Resolution Of 8 May 2015, Of The Directorate General Of Industry And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, Which Publishes The Relationship Of Standards Links Approved By The Spanish Association For Standardisation And Certification, During A...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 8 de mayo de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas UNE aprobadas por la Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación, durante el mes de a...

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In compliance with the provisions in article 11.f) the regulation of infrastructure for quality and Industrial Security, approved by Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December («Official Gazette» No. 32, dated February 6, 1996), and seen the record of standards approved by the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of 26 February 1986 , in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 of August, and recognized by the available additional first of the quoted Real Decree 2200 / 1995, of 28 of December.

This Directorate-General has resolved to publish in the «Official Gazette» the relationship of Spanish standards UNE approved by the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification, for the month of April 2015, identified by his title and numeric code, which appears as annex to the present resolution.

This resolution will cause the effect from the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 8 de mayo of 2015.-the Director General of industry and of the small and medium company, Victor Audera Lopez.

ANNEX rules published in the month April 2015 code title replaced a UNE 21144-1-1:2012 / 1 m:2015 Cables. Calculation of the permissible intensity. Part 1-1: equations of intensity admissible (factor of load 100%) and calculation of losses. Generalities.


UNE 53968:2005 IN / 1 M: 2015 procedures standardized to assess systems of verification of the tightness and detection of leaks in installations of storage of products oil liquids.


UNE 60210: satellite 2015 plants of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

UNE 60210:2011 UNE 62423-1:2015 procedures standardized for assess systems itinerant of verification of the tightness and detection of leaks in tanks, or sets of tank and pipes, of wall simple of storage of products oil liquids. Part 1: Volumetric and not volumetric systems (Sonic and pressure-vacuum).


UNE 84122:2015 materials raw cosmetic. Determination of the free in the alquilamidobetainas amidoamina.

UNE 84122:2000 UNE 84140:2015 materials raw cosmetic. Alkyl Betaine.

UNE 84140:2001 UNE 84141:2015 materials raw cosmetic. Alquilamidopropil Betaine.

UNE 84141:2001 UNE 206010:2015 trials for the verification of the performance of the solar thermal power stations with sensors parabolic trough technology.


UNE-CEN ISO / TS 14067:2015 Gases of effect greenhouse. Carbon footprint of products. Requirements and guidelines for quantification and communication. (ISO / TS 14067:2013).


UNE-CEN/TR 15367-1:2015 petroleum products. Guidelines for good control of the quality of the product. Diesel (diesel) automotive fuels.


UNE-CEN/TS 16635:2015 IN railway applications. Design for use by persons with reduced mobility. Equipment and components on board rolling stock. Toilets.


UNE-CLC/TS 50131-9:2015 alarm systems. Intrusion and hold-up alarm systems. Part 9: Alarm verification. Principles and methods.


UNE-CLC/TS 50576:2015 wiring. Extended application of test results.


UNE-IN 73:2015 protectors of the wood. Aging accelerated of the Woods treated prior to the trials biological. Test of aging by evaporation.

UNE 56406:1992 UNE-IN 203-2-3:2015 apparatus of cooking to use professional that use fuels gaseous. Part 2-3: requirements specific. Food warmers.


UNE-IN 252:2015 essay of field to determine the efficiency protective relative of a protector of wood in contact with the soil.

UNE 56425:1991 UNE-IN 253:2010 + A1: 2015 pipes of heating central. Systems of pipe pre-insulated for networks of water hot buried directly. Pipelines steel, thermal insulation of polyurethane and polyethylene external protection.

UNE-EN 253:2010 UNE-EN 326-2:2011 + A1:2015 boards derived from wood. Sampling, cutting and inspection. Part 2: Factory production control and initial type test.

UNE-EN 326-2:2011 UNE-EN 453:2015 machinery for food processing. Kneaders. Safety and hygiene requirements.

UNE-EN 453:2001 + A1:2010 UNE-EN 1363-1:2015 fire resistance tests. Part 1: General requirements.

UNE-EN 1363-1:2000 UNE-EN 1363-1:2000 ERRATUM:2011 UNE-EN 1417:2015 machines for plastics and rubber. Mixers of cylinders. Requirements of security.

UNE-IN 1417:1997 + A1: 2008 UNE-IN 1487:2015 valves for the building. Hydraulic safety groups. Tests and requirements.

UNE-EN 1487:2001 UNE-EN 1559-2:2015 Foundry. Technical terms of delivery. Part 2: Additional requirements for steel castings.

UNE-EN 1559-2:2000 UNE-EN 1559-4:2015 Foundry. Technical terms of delivery. Part 4: Additional requirements for molded parts of aluminium alloys.

UNE-EN 1559-4:1999 UNE-EN 1870-3:2015 security of machines for working wood. Circular saws. Part 3: Cutting machines and of cutting down and tilting saws miter.

UNE-EN 1870-3:2002 + A1:2009 UNE-EN 1906:2015 hardware for the building. Handles and knobs for doors. Requirements and test methods.

UNE-EN 1906:2010 UNE-EN 10217-7:2015 welded steel pipes for pressure applications. Technical terms of delivery. Part 7: Stainless steel tubes.

UNE-IN 10217-7:2006 UNITES-IN 12041:2015 machinery for the processing of food. Styling. Requirements of safety and hygiene.

UNE-IN 12041:2002 + A1: 2010 UNITES-IN 12043:2015 machinery for the processing of food. Cameras of rest. Requirements of safety and hygiene.

UNE-IN 12043:2002 + A1: 2010 UNITES-IN 12268:2015 machinery for the industry food. Mountain ranges of tape. Requirements of safety and hygiene.

UNE-IN 12268:2004 + A1: 2010 UNE-IN 12309-1:2015 devices of sorption for heating and/or cooling that used fuels gaseous of consumption heat based in the PCI lower or equal to 70 kW. Part 1: Terms and definitions.

UNE-EN 12309-1:2000 UNE-EN 12309-2:2000 UNE-EN 12309-3:2015 apparatus of sorption for heating and/or cooling using gaseous fuels of calorific consumption based on the PCI exceeding 70 kW. Part 3: Test conditions.

UNE-EN 12309-2:2000 UNE-EN 12309-5:2015 apparatus of sorption for heating and/or cooling using gaseous fuels of calorific consumption based on the PCI exceeding 70 kW. Part 5: Requirements.

UNE-EN 12309-2:2000 UNE-EN 12309-7:2015 apparatus of sorption for heating and/or cooling using gaseous fuels of calorific consumption based on the PCI exceeding 70 kW. Part 7: Specific provisions for hybrid devices.

UNE-EN 12309-2:2000 UNE-EN 13120:2010 + A1:2014/Ac:2015 interior shutters. Requirements of performance including safety.


UNE-EN 13141-8:2015 building ventilation. Trials of the performance of components/equipment for ventilation in homes. Part 8: Test of performance of units of drive and mechanical extraction ducted (including heat recovery) for mechanical ventilation systems for individual areas.

UNE-EN 13141-8:2006 UNE-EN 13249:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for use in the construction of roads and other traffic areas (excluding railways and asphalt runway layers).


EN 13250:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for use in railway buildings.


EN 13251:2014 + A1:2015

Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for use in earthworks, foundations and retaining structures.


UNE-EN 13252:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for their use in systems of drainage.


EN 13253:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for use in works for the control of erosion (coastal protection and coating of slopes).


EN 13254:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for use in the construction of reservoirs and dams.


UNE-IN 13255:2014 + A1: 2015 Geotextiles and products related. Requirements for use in the construction of canals.


EN 13256:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for its use in the construction of tunnels and structures underground.


UNE-EN 13257:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for their use in the landfills of waste solid.


UNE-EN 13265:2014 + A1:2015 Geotextiles and related products. Requirements for use in projects of liquid waste bins.


UNE-EN 13381-8:2015 test methods to determine the contribution to the the fire resistance of structural elements. Part 8: protection test applied to the elements of steel.

UNE-EN 13381-8:2011 UNE-EN 13501-6:2015 classification according to the burning behaviour of elements for building and construction products. Part 6: Classification based on data obtained in tests of reaction to fire of electric cables.


UNE-EN 13718-1:2015 medical vehicles and their equipment. Ambulances air. Part 1: Requirements for medical devices used in the air ambulances.

UNE-EN 13718-1:2009 UNE-EN 14159:2015 textile floor coverings. Requirements for tolerances on (linear) dimensions of rugs, rugs, carpet tiles and carpet and the tolerances on the repetition of the drawing.

UNE-CEN/TS 14159: EX 2007 UNE-EN 14181:2015 emissions from stationary sources. Quality assurance of automated measuring systems.

UNE-IN 14181:2005 UNE-IN 14783:2015 sheets and strips of metal fully supported for covers and coatings Interior and foreign. Product specification / requirements.


UNE-EN 15180:2015 food processing machinery. Food dispensers. Safety and hygiene requirements.


UNE-EN 15195:2015 liquid petroleum products. Determination of the ignition and delay the number of derived cetane number (DCN) in middle distillates by combustion in a constant volume Chamber.

UNE-EN 15195:2007 UNE-EN 15380-5:2015 railway applications. Classification system for railway vehicles. Part 5: Breakdown of the product (SBS) systems.


UNE-IN 15628:2015 maintenance. Qualification of the staff of maintenance.

UNE-CEN / TR 15628:2011 IN UNE-IN 15703-2:2015 copper and alloys of copper. Determination of the content of manganese. Part 2: method by spectrometry of absorption Atomic to the called (FAAS).


UNE-IN 15811:2015 machinery agricultural. Guards fixed and guards with interlocking with or without devices of lock for parts moving of transmissions of power. (ISO / TS 28923:2012 modified).

UNE-IN 15811:2009 UNE-IN 15811:2010 / AC: 2010 UNITES-IN 16191:2015 machinery for tunnels. Safety requirements.

UNE-EN 12336:2006 + A1:2008 UNE-EN 815:1997 + A2:2008 UNE-EN 16230-1:2013 + A1:2015 go kart recreational. Part 1: Safety requirements and test methods for karts.

UNE-EN 16230-1:2013 UNE-EN 16237:2015 classification of non-electrical sources of incoherent optical radiation.


UNE-EN 16310:2015 engineering services. Terminology to describe the engineering services for buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities.


UNE-EN 16311:2015 engineering services. Terminology to describe the engineering services for industrial products.


UNE-EN 16319:2015 fertilizers. Trace element determination. Determination of cadmium, chromium, lead and nickel (ICP-AES) inductively coupled plasma Atomic emission spectrometry after dissolution in aqua regia.


UNE-IN 16320:2015 fertilizers. Determination of elements traces. Determination of mercury by generation of steam (VG) after dissolution in water regia.


UNE-IN 16334:2015 applications railway. System of alarm of travelers. Requirements of the system.

UNE-IN 15327-1:2009 UNE-IN 16486:2015 machines for compacting waste or material recyclable. Compactors. Requirements of security.


UNE-EN 16502:2015 test method for the determination of the degree of acidity of soil according to Baumann-Gully.

UNE 83962:2008 UNE-EN 16556:2015 adhesives. Determination of maximum open time of the hot-melt adhesives for non-structural wood.


UNE-EN 16568:2015 automotive fuels. Mixtures of methyl esters of fatty acids (FAME) with diesel. Determination of the oxidation stability using the quick method of oxidation accelerated to 120 ° C.


UNE-EN 16576:2015 automotive fuels. Determination of the content of manganese and iron in oil. Method direct optical inductively (ICP OES) coupled plasma emission spectrometric.


UNE-EN 16679:2015 containers and packaging. Devices for verification of manipulations in containers for drugs.


UNE-IN 50305:2015 applications railway. Cables for material rolling with a behavior special before the fire. Methods of test.

IN 50305:2002 UNE-IN 60034-19:2015 machines electric Rotary. Part 19: methods of assay specific for machines of current continuous with power conventional and rectified.


UNE-IN 60079-29-3:2015 atmospheres explosive. Part 29-3: detection of gas. Guide on safety functional of systems fixed in detection of gas.


UNE-IN 60335-2-11:2010 / A1: 2015 appliances appliances and similar. Security. Part 2-11: Particular requirements for type drum dryers.


UNE-EN 60335-2-32:2005 / A2:2015 appliances and similar appliances. Security. Part 2-32: Particular requirements for massage appliances.


UNE-EN 60335-2-95:2015 household appliances and similar equipment. Security. Part 2-95: Particular requirements for engines for vertical opening for residential garage doors.


UNE-EN 60335-2-97:2007 / A12:2015 appliances and similar appliances. Security. Part 2-97: requirements particular to engines of closures, shutters, blinds, awnings and equipment analogues.


UNE-IN 60825-1:2015 security of those products laser. Part 1: classification of the equipment and requirements.


UNE-IN 60839-11-1:2014 / AC: 2015 systems electronic of alarm and of security. Part 11-1: Electronic access control systems. Requirements of the system and components.


UNE-EN 61534-1:2011 / A1:2015 prefabricated electrical ducting systems. Part 1: General requirements.


UNE-EN 61534-21:2015 prefabricated electrical ducting systems. Part 21: Customize for prefabricated electrical ducting systems, designed to be mounted on walls and ceilings.


UNE-EN 61534-22:2015

Systems of channelling electrical prefab. Part 22: Custom design for prefabricated electrical ducting systems, designed to be mounted on the ground or under ground.


UNE-EN 61851-24:2015 conductive system of charging for electric vehicles. Part 24: Digital communication between a charging station in DC for electric vehicles and an electric vehicle for the DC load control.


UNE-EN 62115:2006 / A12:2015 electric toys. Security.


UNE-EN 62353:2015 equipment electromedical. Recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment.


UNE - EN ISO 2813:2015 paints and varnishes. Determination of the index of specular gloss to 20 °, 60 ° and 85 °. (ISO 2813:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 2813:1999 UNE-EN ISO 2919:2015 radiation protection. Encapsulated radioactive sources. General requirements and classification. (ISO 2919:2012).


UNE - EN ISO 4017:2015 fasteners. Hex head screws. Products of classes A and b (ISO 4017:2014).

UNE - EN ISO 4017:2011 UNE-EN ISO 5527:2015 cereals. Vocabulary. (ISO 5527:2015).

UNE 34401-1:1970-UNE-EN ISO 5530-1:2015 wheat flour. Physical characteristics of the masses. Part 1: Determination of the water absorption and rheological properties using a farinograph. (ISO 5530-1:2013).


UNE-EN ISO 5530-2:2015 wheat flour. Physical characteristics of the masses. Part 2: Determination of rheological properties using an extensografo. (ISO 5530-2:, 2012).


UNE - EN ISO 6938:2015 Textiles. Natural fibres. Names generic and definitions. (ISO 6938:2012).


UNE-IN ISO 7199:2015 implants cardiovascular and organs artificial. Exchangers of blood-gas (oxygenators). (ISO 7199:2009 + Amd 1: 2012)

UNE-IN 12022:1999 UNE-IN ISO 9453:2015 materials of contribution for welding soft. Compositions chemical and forms. (ISO 9453:2014).

UNE-IN ISO 9453:2007 UNE-IN ISO 10121-1:2015 methods of test for the evaluation benefits of them media and of them devices of cleaning of the air in phase gas for ventilation in general. Part 1: means of cleaning of the air in phase gas (GPACM). (ISO 10121-1:2014).


UNE - EN ISO 11135:2015 sterilization of health care products. Ethylene oxide. Requirements for development, validation and control of routine of a process of sterilisation for medical devices. (ISO 11135:2014).


UNE - EN ISO 11978:2015 ophthalmic optics. Contact lenses and contact lenses maintenance products. Labelling. (ISO 11978:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 11978:2000 UNE - EN ISO 11978:2004 ERRATUM UNE-EN ISO 13427:2015 geosynthetics. Simulation of deterioration by abrasion (the sliding block test). (ISO 13427:2014).

UNE-EN ISO 13427:1999 UNE - EN ISO 14031:2015 environmental management. Evaluation of environmental performance. Guidelines. (ISO 14031:2013).

UNE-EN ISO 14031:2000 UNE - EN ISO 14065:2015 greenhouse gas. Requirements for bodies that perform the validation and verification of greenhouse gas, for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition. (ISO 14065:2013).

UNE-EN ISO 14065:2012 UNE - EN ISO 14389:2015 Textiles. Determination of phthalate content. Method of tetrahydrofuran. (ISO 14389:2014).

UNE-IN 15777:2010 UNITES-IN ISO 16119-4:2015 machinery agricultural and forestry. Requirements environmental and trials for sprayers and distributors of fertilizers liquid. Part 4: sprayers fixed and semi-mobile. (ISO 16119-4:2014).


UNE-IN ISO 16635-2:2015 dentistry. Instrumental for the dam in gum dental. Part 2: pliers portagrapas. (ISO 16635-2:2014).


UNE - EN ISO 16808:2015 metallic materials. Sheets and bands. Determination of axial curve of deflection by means of optical measurement systems hydraulic bulging test. (ISO 16808:2014).


UNE-EN ISO 17715:2015 flour of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Amperometric method for measuring the damage to starch. (ISO 17715:2013).


UNE-EN ISO 17718:2015 wheat flour and whole wheat flour (Triticum aestivum L.). Determination of the rheological behaviour as a function of mixing and temperature rise. (ISO 17718:2013).


UNE-IN ISO 18064:2015 elastomer thermoplastic. Nomenclature and abbreviations. (ISO 18064:2014).

UNE-IN ISO 18064:2005 UNE-IN ISO 18541-1:2015 vehicles from road. Access standard to the information of repair and maintenance of the automobile (RMI). Part 1: information general and definition of cases of use. (ISO 18541-1:2014).


UNE-IN ISO 18541-2:2015 vehicles from road. Access standard to the information of repair and maintenance of the automobile (RMI). Part 2: Technical requirements. (ISO 18541-2:2014).


UNE-EN ISO 18541-3:2015 road vehicles. Access to standardized information for repair and maintenance of automobiles (RMI). Part 3: Requirements for the functional user interface. (ISO 18541-3:2014).


UNE - EN ISO 21670:2015 fasteners. Hex nuts for flange soldering. (ISO 21670:2014).

UNE - EN ISO 21670:2004 UNE-EN ISO 22975-3:2015 solar energy. Components and materials of the sensor. Collectors solar. Part 3: durability of the absorber solar. (ISO 22975-3:2014).


UNE-IN ISO 25980:2015 safety and hygiene in the welding and process related. Curtains, strips and screens transparent to processes of welding process by arc. (ISO 25980:2014).

UNE-IN 1598:2012 UNE-IN ISO 28017:2012 / A1: 2015 hoses based elastomers and their sets with accessories of union, reinforced with wire or textile, for applications of drainage. Specifications. (ISO 28017:2011 / Amd 1:2015).


UNE-ISO 3308:2015 cigarettes. Machine smoking routine analytics. Definitions and standard conditions.

UNE-ISO 3308:2008 UNE - ISO 3308:2008 / Amd 1:2010. UNE - ISO 7210:2015 machine smoking cigarettes routine analytics. Complementary test methods for the verification of the machine.

UNE-ISO 7210:2008 UNE-ISO 16269-4:2015 statistical interpretation of data. Part 4: Detection and treatment of outliers.


UNE-ISO 19600:2015 compliance management systems. Guidelines.


UNE-ISO 55000:2015 asset management. General aspects, principles and terminology.


UNE-ISO 55001:2015 asset management. Management systems. Requirements.


UNE-ISO 55002:2015 asset management. Management systems. Guidelines for the implementation of the ISO 55001.


UNE-ISO/IEC TS 17021-4:2015 conformity assessment. Requirements for bodies carrying out the audit and certification of management systems. Part 4: Requirements of competition for audit and certification of the sustainability of event management systems.


UNE-ISO / IEC TS 17021-5:2015 evaluation of the conformity. Requirements for those agencies that performed the audit and the certification of systems of management. Part 5: requirements of competition for the audit and the certification of systems of management of assets.


UNE-ISO / IEC TS 17027:2015 evaluation of the conformity. Vocabulary relating to the competition of the people used in the certification of people.


UNE-ISO / TR 14069:2015 IN Gases of effect greenhouse. Quantification and report of the emissions of gases of effect greenhouse for the organizations. Guidance for the application of the standard ISO 14064-1.