Resolution Of May 11, 2015, Of The General Directorate Of Traffic, Why Are Informed Of Local Authorities Who Publish The Edictal Plank Of Penalties For Traffic.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 11 de mayo de 2015, de la Dirección General de Tráfico, por la que se informa de las administraciones locales que publican en el Tablón Edictal de Sanciones de Tráfico.

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Read the untranslated law here:

Law 18/2009 of 23 November, amending the text articulated from the law on traffic, circulation of vehicles Motor-road safety, approved by the Royal Decree legislative 339/1990, of 2 March, in sanctioning matter, creates the Edictal traffic sanctions plank, setting as the only official means of publication of notifications that result the sanctioning procedure relating to traffic that may not occur in the Address electronic road or in the domicile of the interested party.

In accordance with article 78.2 of the text articulated, the Edictal plank of traffic penalties will be managed by the General Directorate of traffic and the notification in the same practice shall be made in the terms to be determined by order of the Minister of the Interior.

Local authorities with competence impose penalties in terms of traffic, in accordance with the provisions of the second transitional provision of law 18/2009, of 23 November, in the wording given by the first final provision of law 6/2014, of April 7, amending the articulated text of the law on traffic, circulation of vehicles Motor-road safety approved by the Royal Decree legislative 339/1990, of 2 March, must publish the Edictal plank of penalties for traffic notices that has not been possible to practice in the electronic address or the address of the person concerned before 25 may 2016, permitting its budgetary availabilities and their technical facilities.

The order INT/3022/2010, of 23 November, which regulates the Edictal plank of traffic penalties, establishes in its article 8.4 to electronic agency autonomous headquarters Central's traffic headquarters,, will be available an up-to-date directory of agencies that send edicts for publication in the Edictal plank of traffic penalties.

In his second final provision there is also that by resolution of the Director General of traffic published in the official bulletin of the State shall be informed of the date that each Local Administration has joined the publication of notices in the Edictal plank.

So far have been published the resolutions of the General Directorate of traffic of December 9, 2010, from 5 September 2011, from 14 February, April 26, 9 and July 30, September 27, October 29 and November 30, 2012, 19 February, 17 April, 30 may, 24th July 28 October and 16 December 2013, 4 March, 29 may, 22 September and 17 December 2014 and 3 February 2015. Since the publication of this latest new local administrations have joined edicts sending for publication in the Edictal plank of traffic penalties.

By virtue, I resolve: single article. Local governments that have joined the publication in the Edictal plank of traffic penalties.

In accordance with it established in it available end second of it order INT / 3022 / 2010, of 23 of November, by which is regulates the plank Edictal of sanctions of traffic, is advises that from the resolution of the address General of traffic of 3 of February of 2015 is have built-in to the publication of them notifications in the plank Edictal of sanctions of traffic them administrations local that is related in the annex It indicates the date for each one of them.

Sole final provision. Entry into force.

This resolution shall enter into force the day of its publication in the «Official Gazette».

Madrid, May 11, 2015.-the General Director of traffic, María Seguí-Gómez.

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