Resolution Of 8 May 2015, Of The Presidency Of The Superior Council Of Sports, Which Publishes The Modification Of The Statutes Of The Royal Spanish Shooting Federation To Flight.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 8 de mayo de 2015, de la Presidencia del Consejo Superior de Deportes, por la que se publica la modificación de los Estatutos de la Real Federación Española de Tiro a Vuelo.

Read the untranslated law here:

In exercise of the powers conferred by article 10(2). b) of law 10/1990 of 15 October, sport, the Commission directive of the upper Council of sports, at its meeting of 27 April 2015, has finally adopted the amendment of article 7 of the statutes of the Royal Spanish shooting Federation to flight, authorizing their entry in the register of sports associations.

Pursuant to the provisions of article 31.7 of the sports law and article 12.3 of the Royal Decree 1835 / 1991, of 20 December, Spanish sports federations and sports associations register, have the publication of the modification of the statutes of the Royal Spanish shooting Federation to flight, contained in the annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, 8 de mayo of 2015.-the President of the Council Superior of sports, Miguel Cardinal truck.

ANNEX statutes of the Royal Spanish shooting Federation to article 7 flight.

For participation in any competition sports official, in addition to compliance with the specific requirements required in each case, in accordance with the existing competence framework, will need to be in possession of a regional sports license, which will be issued by the autonomous sports federations that are integrated in the FETAV, according to the conditions and requirements established in the regulations that the State set. The license will produce effects at levels national and regional, from the moment they are entered in the register of the regional Sports Federation. The federations sports regional must communicate to it FETAV them inscriptions that practice, as well as the modifications of such inscriptions; for these purposes is sufficient remission of the name and surname of the holder, sex, date of birth, ID card number and license number.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the event of absence of regional Federation, material impossibility, when so determined by the regional Federation or regional Federation can found integrated in the FETAV, this assumes the issuance of licenses. Also to this you shall be the expedition of those licenses for which is necessary count with a visa or authorization prior of the Federation sports international corresponding, and in particular when so is peel of it willing in them statutes of such federations international.

Them systems of expedition of license sports unique and of cast economic will be them approved by the Assembly General of it FETAV within them criteria, limits, formalities, options and requirements legally in force in each time.

It corresponds to the FETAV the development and permanent updating of census of sports licensing, which should be available to all regional federations, which may have their own censuses or records of licenses issued, respecting, in any case, the data protection legislation.

They will be disabled to get a sports license entitling to participate in competitions of any sport refers to paragraph first sportsmen and other people from other walks of life who have been sanctioned for doping, both in the autonomous State and international, while they are serving the respective. Of equal form and in them same terms not may get license those people that is are disabled, as consequence of them violations planned in it law organic 3 / 2013, of 20 of June, of protection of the health of the athlete and of fight against the doping in the activity sports and in its case in the normative autonomic existing. All the provisions of this paragraph means in the terms to establish legislation in the fight against doping.

Them athletes that try of get a license sports may be subject, with character prior to his concession, to a control of doping, to determine the compliance of the requirements established in this normative.