Royal Decree 378/2015, May 14, Which Created The Academy Of Psychology In Spain And Its Statutes Were Approved.

Original Language Title: Real Decreto 378/2015, de 14 de mayo, por el que se crea la Academia de Psicología de España y se aprueban sus Estatutos.

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From end of the century XIX, and to a rhythm accelerated in the century XX, the psychology is has gone configuring to a time as science positive and as field of intervention applied to problems individual and social. As science, the psychology is is simultaneously linked to them disciplines social and to the own of the scope of the health. It is close to the life sciences, in particular to the world of neuroscience, today in full expansion, while on the other hand it maintains connections with sociology, anthropology and culture Sciences. On the other hand, it has achieved a wide generality of intervention techniques, with instruments largely standardized, and likely very large application to various fields of human activity, from education and clinic, to more specific areas of the sporting world, legal advice, or intervention in the prison, forensic, fields of mediation in conflicts , of marginalization and dependency, and for the organizations business and social.

The increasing ability of psychology to describe, explain, and change the situations that occur within the world of human relationships, either strictly interindividual level, person to person, as collective and group levels, it has done her essential knowledge to deal with social problems, as well as a key element in efforts to achieve a deep understanding of the reality of the human being , whose behavior and whose mind constitute the field of their inquiries. In more different places and countries, scientific research and psychological practice have shown to have a range of procedures and methods of effective, making these knowledge about useful knowledge socially, and relevant action in its anthropological theoretical dimension.

This scientific, social and applied activity guided by a personal vocation and a deep commitment to the society, is today everywhere object of reflection and attention that advise the creation of maximum intellectual range that serve as support and give scientific criteria, establish rules, formulate ideals and to evaluate results. Both rigorous research and the practice itself, have made necessary the evaluation reflection and rigorous consideration of forward-looking, which is a purpose of the academies.

Is noted, therefore, that the psychology is currently a field of the know consolidated and with entity own, that however not is specifically covered by any Academy of scope national existing.

Second the additional provision of the Royal Decree 1160 / 2010, 17 September, which regulates the Institute of Spain, has regulated the essential aspects of the creation of academies of national scope, which should be by Royal Decree of the Government, on the proposal of the Minister of education, culture and sports, Institute of Spain and, in his case report , of the Academy or academies of scope national more directly related with the materials of that is concerned. He real Decree of creation of the Academy will include the approval of its first statutes, which must contain as minimum its denomination, objectives and functions, organization, rights and duties of them academic and academic, and media economic for his operation. From the moment of its creation, the Academy shall have legal personality and capacity for the fulfilment of its purposes.

By virtue, on the proposal of the Minister of education, culture and sport, following a report from the Institute of Spain and of the Royal Academy of moral and political sciences, and prior deliberation by the Council of Ministers at its meeting of May 14, 2015, HAVE: single article. Creation of the Academy of psychology in Spain.

1. is created the Academy of psychology of Spain as Corporation of law public of field national.

2. the Academy shall be governed by the statutes which are included as an annex to this Royal Decree and its internal regime regulations.

First additional provision. Promotion of women.

1. in the internal rules of the Academy, including measures aimed at promoting the presence of women in government bodies and in the academic community will be sought.

2. all the precepts of the Charter must be interpreted in the sense that the academic status and the academic positions may be held by men and women alike.

Provision additional second. Constitution of the Academy.

1. the Academy of psychology of Spain will be through direct appointment by the Minister of education, culture and sport, in the period of fifty days from the entry into force of this Royal Decree, from a maximum of nine academics and academic of number.

2. for such appointments, they must meet the conditions to be academic or academic of number, required in articles 7 and 8 of the statutes of the Academy, which are approved by the present Royal Decree. Is will seek that are represented them different fields that is include in the scope of the Academy, and that there is a presence provided of men and women. Potential candidates must be proposed by any of the following institutions, designating a maximum of: to) three out of the prestigious teaching and research people proposed by the Spanish universities who have implanted official studies in psychology.

(b) three from among prestigious personalities proposed by the General Council of the College of psychologists of Spain.

(c) three from among academics and academic belonging to the Royal Academies of national level, proposed by them or by the Institute of Spain, and related to the field of psychology.

3. the persons named in accordance with the preceding paragraphs will manifest in reliable way, with the Ministry of education, culture and sport, within the period of one month, which will mean takes the acceptance of his appointment, of possession of squares.

4. completed the process of takes of possession, in the term of a month is meet them first academic and academic of number, to celebrate the session constituent of the new Academy. This session will be presided over by it person of greater age, shall exercise it Secretariat it person of lower age, and in she is will proceed to the election of a Board of Government provisional, to perform all them activities of any order necessary for it put in operation of the Academy.

5. the holding of the constituent session, which will lift Act that will be communicated to the Ministry of education, culture and sport, will be the effective creation of the Academy, for the purposes of the acquisition of legal personality and the capacity for the fulfilment of its purposes.

6. them remaining academic and academic of number will be elected subsequently by the Board General, in accordance with it established in the statutes that is approved.

7. within a maximum period of six months from the establishment of the Academy, the General Board, formed with the academics and academic of number existing at that time, shall elect the Board of Government of the Academy, as provided for in the statutes of the Academy.

Available end only. Entry into force.

He present Royal Decree will enter in force the day following to the of your publication in the «Bulletin official of the State».

Given in Madrid on 14 may 2015.


The Minister of education, culture and sport, JOSÉ IGNACIO WERT ORTEGA ANNEX statutes of the Academy of psychology of Spain CHAPTER I institution, purposes and symbols of the Academy article 1. Nature, scope and legal regime.

The Academy of psychology in Spain is a corporation governed by public law, national, with its own legal personality and capacity to act, which is governed by these statutes and the internal regime regulations developing them.

Article 2. Field of activity.

The field of activity of the Academy includes the study and research of the scientific and technical foundations of psychology, its applications, methods and instruments, as well as much refers to the project, development and use of its realizations.

Article 3. Mission and purposes.

1. Mission general of the Academy of psychology of Spain is the achievement, promotion and maintenance of the more high level scientific, cultural and social in the psychology, as well as the impulse of his practice in benefit of them individuals and the society.

(2. it Academy will have them purposes following: to) the promotion of it quality and competition of the psychology, through the promotion of the study, the research and the progress of them science in that is supports, of them technical that require their applications and of them methods of its activity creator.

b) constitute an active and qualified entity for the prospecting and critical analysis of scientific and technological developments both nationally and internationally, with ability to advise and inform how many instances so request or require and, in particular, with respect to these matters the institutions engaged in the training and practice of psychology.

(c) attend them consultations that could do is you from the Government u others institutions and administrations public through the elaboration of reports and opinions on those themes specific that were object of the application of such entities, both national as supranational, with independence of which is develop by initiative own or when the interest public so it requires. However, should abstain is of answer queries private.

(d) the holding of sessions public or private scientific character on relevant issues and the publication of works performed by members of the Academy or submitted to it for consideration, as well as the elaboration of periodic reports reflecting the scientific and technological advances of relevant significance for psychology.

(e) the realization of courses, conferences, symposia, seminars, gatherings and sessions of character scientific of interest to the psychology.

(f) the sponsorship of awards that recognize the merits made by people and institutions in the field of psychology, as well as the Organization of contests that encourage the development and progress of psychology.

(g) the collaboration with other academies and institutions of character analogue or complementary, both Spanish as belonging to others countries or them of field international, in activities and programs of interest common.

(h) those other purposes that are appropriate and consistent with the nature, functions and powers of the Corporation.

3. such purposes will be developed by the Academy without prejudice to competences that current legislation attributed to other bodies or entities.

Article 4. Powers of the Academy.

Compete to the Academy all as are concerns to its Government, operation and administration of their goods. En_particular, shall be empowered to: to) develop a regime inside regulation within the framework of these bylaws and approve, if appropriate, necessary amendments to such regulations.

(b) adopt, modify and use the corresponding distinctive own of the institution.

(c) choose them charges of Government of the Academy with arrangement to them procedures established by these statutes and standards that them develop, and appoint to their organs Executive, as well as to the personal employee administrative and junior that his management required.

(d) administer the heritage and other goods that have to comply with the purposes and objectives the Academy proposed.

(e) sign contracts to perform services and the provision of funds and properties that are under its control, in accordance with the functions that are applicable to this kind of public law institutions.

(f) perform any act or provision that, in accordance with these statutes and other legislation, are necessary and suitable for the institutional development of the Academy.

Article 5. Headquarters.

The headquarters of the Academy of psychology of Spain is located in Madrid, street count of Peñalver, 45. This seat may be modified by agreement of the Board of Governors.

Article 6. Symbols.

(The Academy of Psychology will have of them following symbols: to) a seal own, in which is represent a butterfly (Danaus plexippus) as representation symbolic of the psyche (Psyche), theme Classic of study of the psychology. It shall be surrounded by a wreath of oak and laurel leaves with the motto: «COGITO, SENTIO, AUG». This label will appear on all correspondence and official writings of the Academy.

(b) a Medal with the image of the seal and the currency in its front, and in the reverse the anagram «APE», and the number corresponding to each square of academic or academic.

CHAPTER II academic and academic: classes, rights and duties Article 7. Members of the Academy.

(1 being member of the Academy requires a relevant qualification in one or both of the following instances: to) have made contributions of outstanding importance in theoretical or applied materials related to psychology, which are reflected in publications of the relevant level.

(b) have demonstrated exceptional competency to make significant progress in the applied field of psychology, in any of its various fields and its progressive development.

2 Academy of Psychology will be constituted by four kinds of members: to) of number.

(b) of Honor.

(c) supernumerary.

(d) relevant.

Article 8. Number of members.

1. Academy will be formed by fifty academic and academic of number.

2 to be elected academic or academic of number are obligatory conditions: to) be Spanish.

(b) be in possession of the title of Doctor.

(c) have been distinguished in the research, teaching, study and practice of psychology.

Article 9. Members of Honor.

1. the maximum number in this category will be ten academics and academic of Honor.

2. may be Spanish or foreign, that by their eminent works in the psychology or sciences related have reached a relevant prestige within their field, in the Community scientific international.

Article 10. Supernumerary member.

(1.pasaran the condition of Supernumerarios academics and academic of number for the following reasons, and always in the opinion of the Governing Board: to) have requested personally said change, by writing to the Presidency.

(b) the breach reiterated its regulatory obligations, both the generic one provided for in article 13(1), as the resulting specific to the performance of their duties as directors of the Corporation, referred to in articles 19 to 23.

(c) not be able to carry out its functions.

2. If this condition were obtained at his own request, it will be possible to return to the primitive State of academic of number, request a reasoned to the Board of Governors who shall submit it to the General meeting whenever there is a vacancy.

Article 11. Corresponding members.

1. academic and academic related must be Spanish doctors or foreign, who, by their merits or the importance of his scientific work in the field of psychology, are creditors to this distinction.

2 academicians and corresponding academic may not exceed fifty.

3. the Governing Board will publicly in the way that it deems appropriate, the existence of academics or academic corresponding square, giving a period of thirty calendar days for the submission of candidatures.

Article 12. Rights.

1. academics and academic of number shall enjoy the following rights: voice and vote in sessions and meetings; the charges of academic eligibility; use of the Medal of the Academy; and perception, from the funds of the Corporation, compensation committees and assistance as shall be determined by the General meeting or, where appropriate, the Governing Board.

2. scholars and academic of Honor, Supernumerarios and correspondents shall be entitled to attend the public sessions of the Academy, with voice but without vote, on a place on the podium with his medal; and they may not be elected for the performance of senior management positions. The first medal shall be equal to the of the academicians on the front, but lack of number of square on his back. In the case of the latter, the medal will be silver, obverse of the academic of number-like and APE symbol on his back.

3. may use this title, in the written and works that publish, although with the obligation of express the class to which belong.

Article 13. Duties.

1.son duties of them members of number them following: meet the statutes, the regulation and the agreements of the Corporation; contribute to the progress of the psychology; ensure by the prestige of the Academy; issue reports, participate in commissions and make them work scientists that is les trust; attend to them together and sessions and accept the charges for which had been elected, in case of not having cause justified that it prevents.

2. the academic and academic corresponding is committed to meet them commissions and commissions that is les trust. Repeated failure to comply with those orders and the lack of relationship with the Academy for two consecutive years, without due cause, may give rise to the corresponding warnings, in the terms that designate the General meeting.

3. scholars and academics, by taking possession in statutory form, gaining commitment to deliver for the Academy library a copy of their work, both of which are authors or translators; as well as communicate all personal data that can enrich your personal record, which is maintain by the Secretariat.

Article 14. Procedure of choice.

The regulation of internal regime of the Academy within the framework of these statutes, shall establish the actions and procedures of provision, choice and appointment, developing more explicitly the rights and duties that correspond to each class.

CHAPTER III Government and management of the Academy article 15. General Board.

The General meeting is the sovereign of the Corporation and her delegate of the Board of Government derives authority. It shall be composed of all academics and academic of number.

Article 16. Governing Board.

The superior body of the direction of the Academy of psychology is its Board of Governors, which is responsible for the plenary of the Board General of the Academy, general management and development of the activities of the Corporation.

Article 17. Composition of the Governing Board.

The composition of the Board of Government is determined of mode detailed in the regulation of regime inside, of compliance with them criteria General established in these statutes. In any case will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasury library address and if them the presidencies of the sections in advisory capacity.

Article 18. Powers of the Board of Government.

The Board of Government is responsible of the control of all them goods managed by the Academy and has faculty to authorize and update the payment of compensation by services temporary or permanent held by people or entities in favour of the Corporation. Its other specific duties will be determined in the internal regime regulations.

Article 19. Officers of the Academy.

1. the officers of the Academy shall be, at least the following: President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasury and library address.

2. all those charges will be exerted by others so many academic or academic of number whose powers and responsibilities, procedure of choice and duration of them charges will be established in the regulation of regime inside.

Article 20. Presidency.

They are functions of the incumbent of the Presidency: a) legally representing the Academy.

b) convene, preside over and lifting sessions that concluded the plenary session and the Governing Council, as well as guide its deliberations.

(c) order the payments and authorize with your signature them documents, records and correspondence.

(d) take any urgent measure required by the smooth running of the Academy, without prejudice to realize it, subsequently to the Governing Board.

Article 21. Vice-Presidency.

It person holder of it Vice President replaced in their functions to the person holder of the Presidency, in case of delegation, vacant, absence or inability, with the same powers. Will collaborate with the Presidency in them functions that this you refer e will inform of them written and affairs that the Academy submit to his examination.

Article 22. Secretariat General.

The person holder of the Secretariat General will have to your charge it address of them works administrative of it Academy, issue certifications, and will be responsible of the personal of the institution.

Article 23. Treasury.

The person holder of it Treasury will take the control of them finance of the Academy, will raise and folllowing them funds belonging to the same and will give compliance to them orders of payment that issued it Presidency, facilitating them audits chosen by the Board.

Article 24. Library address.

The person holder of the address of library will have to its charge all them elements corresponding for the documentation and publications of the entity, as well as its custody and advertising.

Article 25. Sections and commissions.

For the development of activities at the Academy in relation to the various fields of competence which have to be tackled, the appropriate committees shall be established and, where appropriate, sections, which may be multidisciplinary or cross. The General meeting, on the proposal of the Governing Board, periodically will decide on the creation, composition, powers, budget, and maintenance of the commissions. In any case, each Commission or section will have a Presidency and a Secretariat that must be mandatorily performed by academic or academic of number.

Article 26. Standing committees.

The standing committees are structured to meet tasks and functions of stable character, usually linked to the management of the Academy. As such there will be, at least, the following: a) internal: 1st of Government internal, derived from the Governing Council, which will consist of people who occupy the Presidency, General Secretary, Treasury and Vice President. Resolve procedural matters that will inform the Governing Board. It will develop the agreements made in Board of Directors and shareholders.

2nd of Hacienda, that means of them matters economic, will be formed by the people that occupy the Presidency, Secretariat General, Treasury and three academic or academic of number. It shall advise the person who is responsible for the Treasury in its functions and in particular in the annual budgets.

3rd admissions, which will inform the Governing Board on proposals for income number, corresponding member and Honor, and that affects persons of the candidates. It will consist of the person holding the General Secretariat, which will act as a born President, and six academics or academic of number, appointed by the General meeting.

It shall ensure the formal compliance of the nominations and assigned more related section when specifying the report of one of these.

(b) external projection and service: 1st of publications, which will deal with all matters relating to the editions of works or publication of studies of the Corporation, and will be presided over by the academic or academic Director of library and made up of six academics or academic of number, appointed by the General meeting for this purpose. The Governing Board shall forward to the Commission proposals for monographs or other works and will need its report prior to the acceptance of those. The Publications Committee will be responsible for the selection of all works published by the Academy, including those for the network and propose initiatives on issues in general.

2nd of computing and communication, that apply the new technologies to the activities of the Academy. It will ensure, permanently updated, the presence of the Academy of psychology, its publications and activities, the network. It will consist of people who occupy the General Secretariat, Treasury, direction of library and three academic or academic of number which shall be appointed by the General meeting for this purpose.

Article 27. Technical commissions.

Commissions of a technical nature, that are deemed necessary according to the relevant and multidisciplinary interest of matter may be by agreement of the shareholders. They will be constituted by members of number, and may require the incorporation of experts, invited ad hoc that will not generate any right of stable connection with the Academy.

Article 28. Creation of commissions.

The creation of committees, except those laid down by these bylaws, will be Faculty of the General meeting that will decide on their content and timing, as well as on how to finance the cost of their activities.

Article 29. Coordination of committees and sections.

The coordinated management of committees and, where appropriate, sections, is the responsibility of the Board of Governors of the Academy, to be adopted in each case by the organizational structure and modes of address which are most suitable for the tasks that the Academy has to cope.

CHAPTER IV heritage and economic regime article 30. Income of the Academy.

Revenues of the Academy shall: a) assignments which, in his case, with the charge of the State budget or from other public administrations.

(b) from donations, legacies, grants and other acts of Convention and generosity from public entities, individuals and foundations, which the Academy keep cooperative relationships good of psychology, its development and dissemination in our country. Also, may get income of private, which will have of be previously accepted by the Corporation for can be incorporated to them funds of the same.

(c) of the fees that can proceed of those reports or opinions susceptible of receiving remuneration economic private.

(d) of the product of their goods, of the sale of its publications and others possible income that keep relationship with them purposes and activities of the Corporation.

(e) the Academy may authorize, in benefit own, the creation of an Association of friends of the Academy of psychology, that, as Association private independent, may have between their late basic the provide support social and economic to functions and acts academic, and will receive a try and attention distinguished, in them acts public and sessions extraordinary that the Academy celebrate.

Article 31. Expenses of the Academy.

(Within the limits budget, it Academy apply their funds: to) to the payment of remuneration and bonuses for the personal employee, as well as the maintenance of their local, facilities and management administrative.

(b) to the creation and promotion of systems management and documentation of information and psychological knowledge in any of its forms.

(c) to the issue of publications agreed.

(d) to the prize of prizes that are established.

e) to assistance and compensation expenses accrued by academics and academic of number in relation to his dedication to the Academy, as well as articles, publications, and Conference of the Academy that work together.

(f) to diets and remuneration Board of Governors approve destination to domestic or foreign personalities who have been invited to give lecture or participate in business meetings.

(g) to other expenditures that are specified in the regulations or which have been duly approved by the Governing Board.

Article 32. Collection and payment.

Them funds of the Academy will be raised and them payments made by the Treasurer or Treasurer of the Corporation, contained therein is to them agreements that adopt the Commission of Hacienda and the Board of Government, as well as to them rules and procedures of accounting, intervention and audit applicable to this class of institutions public.

Article 33. Budget.

The Finance Committee shall prepare the annual budget of the Corporation and the extraordinary that are needed, to be presented in a timely manner due to the Governing Board. Is presented, to the full of the Academy for his further knowledge and sanction before starting the exercise corresponding. Next to the budgets for the next year, the Finance Committee will present the results of expenditures and revenues incurred during the year in progress.

Article 34. Information about execution budget.

Periodically the Finance Committee shall submit to the Governing Board, the information relating to the economic progress of revenue and expenditure of the Academy.

Article 35. Regime of accounting and account control.

1. Academy shall justify before the respective public administrations obtained subsidies, in the legally established way.

2. of them others income, the Treasury of the Academy will take control detailed, in accordance with the system of accounting that is legally applicable, and will yield accounts before it Commission of Hacienda, it Board of Government and the Board General.

CHAPTER V activity of the Academy article 36. Activities of the Academy.

The Academy will develop activities that allow the better fulfilment of its statutory purposes. In this regard held working sessions, plenary or sectoral, shall draw up reports and publications, promote awards and competitions, and, in general, many activities are consistent with its specific nature.

Article 37. Publications.

The Academy may decide the publication of works and their scholars and other authors that have been awarded or that they deem relevant interest for psychology, under the conditions laid down in the current intellectual property legislation. Also, can be edited on a regular basis by the Corporation yearbooks, newsletters and academic journals that may be suitable.

Article 38. The Academy sessions.

1. the Academy will meet in public and internal meetings.

2 shall be public: to) the opening of the academic year.

(b) meetings of reception of members of number).

((c) the sessions of incorporation of members corresponding d) them sessions monographic dedicated to the study of a subject given or to honor to personalities distinguished within the field scientific, cultural or social.

(e) the sessions dedicated to the memory of those academic deceased.

3. will be of character internal: them together General (full of the Academy) and them together of Government, as well as the meetings of the sections and commissions that has.

CHAPTER VI relations institutional and scientific article 39. Relationships scientific and cultural.

1. the Academy will keep special relations with them academies autonomic that exist, as well as with them academies of others countries that incorporate the psychology scientific, and with associations e institutions of character scientific and professional that coincide in the defense and promotion of the psychology.

2. the Academy will maintain relations with the administrations public, and with entities private with which can match in the interest of the development and promotion of the psychology.

CHAPTER VII regulation and modification of statutes article 40. Regulation of regime inside.

The Academy will establish an internal regime regulations which will include all the precepts needed to order in detail his activity within prescribed in these bylaws.

Article 41. Adoption of the regulation.

The regulation and its possible amendments will be proposed by the Governing Board to the plenary session of the Academy, for approval, if necessary.

Article 42. Modification of statutes.

1. proposals of modification of statutes must be approved by an absolute majority in a plenary session at the Academy convened for this purpose.

2. Once approved a proposal for amendment of statutes, shall be sent by the Presidency of the Academy to the Ministry of education, culture and sport, accompanied by an explanatory memorandum of the proposed amendment, for processing in accordance with paragraph 5 of the second additional provision of the Royal Decree 1160 / 2010, 17 September, which regulates the Institute of Spain.