Order Fom/1469/2015, 17 July, Which Are Determined By 2014 Type Costs Applicable To Regulated Eligible Costs In The Real Decree 362/2009, March 20, On Compensation For Maritime And Air Transport Of Merc...

Original Language Title: Orden FOM/1469/2015, de 17 de julio, por la que se determinan para el año 2014 los costes tipo aplicables a los costes subvencionables regulados en el Real Decreto 362/2009, de 20 de marzo, sobre compensación al transporte marítimo y aéreo de merc...

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In application of the mandate, content in the article 138.1 of the Constitution Spanish, of attend to them circumstances of the made island, is vieneregulando a regime of compensation to the transport maritime and air of goods with origin or destination in them Islands Canary, whose purpose is compensate them cost overruns that experiences the traffic of products as consequence of the remoteness of the archipelago of the territory peninsular and of the Union European.

This regime of compensation, in what concerns to the goods not included in the annex I of the Treaty establishing of the Community European, has been regulated through the Real Decree 362 / 2009, of 20 of March, modified with the Real Decree 350 / 2011, of 11 of March.

Order approving now is due to the need to comply with provisions of the mentioned Royal Decree, whose article 7.2 expressly indicates that, for the purpose of delimiting the maximum amount eligible, will be developed annually costs for inter-island traffic and type for the Canarias-cadiz, in the case of maritime traffic, and Canarias-Barajas, journey to the air.

For its part, the third paragraph of the same article specifies that type determination of these costs will be made by the Ministry of development, which shall request the necessary information from independent operators acting on these routes.

Virtue I have: first. Determination of cost type.

Them costs type for them transport carried out in the year 2014, to is concerns the article 7.2 of the Real Decree 362 / 2009, of 20 of March, on compensation to the transport maritime and air of goods not included in the annex I of the treated establishing of the Community European, with origin or destination in them Islands Canary, are fixed, for the traffic inter-island and for the journey Canarias-cadiz for maritime traffic, and Canarias-Barajas, in the air, as well as for the various units of transport usually used, in the amounts specified in the annex to this order.

Second. Entry into force.

This order shall enter in force the day following to the of your publication in the «Bulletin official of the State».

Madrid, 17 July 2015.-the Minister of public works, Ana María Pastor Julián.

ANNEX air routes Kilos - euro Kilos seafront - euro linear meter - T20 - T40 - Euros Euros Euros Canarias-cadiz - 0.08 131,32 822,56 1.256,85 Canarias-Madrid (A.S.M-Barajas) 1.53 ----Gran Canaria-Fuerteventura 1.06 0.04 52,50 663,71 1.216,06 Grand Canaria-La Palma 1.00 0.05 61,95 642,54 1.278,90 great Canaria-Lanzarote

1.06 0.04 55,65 667,01 1.229,29 big Canaria-Tenerife 1.00 0.03 38,96 566,39 1.092,30 the Palm-Fuerteventura 1.00 0.05 69,79 834,59 1.574,37 Lanzarote-Fuerteventura 1.00 0.02 18,13 392,00 637,56 Lanzarote - the 1.623,98 862,16 70,35 0.05 1.00 Palm Tenerife - the 0.03 1.00 iron 36,00 --Tenerife-Fuerteventura






Tenerife-La Gomera




Tenerife-La Palma












La Gomera-El Hierro


La Gomera-La Palma


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