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Resolution Of June 3, 2015, Of The Presidency Of The Superior Council Of Sports, Which Publishes The Modification Of The Statutes Of The Royal Spanish Federation Of Olympic Shooting.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 3 de junio de 2015, de la Presidencia del Consejo Superior de Deportes, por la que se publica la modificación de los Estatutos de la Real Federación Española de Tiro Olímpico.

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In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 10.2.b) of Law 10/1990, of 15 October, of the Sport, the Commission of the Council of the High Sports Council of 27 April 2015, has approved definitively the amendment of Articles 3, 93, 97, 98, the repeal and final disposition of the Statutes of the Royal Spanish Federation of Olympic Tyres, authorizing their registration in the Register of Sports Associations.

In compliance with the provisions of article 31.7 of the Law of Sport and article 12.3 of Royal Decree 1835/1991 of 20 December, on Spanish sports federations and the Register of Sports Associations, I have the publication of the amendment of the Statute of the Royal Spanish Federation of Olympic Shooting, contained in the Annex to this resolution.

Madrid, June 3, 2015. -President of the Superior Council of Sports, Miguel Cardenal Carro.



Article 3.

1. The Tiro modality has Olympic and non-Olympic specialties, the main ones being the Olympic.


I. Dish, includes Olympic and non-Olympic trials regulated by four federations, the ISSF, the FITASC, FEDECAT and the RFEDETO.

II. Accuracy. Includes the Olympic and non-Olympic accuracy tests regulated by two federations, the ISSF and the RFEDETO.

III. Historic Weapons. It includes non-Olympic, Metallic Cardboard and Advanced Advanced Weapons tests, regulated by two federations, the MLAIC and the RFEDETO.

IV. Shooting tours, includes non-Olympic trials regulated by two federations, the IPSC and the RFEDETO.

V. High Precision, includes non-Olympic large caliber, compressed air and ring fire tests regulated by three federations the WBSF, WRABF and RFEDETO.

VI. F-Class or Long Distance, includes non-Olympic tests regulated by two federations, ICFRA and RFEDETO.

2. Sports specialties and tests whose development and control are the responsibility of the RFEDETO are as follows:

(a) Regulated by the International Sports Shooting Federation (ISSF):


Carabina compressed air.

Carabina tended.

Carabina 3x40.

Carabine 3 x 20.

Compressed air gun.

Free pistol.

Speed gun.

Olympic pit.

Double trap



Mobile white carbine 10 m.

Mobile white carbine. 10 m. (mixed)

Mobile white carbine. 50 m.

Mobile white carbine. 50 m. (mixed).

Thick-caliber Fusil.

Thick 3 x 40 gauge.

Thick 3 x 20 gauge.

Compressed air standard pistol.

Compressed air speed gun.

Sports gun.

Central fire pistol.

Standard Pistol.

Gun (30 + 30).

Target sprint.

(b) Regulated by the International Committee on Shooting with Ancient Weapons of Advanced (MLAIC):


Adams (team).

Amazon (team).

Batteron (team).

Boutet (team).

Donald Malson.

Egg (equipment).

Enfield (team).

Shotgun Lorenzoni.


Forsyth (team).

Fusil Freire and Brill.

Fusil Hizadai.

Fusil Lamarmora.

Fusil Maximilian.

Fusil Miguelete.

Fusil Minie.

Fusil Núñez de Castro.

Fusil Pennsylvania.

Fusil Tanegashima.

Fusil Vetterli.

Fusil Walkyria.

Fusil Whitworth.

Gustav Adolf (team).

Halikko (team).

Hawker (team).

Kunitomo (team).

Lucca (team).

Magenta (team).

Nagashino (team).

Nobunaga (team).

Pauly (team).

Peterlongo (team).

Pforzheim (team).

Cominazzo Gun.

Kuchenuter pistol.

Tanzutzu pistol.

Remington (team).

Revolver colt.

Mariette revolver.

Pinal revolver.

Rigby (team).

Versailles (team).

Wedgnock (team).

Wogdon (team).

c) Regulated by the International Confederation of Practical Shooting (IPSC):


Open Gun.

Standard Pistol.

Production Gun.

Modified Gun.

Classic Gun.


Action Air Open Gun.

Action Air Standard Gun.

Gun Action Air Production.

Classic Action Air Gun.

d) Regulated by the World High Precision Shooting Federation (WBSF):


Lightweight Varmint Rifle.

Heavy Varmint Rifle.

e) Regulated by the International Federation of Shooting Sports Weapons (FITASC).


Long Weapon Combined.

Universal Moat.

f) Regulated by the International Confederation of Long Distance Rifle Associations (ICFRA):


Rifle F-Class Open.

F-Class F/TR Rifle.

g) Regulated by the World Federation of High Precision Air And Ring Fire Shooting (WRABF).


BR-50 (Sporter).

BR-50 (light varmint).

BR-50 (Varmint heavy).

BR-50 air (Varmint lightweight).

BR-50 air (Varmint heavy).

They will also be competition from the RFEDETO, the non-Olympic tests of:

Carabina A.C. 20.

Carabina three positions A.C.

Carabina A.C. tended.

Carabina looks open.

Olympic Combined.


Pistol 9 mm.

Gun A.C. 20.

A.C. Sports Gun

A.C. Speed Gun

Carabina F-Class Rimfire Open.

Carabina F-Class Rimfire Restricted.

Trap Americano.

Carabina BR-50 (Open).

Carabina BR-50 (Stock).

Hunting Rifle (Open).

Hunting Rifle (Stock).

Repeat Rifle (Open).

Repeat Rifle (Stock).

Repeat Rifle (.308).

Rifle open-mindedness.

3. The RFEDETO is affiliated as a member, with its exclusive representation in Spain, to the international organizations mentioned in point 1 of this article.

Article 93.

They will have the consideration of athletes, coaches and judges-referees, those who voluntarily integrate into the RFEDETO through their federative structures, and subscribe to the corresponding federal license, submitting to the sports discipline of the RFEDETO.

Article 97.

1. The annual federative license is the document that credits the permanent membership to the RFEDETO, issued by any integrated autonomous federation that allows participation in the activities and sports competitions at national level.

2. The General Assembly shall at any time regulate the rules governing the issue of licences, the minimum conditions of which shall be:

a. Uniformity of economic conditions for each sports license.

b. Uniformity of content and data expressed, depending on the different categories of sports licenses.

3. Licences shall be issued by the autonomous federations within a maximum of 15 days from the application, and after verification of compliance with the sporting requirements laid down in the sports regulations in force in each Member State. time. The unjustified non-issuance of the sports license will generate the corresponding sports disciplinary responsibility of the federation.

4. The revenue produced by the licences will be primarily aimed at financing the structure and operation of the Royal Spanish Federation.

Article 98.

Autonomic federations will issue the autonomic license with state effects, as the assembly agreement of January 17, 2015 with the following minimum requirements:

a. The data shall be recorded at least in the official Spanish language of the state.

b. These licenses reflect three distinct economic concepts:

I. Compulsory insurance referred to in Article 59.2 of the Law of Sport.

II. Quota for the RFEDETO.

III. Quota corresponding to the sports federation of regional autonomy.

Repeal provision.

The statutes of the RFEDETO approved by the Board of Directors of the Superior Council of Sports on 26 May 2014 and all the provisions and the federal rules of lower rank are hereby repealed. statutes.

Final disposition second.

The present statutes will enter into force on the day following the notification of their approval by the Board of Directors of the Higher Sports Council, without prejudice to their subsequent publication in the "Official Journal of the European Union". Status ".

These statutes composed of 115 articles, a repeal provision, two final provisions, two additional provisions and an Annex I, have been approved, at the General Assembly held in Madrid, on January 17, 2015.