Resolution Of 17 March 2015, Of The Universidad Rovira I Virgili University, That Publishes The Plan Of Graduate Studies In Physiotherapy.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 17 de marzo de 2015, de la Universidad Rovira i Virgili, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Fisioterapia.

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Obtained the verification of the curriculum by the universities Council, following a positive report from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation, as well as the authorization of the autonomous community of Catalonia, and established the official nature of the title by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 25 January 2013 (published in the Official Gazette of February 21, 2013).

This Rectorate resolved to publish curriculum leading to the degree of graduate or graduate in physical therapy, which will be structured as shown in annex I of this resolution.

Tarragona, 17 March 2015.-El Rector, Josep Anton Ferré Vidal.

Annex I curriculum of the title of graduate or graduate in physiotherapy from the University Rovira i Virgili centres: Faculty of medicine and health sciences, academic implementation course 2010-11. College of the sport and health, IMPLANTATION 2012-13 academic course branch of knowledge: Sciences of the health overview of materials and distribution in ECTS credits: 5.1 structure of teaching: basic commodity credits ECTS training type (Fb) 60 mandatory (Ob) 156 (Op) electives 18 work of end of degree (Ob) 6 Total credits 240 curriculum overview : Course subject ECTS ECTS course character 1 physiology.

6 Physiology I.





6. bases of communication and ethics.





6. physics for physiotherapy and biomechanics.

6 Fb 1 human anatomy.

18 Anatomy I.

12 Fb Anatomy II.

6 Fb 1 documentation.

6 bases of documentation and education.

6 Fb 1 fundamentals of physiotherapy.

3 fundamentals of physiotherapy.

3 Ob 1 standard procedures in physiotherapy.

12. General procedures in physiotherapy I.

6 Ob general procedures in physiotherapy II.

6 Ob 1 assessment in physiotherapy.

3. assessment in physiotherapy I.





6. Biostatistics.





6 Physiology II.





6. psychology.

6 Fb 2 CPM.

6 CPM.

6 Ob 2 pathophysiology.

9. surgical pathology.

6 Ob Clinical Biomechanics.

3 Ob 2 physical therapy in clinical specialties.

3. physiotherapy in clinical specialties I.

3 Ob 2 physical therapy integrated into communication, education and research.

3. integrated physiotherapy I.

3 Ob 2 intervention in physiotherapy-specific methods.

5. intervention in physiotherapy I-specific methods.

5. Ob 2 standard procedures in physiotherapy.

6. General procedures in physiotherapy III.

6 clinical Rotary 2 Ob.

6. clinical practice I.

6 Ob 2 assessment in physiotherapy.

4. assessment in physiotherapy II.

4 Ob 3 pathophysiology.

18. Pharmacology.

5. Ob gynaecological and paediatric pathology.

3 Ob Radiology.

3 Ob medical pathology.

7 Ob 3 physical therapy in clinical specialties.

13. physical therapy in clinical specialties II.

6 Ob rehabilitation and associated therapeutic.

4 Ob cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

3 Ob 3 integrated training.

4. integrated physiotherapy II.

4 Ob 3 intervention in physiotherapy-specific methods.

13. intervention in physiotherapy II-specific methods.

7 Ob intervention in physiotherapy III-specific methods.

6 Rotary 3 Ob clinical.

6. clinical practice II.

6 Ob 4 integrated training.

3. integrated physiotherapy III.

3 Ob 4 legislation, public health, and health administration.

9. health legislation.

3 Ob public health.

3 Ob organization and health management.

3 Rotary 4 Ob clinical.

30. hospital physiotherapy.

6 Ob geriatric physiotherapy.

6 Ob home physiotherapy.

6 Ob optional protective practices: Research, sport, hydrotherapy, external.

6 Ob physiotherapy in primary care.

6 4 Ob end of degree work.

6. end of degree work.

6 Ob 3/4 electives.

18 Op comments: Student will choose the optional subjects to study the offer approved by the University.

The University will establish appropriate mechanisms to ensure students in the curriculum recognition of credits for participation in University cultural, sports, activities of student representation, solidarity and cooperation.