440.673,35 euros to meet the payment of contractual obligations to special weapons programmes (PEA, s), to meet needs of the General Plan of ammunition and for carrying out works in the Central Military Hospital "Gómez Ulla" defense , in the frame of activities related with the outbreak of Ebola in Spain.

1. contractual obligations pertaining to special weapons programmes (PEA, s).

Special programmes (PEA, s) are those derived from the agreement between the ministries of Defense and of industry, energy and tourism, intended for the development and manufacture of equipment and weapons systems that converge two key features: be pre-financiados in whole or in part by loans from the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism and to make payments from the Ministry of defence from the moment of its reception and commissioning. The choice is determined by a combination of needs political, economic, industrial and technological; also, they are of enormous importance for the Spanish industrial fabric and require large amounts of financial resources.

(With these teams and systems of weapons is intended to meet them needs of the modernization of our forces armed, giving them of them best systems of weapons, teams e infrastructure of support for the compliance of their missions, looking for primarily: to) reach a standard operating that allow respond and face them risks and threats relating to the defense of the sovereignty Spanish.

(b) comply with the commitments entered into between the Member States of the EU in development of the common security and defence policy to accomplish the tasks listed in article 28 of the Treaty of Lisbon.

(c) respond to them commitments international acquired by Spain contained in the initiative of capabilities of Defense (DCI) of the NATO, later redefined «commitments of the capabilities of Prague».

The financing system is based on the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism advances intended for research and development; the payment of the acquisitions is carried out with budget of the Ministry of Defense, time in that the manufacturer returns them advances to the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism.

The evolution of the economy worldwide and particularly the Spanish, has caused the continuous reduction in the financial resources of the various sections of the budget of the State. As a consequence, the commitment levels achieved payments in the agreements of accession or contracting of modernization and in particular of the PEA, s, have been diverting from the financial capacity of the Department. This has forced to make successive reprogramming in order to adapt the forecasts, redirecting appropriations for those items with higher priority; all this looking for ensure the maintenance of them levels minimum that guarantee the operation of the units giving a greater attention to them forces displaced in scenarios of conflict and to the support of them media that improve your security.

The insufficient budgetary allocation requires to provide additional funding to meet the financial commitments arising from the tight contractual commitments. Since the Administration is obliged to meet the payment of obligations contractual; and, next to this, the need of not delay your manure to not cause damages to third, constitute them reasons of extraordinary and urgent need that justify the award of the credit extraordinary through real decree-law.

2. ammunition General plan.

The General Plan of ammunition defines and collect the needs relating to ammunition which arises within the time duration of the Plan until 2025.

The capacity of annual investment that comes with in recent years was insufficient to meet the needs of ammunition, as well as to keep contractual commitments and the maintenance of armament and material currently in inventory. Consequence of this, the current capacity of investment is intended to cover them needs of ammunition for training and preparation of the force, being relegated to a second flat it funding of the Constitution and maintenance of the book of Guerra.

This raises the need for an extraordinary credit enabling to remedy some of these shortcomings in the present year 2015, focusing on acquisitions to concrete needs, seeking to solve the deficiencies that present levels of certain types of munitions.

3. actions related to the outbreak of Ebola in Spain.

By Royal Decree-Law 14/2014, 7 November, which granted extraordinary credits and supplements of credit to finance actions of various ministerial departments, approved extraordinary appropriations in the budget of the Ministry of defence amounting to 7.472.003,38 euros to meet needs arising from the outbreak of Ebola in Spain. This amount includes the amount of EUR 2,500,000 to carry out the remodeling of the plant 22 of the Central Hospital "Gómez Ulla" defense, in fiscal years 2014-2015.

As stated in the preamble of the listed Royal Decree-Law, the cost of the measures not covered by the extraordinary credits were implemented in the budget 2015.

The remodeling of the Central Hospital of the defense by the year 2015 amounts to EUR 4,000,000, amount that is processed credit supplement.

In his virtue, in use of the authorization contained in the article 86 of the Constitution, to proposal of the Minister of Hacienda and administrations public, in accordance with the Council of State and prior deliberation of the Council of Ministers in its meeting of the day 14 of mayo of 2015, HAVE: article 1. Award of outstanding appropriations in the budget of the Ministry of defence.

1. is authorized an extraordinary credit in the budget of the section 14 "Ministry of Defense", service 03 'Secretary of State for defence», programme 122B 'Special modernization programmes', Chapter 6 «real investments», article 65 'Military investments in infrastructure and other assets», 659 concept "to meet obligations corresponding to special programmes of armament and materiel', for an amount of 846.440.673,35 euros , with the following detail by subconceptos: Subconcepto denomination amount (in euros) 659.01 frigates F-100 6.000.000,00 659.02 truck C. 659.03 1.452.000,00 Leopard aircraft EF-2000 399.669.062,52 659.04 plane A-400 154.420.774,54 659.05 659.06 2.742.730,00 LLX ship helicopter Tiger


68.872.428,40 659.07 vehicle C.Pizarro 60.000.000,00 659.08 missile 659.09 1.493.846,50 IRIS-t ship BAC 1.000.000,00 659.10 howitzer 155/52 Rema 10.000.000,00 659.11 missile 659.12 10.245.629,76 Taurus helicopter NH-90 45.643.291,29 659.13 20.000.000,00 SPIKE missile



Fragata F-105





Buque BAM





Helicóptero UME





Avión UME










Helicóptero EC-135





2 authorizes a credit outstanding in the budget of the section 14 "Ministry of Defense", service 03 'Secretary of State for defence», programme 122A «Modernization of the armed forces', Chapter 6 «Real investments», article 65 'Military infrastructure and other property investments», concept 651 'Plan of ammunition', for 6,000,000 euros.

Article 2. Award of a supplement of credit in the budget of the Ministry of defence.

It authorizes a supplement of credit in section 14 "Ministry of Defense" budget 03 «State Secretary of Defense», programme 122A «Modernization of the armed forces», article 65 'Military investments in infrastructure and other assets», 656 concept "Military investments in infrastructure and other goods to needs arising from the outbreak of Ebola," amounting to 4,000,000 euros.

Article 3. Financing of those credits extraordinary and of the supplement of credit.

The extraordinary credits granted in article 1 and the supplement of credit that is granted in article 2 will be financed with debt.

Sole final provision. Entry into force.

The present Royal Decree-Law shall enter into force the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Given in Madrid, the 14 de mayo of 2015.


The Prime Minister, MARIANO RAJOY BREY

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