Resolution Of 20 May 2015, Of The General Technical Secretariat, Which Are Published The Index Of Prices Received By Farmers And Ranchers In 2014, For The Purposes Of The Update Of The Incomes Of The Leases.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 20 de mayo de 2015, de la Secretaría General Técnica, por la que se publican los índices de precios percibidos por los agricultores y ganaderos en 2014, a los efectos de la actualización de las rentas de los arrendamientos rústicos.

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Law 83/1980, of 31 December, leases, was repealed by the law 49/2003, of 26 November, which in its first transitional provision, establishes that in force at the entry into force of this law, sharecropping and leasing contracts will be governed by the rules applicable at the time of its conclusion. In this regard, article 38 of the previous law 83/1980, of 31 December, leases, sets that it can be agreed by parties update income for each year by reference to the last annual index of prices received by farmers, established by the Ministry of agriculture for agricultural products in general or for one or some of the main products that the farm is susceptible attended their characteristics and the custom of the land. Similarly, in the case of farms whose main products are cattle, update may also refer to the index of prices for any or some of its products.

Therefore necessary to publish price indexes collected by farmers and ranchers in 2014, for the purpose of the update of the incomes of the leases prior to the entry into force of the law 49/2003, of 26 November, of leases.

By virtue of, this technical General Secretariat disseminates the values in the annual index of prices received by farmers and ranchers in 2014 and its increase with respect to the year 2013, for the general index and the main indexes of products that are included in the annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, 20 may 2015.-the Secretary General technical of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, Adolfo Diaz Ambrona Medrano.

Annex annual indexes of prices perceived by the farmers class of index annual value in 2014 (2005 = 100) percentage of variation on 2013 Percibidos 106,50-7.10 plant products 95,81 General - 11.35 agricultural products 96,27 - 11,50 cereals 133,20-7.23 grain legumes 136,20 - 7.53 tubers 96,93-49,13 98,08 industrial crops - 3,21 forage 118,78 - 9,62 vegetables 77,53 - 10.95

Citrus 95,58-0.07 fruits 107,44 - 11.03 wine 108,57 - 23.34 oil 72,92 - 9,19 75,50 forest products - 2.69 animal products 122,72 - 1.51 cattle for slaughter 122,73 - 3.61 beef to supply 132,62 - 3.37 lamb to slaughter 107,84 4.92 goat to slaughter 98,60 - 2.49 swine for slaughter 121,94 - 5.25 birds for slaughter 129,77 - 4.80

Rabbits for slaughter 102,19 - 8.86 5.10 122,67 livestock products milk 120,33 6.83 eggs 129,24-0.02 6.83 222,63 wool Note: 2014 with base 2005 = 100 indices are provisional.

2014 based 2010 = 100 indices are final and will be published within the year 2015.