Resolution Of July 15, 2015, Of The General Secretariat For Fisheries, Which Published The List Of Ships Registered Under Arts In The Gulf Of Cadiz That Can Catch Octopus To The South Of The Parallel 36 ° 22, 9´n (Island Of Sancti Petri) During The...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 15 de julio de 2015, de la Secretaría General de Pesca, por la que se publica la lista de buques de artes menores censados en el Golfo de Cádiz que pueden pescar pulpo al sur del paralelo 36º 22,9´N (Isla de Sancti Petri) durante el...

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Read the untranslated law here:

The order AAA / 1537 / 2013, of 31 of July, by which is modifies the order AAA / 627 / 2013, of 15 of April, by which is sets a plan of management for them ships registered in the fishery national of the Gulf of Cadiz, authorizes the fishing of Octopus with traps and alcatruces, as well as its openwork and tenure aboard in the area of the grounds located to the South of the parallel 36 ° 22, 9´ N (island of Sancti Petri) up to a maximum of 5 boats, attending the special circumstances affecting the exercise of fishing in Sancti Petri island environment to do so.

Indeed, there are boats belonging to the Census of gear in the Gulf of Cadiz, with license for fishing for Octopus traps or alcatruces and its operating port in the village of Sancti Petri, which have very limited space for their fishing activity by location north of this port in an area of exercises of shooting in which fishing is prohibited. The existence of this area les has come forcing to give a great rodeo for access by the North to areas of the grounds authorized by it fishing, as reaches in its point more remote it distance of around 9 miles from the line of coast. For this reason proceeds to expand southern fishing zone which can operate these vessels, under certain circumstances specified in the order AAA/1537/2013, of July 31.

Vessels listed in the annex to this resolution are as common property have as operating port of the village of Sancti Petri, to have this link with some representative entity based in that port, in particular the Association of producers of artisanal fisheries of Sancti Petri.

This Secretariat General of fishing, heard the sector concerned, resolved: first.

Publish as annex only of the present resolution, the Census of ships fishing of Arts minor of the grounds national of the Gulf of Cadiz with license for the fishing of the Octopus with traps and/or alcatruces, that can fish in 2015 in the area delimited by them following points: A: 36 ° 22, 9´ N 006 ° 20, 59´ W.

B: 36 ° 22, 9´ N 006 ° 15, 66´ W.

C: 36º 17, 8´ N 006 ° 10, 86´ W.

D: 36º 17, 8´ N 006 ° 15, 79´ W.


Authorised to fish dates are exclusively from July 16 to August 31, 2015.


This resolution will produce effect from the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, July 15, 2015.-the General Secretary of fisheries, Andrés Hermida Trastoy.

ANNEX authorized boat name registration code of ship my girl Soledad CA-1-2-99 24248 River Sancti Petri CA-5-1-09 27272 Isamar second CA-2 - 4-05 26626 27617 CA-5-1-13 Jedimar Miralmar CA-2 - 1-14 27590