Resolution Of 30 April 2015, Of The Directorate-General For Energy And Mines, Which Determines The Procedure Of Sending Information Of The Obligors Of The System's Energy Efficiency Obligations, In The Rel...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 30 de abril de 2015, de la Dirección General de Política Energética y Minas, por la que se determina el procedimiento de envío de información de los sujetos obligados del sistema de obligaciones de eficiencia energética, en lo rel...

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Royal Decree-Law 8/2014, 4 July, adoption of urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency, established a system of obligations for the companies of gas and electricity, for operators of petroleum products to the wholesale, and for operators of liquefied petroleum gas to the wholesale, from the entry into force thereof.

To determine the objective of saving energy annual of them subject forced, and in accordance with the paragraph 2 of the article 70 of the cited Real Decree-Law 8 / 2014, them subject forced must send annually, before the 30 of September to the direction General of political energy and mines, them data of sales of energy end to level national corresponding to the year previous , expressed in GWh.

In view of the foregoing, this General direction was considered necessary to establish the procedure for fulfilment of this obligation, which was reflected in the resolution of 8 September 2014, which determines the procedure of filling in the obligation to supply information by the obligors of the obligations of energy efficiency system , in relation to its sales of energy, according to the aforementioned Royal Decree-law.

Subsequently, law 18, 2014, on 15 October, adoption of urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency, validated the Royal Decree-Law 8/2015, of 4 July.

In view of difficulties arising for the realization of the calculations of the obligations set forth in the order Ministerial EIT/289/2015, of 20 February, which establish the obligations of contribution to the National Fund for energy efficiency by the year 2015, this General direction was deemed necessary to complete the information on the procedure of compliance with the obligation to supply information established in the aforementioned resolution of 8 September 2014: 1. The obligors shall comply with the obligation of submission of information, in accordance with article 70.2 of the law 18/2014, by sending a communication to the Directorate-General for energy and mines, using the model set out in the annex to the present resolution, which shall be subscribed by natural or legal persons with valid ID. , by power of Attorney registered in the mercantile registry, in the case of corporations, or where appropriate, corresponding to the signer of the document.

2. the information must be sent before September 30 of each year through the electronic office of the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, to the address:

In accordance with article 27.6 of law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services, the totality of communications required in the procedure laid down in this resolution by the subjects bound with the Directorate-General for energy and mines, will be exclusively by electronic means , through the above address in the headquarters electronic. Also administrative notifications needed to practice the subject obligated by the Directorate-General for energy and mines will be carried out in the same way with electronic media.

According to it established in the article 32.3 of the Real Decree 1671 / 2009, of 6 of November, by which is develops partially the cited law 11 / 2007, of 22 of June, if not is used media electronic for make them concerned communications, it address General of political energy and mines will require the corresponding correction, warning that, of not be attended the requirement the presentation will lack of validity or effectiveness.

3 for the accomplishment of the obligation to supply information, in this resolution, the following definitions are adopted: a) volume of sales of electrical energy (GWh): volume of sales of electricity to final consumers, and excluded sales to other retailers.

(b) volume of sales of gas natural (GWh): volume of sales of gas natural and gas natural liquefied in the market inside to consumers late, leaving excluded them exports, them sales to others marketers of gas, the sales for the production of energy electric included it cogeneration and for its use as matter prima.

(c) sales volume of petroleum products (GWh): volume of sales of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and fuel oils in the internal market, being excluded exports, sales to international navigation, sales to other operators of petroleum products to the wholesale, as well as those intended to power generation including cogeneration and for use as raw materials.

(d) sales volume of LPG (GWh): sales volume of liquefied gases of oil on the domestic market, being excluded exports and sales to other operators of petroleum products to the wholesale and for use as raw material.

4 for the referral of information contemplated in this resolution the following conversion factors from official statistics must be used: to) 1 GWh = 0,086 ktep.

(b) for the conversion of quantities in metric tons to tonnes of oil equivalent, use the following conversion factors, expressed in equivalent tonnes of oil per metric tonne: tep/Tm liquefied petroleum gas.

1,099 for propane.

1,106 butane.

1,072 gasolines.

1,051 kerosene.

1,027 gas oils.

1,017 Biodiesel.

0,884 fuel oils.


1,010 heavy.

(0,955 example: case petroleum liquefied gas: 1 Tm = 1,099 × 103 ktep c) for converting quantities in cubic meters to metric tons, will be used for actual densities. If you ignored the real density, and for the exclusive purposes of completion of this obligation, the following densities (density at 15 ° C expressed in Tm/m3) may be used: Tm/m3 gasolines.

Gasoline Auto 95 I.O.

0,752 petrol Auto 98 I.O.

0,752 aviation gasoline.

0,750 other gasolines.

0,750 bioethanol.

0,790 gasoline mixture.



Aviation kerosene Jet A1.

0,800 kerosene aviation Jet A2.

0,800 other kerosene.

0,800 gas oils.

A diesel fuel 10 ppm.

0,845 diesel B.

0,845 diesel C.

0,855 Hidrobiodiesel (HVO).

0.775 Biodiesel.

0,880 Biodiesel mixture.


Diesel fuel marine.

0,860 Diesel marine.

0.860 other fuel oils.

0,860 fuel oils.

Fuel oil BIA.

1,000 fuel oil refinery.

1,000 other maritime fuel use.

1,000 other fuel oils.

1,000 example: case of petrol Auto 95 I.O.

1m 3 = 0,752 Tm (*) If you ignored the real density of the «gasoline mixes» and the «biodiesel blend» will be used the resultant weighted by quantities densities of each product contained in the mixture (conventional fuel and biofuel) 5. This resolution replaces resolution of 8 September 2014, of the Directorate-General for energy and mines, which determines the procedure of sending information of the obligors of the system of obligations of energy efficiency, as regards their energy sales, according to the Royal Decree-Law 8/2014, 4 July , adoption of urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency, and shall enter into force the day of its publication in the «Official Gazette».

6. against the present resolution fits brought resource of Freehand before the Secretary of State of energy, in the term of a month, in accordance with it established in the law 30 / 1992, of 26 of November, of regime legal of them administrations public and of the procedure administrative common, modified by the law 4 / 1999, of 13 of January and in the article 14.7 of the law 6 / 1997 , of 14 of April, of organization and functioning of the Administration General of the State.

Madrid, 30 of April of 2015.-the Director General of political energy and mines, Maria Teresa Baquedano Martin.

ANNEX model of communication relative to the sales energy

Mr./Mrs...., major, with ID number..., on behalf of the company, with CIF/VAT, subject forced national system of obligations of energy efficiency, which exerts the activity/activities (*)... with home for the purpose of notifications en..., population, province... postal code... contact telephone... and email...

Declare low my responsibility, for the purposes of meet it established in the article 70.2 of the law 18 / 2014, of 15 of October, of approval of measures urgent for the growth, competitiveness and efficiency, that them sales of energy of it cited company corresponding to the year..., in accordance with the definitions established in the paragraph second of the present resolution, are them following : Units expressed using point to separate them units of thousand and a comma to separate the part whole and the decimal. The maximum number of decimal places to be used is 6.

Volume of sales of electrical energy (GWh) volume of natural gas sales (GWh) volume of sales of petroleum products (GWh) sales volume of LPG (GWh) Total volume of sales (GWh) in... to... of... of...

Signature considerations for purposes of completing the model: • shall complete a single communication by each obligated subject.

• In the case of those subjects belonging to business groups, must complete the corresponding communications of different subjects independently.

• (*) The obligors must indicate the type/types of activity carried out and that have acquired such status: ee - marketer of electricity.

g gas marketer.

pp - operator to the wholesale of petroleum products.

LPG - operator to the wholesale of liquefied petroleum gases.

• For the purpose of determining the obligations of the obligated subject energy efficiency is taken into account the value corresponding to the box 'TOTAL SALES VOLUME'. Therefore, is essential that this value be completed by said subject.