Resolution Of 13 July 2015, Of The Directorate-General For Energy And Mines, Which Modifies The One Of 25 July 2006, Which Regulates The Conditions Of Allocation And The Procedure For The Application Of The Interrumpibil...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 13 de julio de 2015, de la Dirección General de Política Energética y Minas, por la que se modifica la de 25 de julio de 2006, por la que se regulan las condiciones de asignación y el procedimiento de aplicación de la interrumpibil...

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The order ITC/4100/2005, of 27 December, by which establish tolls and fees associated with third-party access to gas installations, introduced in article 12 a toll access mode interruptible gas installations. The conditions of application of said toll were developed by it resolution of 25 of July of 2006, of the address General of political energy and mines, where is established the conditions of allocation and the procedure of application.

Also, order EIT/2446/2013, December 27, by which establish tolls and fees associated with the access by third parties to the gas facilities and the remuneration of the regulated activities, established in article 11, that the Directorate-General for energy and mines, on the proposal of the technical System Manager, and following a report of the National Commission of markets and competition , will determine annually the areas with possibility of congestion and it capacity susceptible of be contracted under the regime of interruptibility, depending on the evolution of the market and them needs zonal of the system gas. That article, provides that for these purposes, will be only considered areas where existing facilities are unable to supply the demand in both normal operation and demand circumstances winter tip.

The technical manager of the system submitted to the Directorate General for energy policy and mining, by letter dated March 13, 2015, a proposed toll for the period interruptible supply between from October 1, 2015 to 30 September 2016.

The process of hearing have evacuated through the Advisory Council of hydrocarbons, which in accordance with the seventh transitional provision of Royal Decree 657/2013, 30 August, which approves the Organic Statute of the National Commission of markets and competition, continues his duties until the establishment of the Advisory Council of energy. Them observations and reviews have been taken in consideration for the elaboration of the prescriptive report that, of conformity with it willing in the article 7.35 of the law 3 / 2013, of 4 of June, of creation of the Commission national of them markets and the competition, has been evacuated by it cited Commission, that it has approved in session of its Council.

By virtue of, this General Directorate resolves: first. Modification of the resolution on July 25, 2006.

1. amending article 6 of the decision of 25 July 2006, of the Directorate-General for energy and mines, which regulates the conditions of assignment and the procedure of implementation of the interruptibility of the gas system, which is worded in the following terms: «the capacity allocation interruptible for the period from October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016 is as follows : Interruptibility type "A": 5 GWh / day.

This capacity will be distributed in the following areas: • 45 coastal network bar (Montmelo): 2 GWh per day, due to the saturation of the gas pipeline Serinyà-Figueres and until the construction of the northern branch of the pipeline Martorell-Figueres and the Figueres-Figueres pipeline.

• Network of Pamplona: 3 GWh per day, locating 2 GWh per day in the vicinity of Egüés (G03.02), until the construction of the pipeline bridge the Queen-Muruarte of Reta, and 1 GWh per day in the vicinity of Beriáin (E05), up to the incorporation of Sansoáin-Lumbier duplication.

The viability of them requests of toll interruptible in them cited networks will be analyzed by the Manager technical of the system in collaboration with them carriers and distributors affected, so is check the effectiveness of the interruption for the resolution of the problem, taking in has the location of each point of consumption.

The technical manager of the system take place before March 15 of each year, a proposal for updating the areas with the possibility of congestion and the maximum volume of interruptible gas, for the period between October 1 and September 30, the following year, proposed that will be approved by a resolution of the General Directorate for energy and mines «, prior report of the Commission national of those markets and the competition.»

Second. Applications for the period 2015-2016.

Without prejudice of the validity of them requests presented to it date, for the period understood between the 1 of October of 2015 and the 30 of September of 2016, the user may request the application of the toll interruptible for their points of supply to the holder of them same, until the 1 of September of 2015, including, in accordance with the procedure described in the resolution of 25 of July of 2006 which regulates the conditions of allocation and the procedure of implementation of interruptibility in the gas system.

Third party. Entry into effect.

This resolution shall take effect from the day following its publication.

Madrid, 13 July 2015.-the General Director of energy and mines, María Teresa Baquedano Martin.