Resolution Of 9 June 2015, Of The University Of Castilla - La Mancha, Which Modifies The Curriculum Of Humanities Degree: Cultural History.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 9 de junio de 2015, de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, por la que se modifica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Humanidades: Historia Cultural.

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Read the untranslated law here:

In accordance with the provisions of article 28 of Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of October 29, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010, of 2 July, which establishes the procedure for the modification of curricula already verified, and issued report favorably by the national agency of the evaluation of quality and accreditation on the modification of the curriculum leading to the official graduate or graduate degree in Humanities: History Cultural by the University of Castilla-it spot, published by resolution of 28 of October of 2010 in the «BOE» of 12 of November of 2010, the plan of studies modified to which is concerns the present resolution is structured as figure in the annex of the same.

Ciudad Real, 9 June 2015.-El Rector, Miguel Angel Collado Yurrita.

ANNEX I PLAN OF STUDIES OF GRADUATE / to IN HUMANITIES: HISTORY CULTURAL branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities centers of teaching: Faculty of Sciences of the education and Humanities of basin distribution general of the plan of studies: type of matter ECTS training Basic.

60. compulsory.

138 electives.

30. external practices.

6 work end of grade.

6. 240 total credits structure of curriculum modules, materials and subjects: module I: introduction to academic work. Character: Basic training. 42 ECTS subjects subjects ECTS course anthropology.





History of the art.

6 1 history.


6 1 geography.


6 1 philosophy.






6 1 literature.


6 1 Module II: modern language. Character: Basic training. 18 ECTS subjects subjects ECTS course language English.

English language I.

6 1 English language II.

6 2 English language III.

6 2nd module III: the historical and cultural framework. Character: compulsory. 90 ECTS subjects subjects ECTS course the legacy of the ancient world.


6 1 history of the ancient world.

6 2nd art of the ancient age.

6 2 the Medieval World.

History of the world Medieval.

6 2nd medieval societies and the transition to modernity.

6 2nd art of the middle ages.

6 2nd literature in the middle ages.

6 2 the modern world.

History of the modern world.

6 3rd art of the modern age.

3rd 6 literature in the modern world.

6 3rd the world contemporary.

The literature in the world contemporary.

6 3rd art of the age contemporary.

6 3rd philosophy and thinking today.

6 3rd memory, history and time present.

6 4th story of the world contemporary.

6 3rd module IV: the framework space. Character: compulsory. 24 ECTS subjects subjects ECTS course geography new technologies applied to the geography.

6 1 the space in the Middle rural and urban.

6 2nd regional geography of Spain.

6 3rd regional geography of the world.

6 3rd module V: culture in human life. Character: compulsory. 24 ECTS subjects subjects ECTS course humanities.

Human relations in today's world.

6 2 the ethical dimension of culture.

Gender, cultural diversity and human rights.

6 3rd popular culture.

Culture and folk tradition.




The evolution of the arts figurative.

6 4th module VI: mention 1: studies of letters. Character: optional. 30 ECTS subjects subjects ECTS course history, culture and society in Spain.

History of the Peninsula Ibérica to the modernity.

4.5 4th history of Spain contemporary.

4.5 4th geography.

Geography human and economic.




Art Spanish.

6 4th literature.

Literature and literary education.

4.5 4th philosophy.

Philosophy and philosophical education.

4.5 4th module VII: mention 2: tourism studies. Character: optional. 30 ECTS subjects subjects ECTS course history.

Cultural heritage and tourism.

6 4th geography.

Tourist territorial resources.

6 4th economy.

Economic methods for tourism.

4.5 4th management of tourist companies.

4.5 4th Tourism Marketing.

4.5 4th law.

Tourism legislation and law.

4.5 4th module VIII: external practices. Character: Externships. 6 ECTS subjects subjects course Externships.


4th module IX: end of degree work. Character: End of degree work. 6 ECTS subjects subjects course work end of grade.

Work end of grade.

4th mentions: to get a mention must overcome is the 30 credits optional that the compose.