Resolution Of 21 May 2015, Of The University Of La Laguna, Amending The Curriculum Of Mathematics Degree.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 21 de mayo de 2015, de la Universidad de La Laguna, por la que se modifica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Matemáticas.

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Read the untranslated law here:

In accordance with the provisions of article 28 of Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of October 29, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010 of 2 July, which establishes the procedure for the modification of curricula already verified, once received communication from the National Agency for quality assessment and accreditation - ANECA - , accepting them modifications presented of the plan of studies of the degree of graduated or graduated in mathematics by the University of the lagoon, that is made public through resolution of 1 of December of 2011, in the «newsletter official of the State» of 5 of January of 2012.

This Rectorate resolved to order the publication of the modification of the curriculum, which is structured as shown in the annex to the present resolution.

The modification of the curriculum takes effect from the academic year 2013 / 2014.

The lagoon, May 21, 2015.-El Rector, Eduardo Doménech Martínez.

ANNEX Plan of studies of the title of graduated or graduated in mathematics by the University of the Laguna 5. Planning of the teachings.

5.1 structure of the teachings.

Distribution of loans by type of materials type of subject ECTS basic training (FB) 60 mandatory (OB) 132 electives (OP) 24 Externships (PE) 12 end of degree project (GFR) 12 Total credits 240 training basic common to the branch of Science (36 ECTS) module (36 ECTS) training basic ECTS subject matter.


Fundamentals of biology.

6. physics.

Fundamentals of physics.

6 mathematics.

Fundamentals of mathematics I.

6. chemistry.

Fundamentals of chemistry.

6. computer science.

Introduction to scientific computing.

6. other.

Experimental techniques.

6. no common basic training (24 ECTS) module (6 ECTS) Algebra linear ECTS subject matter.


Fundamentals of mathematics II.

6. differential and integral calculus and functions of a complex variable (6 ECTS).


Mathematical analysis I.

6. computer science (6 ECTS).



6 probability and statistics (6 ECTS).



6 total credits of training basic 60 training compulsory module subjects / subject ECTS Linear Algebra (3 ECTS).

Algebra Lineal and geometry related.

3. differential and integral calculus and functions of a complex variable (30 ECTS).

Mathematical analysis II.

6. mathematical analysis III.

6. mathematical analysis IV.

6 V. mathematical analysis

6. mathematical analysis VI.

6. differential equations (12 ECTS).

Differential equations I.

6. differential equations II.

6. algebraic structures (18 ECTS).


6. theory of groups.

6 Galois theory.

6 geometry (9 ECTS).

Linear algebra and affine geometry.

3. geometry.

6 discrete mathematics and optimization (12 ECTS).

Discrete mathematics.

6 Optimization.

6. numerical methods (12 ECTS).

Numerical methods I.

6. numerical methods II.

6. modeling (6 ECTS).


6 probability and statistics (12 ECTS).


6. statistical inference.

6 topology and differential geometry (18 ECTS).

Topology I.

6. differential geometry.

6 topology II.

6 total credits of compulsory training 132 electives (1) route: statistics and operations research (24 ECTS) module matter / subject ECTS electives.

Multivariate analysis.

6. operational research models.

6 sampling and surveys.

6. Combinatorial programming.

6 (2) route: pure and applied mathematics (48 ECTS) module matter / ECTS elective subject.

Commutative algebra.

6. spectral analysis of data.

6. real and functional analysis.

6 curves algebraic.

6. differential geometry and applications.

6. mathematics for teaching.

6. numerical methods in partial differential equations.

6. algebraic topology and applications.

6 (1) students who opt for the route of statistics and operational research, must overcome the four subjects offered.

(2) the student who opt for the route of mathematics pure and applied, shall elect four of the eight subjects offered.

Externships and work end-of-degree module matter / subject ECTS external practices.


12. end of degree work.

End of degree work.

12. temporary distribution of the subjects of the degree in mathematics first year first semester second semester subjects type ETCS subjects type ECTS fundamentals of biology.

FB 6 experimental techniques.

FB 6 fundamentals of physics.

Statistical 6 FB.

FB 6 fundamentals of chemistry.

Computer 6 FB.

FB 6 introduction to scientific computing.

FB 6 mathematical analysis I.

FB 6 foundations of mathematics I.

FB 6 fundamentals of mathematics II.

FB 6 second year first semester second semester subjects type ECTS subjects type ECTS Algebra linear or affine geometry.




OB 6 mathematical analysis II.

OB 6 mathematical analysis III.

OB 6 numerical methods I.

6 OB geometry.

Discrete mathematics 6 OB.

6 OB optimization.

6 OB topology I.

OB 6 odds.

OB 6 third course first semester second semester subjects type ECTS subjects type ECTS analysis mathematical IV.

OB 6 analysis mathematical V.



Equations differential I.

OB 6 differential equations II.

6 OB differential geometry.

OB 6 numerical methods II.

OB 6 inference statistics.

6 OB Galois theory.

OB 6 theory of groups.

6 OB topology II.

OB 6 fourth course first semester second semester subjects type ECTS subjects type ECTS analysis mathematical VI.

OB 6 modelling.

6 OB (1) sampling and surveys.

OP 6 (1) analysis multivariate.

6 OP (1) operational research models.

OP 6 (1) programming combinatorics.

6 OP (2) Commutative Algebra.

OP 6 (2) analysis spectral of data.

OP 6 (2) Real and functional analysis.

OP 6 (2) curved algebraic.

OP 6 (2) mathematics for teaching.

6 OP (2) differential geometry and applications.

6 OP (2) algebraic topology and applications.

OP 6 (2) methods numerical in equations in derived partial.

OP 6 annual subjects type ECTS practice outside.

12 OB end of degree work.

OB 12 for more information on this curriculum, see the website of the University of La Laguna: