Resolution Of 13 July 2015, Of The Directorate General Of Industry And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, Which Publishes The Relationship Of European Standards Which Have Been Ratified During The Month Of June 2015 As The Spanish Standards.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 13 de julio de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas europeas que han sido ratificadas durante el mes de junio de 2015 como normas españolas.

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(In compliance of it willing in the article 11, f), of the regulation of the infrastructure for the quality and security Industrial, approved by Real Decree 2200 / 1995, of 28 of December, («newsletter official of the State», no. 32, of 6 of February 1996) and views them standards elaborate by them agencies European of standardization, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI and whose transposition national corresponds to the Association Spanish of normalization and certification entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of on February 26, 1986, in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 August, and recognized for these purposes by the first additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December.

This Directorate-General has decided to publish in the «Official Gazette» the relationship of European standards which have been ratified as Spanish norms during the month of June 2015, identified by his title and code number, with an indication of the date of availability, appearing as an annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, 13 of July of 2015.-the Director General industry and of the small and medium enterprise, Victor Audera Lopez.

ANNEX ratification of standards European. June 2015 code title F. Disponib.

Overrides to CEN / TS 16794-1:2015 transport public. Communication between terminals and objects without contact. Part 1: requirements for implementation to the standard ISO / IEC 14443.

CEN/TS 16794-2:2015 2015-04-29 public transport. Communication between terminals and objects without contact. Part 1: Test Plan for the ISO/IEC 14443 standard.

2015-04-29 CLC / TR 60079-32-1:2015 atmospheres explosive. Part 32-1: Electrostatic hazards. Guide.

2015-04-24 CLC/TR 50404:2003; CLC / TR 50404:2003 CORR: 2009; CLC / TR 50404:2003 CORR: 2010 CLC / TR 60079-33:2015 atmospheres explosive. Part 33: Equipment protection by «s» special protection.

2015-04-24 CLC/TS 50594:2015 dryers for commercial use. Methods to measure the ability to function.

14161:2011 2015-04-24 + A1:2015 petroleum and natural gas industries. Transportation by pipelines (ISO 13623:2009 modified) systems.

2015-04-29 AT 14161:2011 IN 50341-2-19:2015 lines electric air of more than 1 kV in current AC. Part 2-19: Regulatory aspects national for the Czech Republic (based on the standard IN 50341-1-2012).

2015-04-24 IN 60068-2-58:2015 trials environmental. Part 2-58: Tests. Test Td: Test methods for solderability, metallization to the dissolution resistance and resistance of the components (SMD) surface mount solder heat.

2015-05-08 IN 60115-1:2011 / A11:2015 fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment. Part 1: General specification.

2015-05-08 BY 60127-3:2015 fuses miniature. Part 3: Fuse subminiature.

2015-02-27 AT 60358-1:2012 / Ac:2013 coupling capacitors and capacitive dividers. Part 1: General rules.

2013-07-16 BY 60384-8:2015 Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment. Part 8: Intermediate specification: Fixed capacitors of ceramic dielectric, class 1.

2015-05-15 BY 60384-9:2015 Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment. Part 9: Intermediate specification: Fixed capacitors of ceramic dielectric, class 2.

2015-05-15 IN 60534-2-1:2011 / Ac:2015 industrial process control valves. Part 2-1: Flow capacity. Equations for sizing of valves control the flow of fluids in the conditions of the installation.

2015-04-23 IN 60601-2-52:2010 / A1:2015 equipment electromedical. Part 2-52: Particular requirements for the basic safety and operation of hospital beds.

2015-05-15 IN 60831-1:2014 / Ac:2014 autorregenerables power capacitors in parallel network AC voltage rating less than or equal to 1 000 V. part 1: General. Performance characteristics, tests and ratings. Safety requirements. Installation and operation Guide.

2014-05-23 BY 60940:2015 info from guidance on the application of capacitors, resistors, inductors and complete units for electromagnetic interference suppression filter.

2015-05-08 BY 61010-2-051:2015 safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Part 2-051: Particular requirements for laboratory equipments for mixing, rattling and shaking.

2015-04-24 BY 61010-2-061:2015 safety requirements of electrical equipment of measures, control, and laboratory use. Part 2-061: Particular requirements for laboratory with thermal vaporization and ionization spectrometers.

2015-04-24 BY 61010-2-081:2015 safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Part 2-081: Particular requirements for automatic and semi-automatic laboratory equipment, analysis and other purposes.

2015-03-20 AT 61280-2-2:2012 / Ac:2015 test procedures for fiber optic communication subsystems. Part 2-2: Digital systems. Measurement of eye diagram, waveform and extinction rates form.

2015-02-17 IN 61300-2-51:2007 / Ac:2015 fiber interconnect devices passive optics and components. Basic test and measurement procedures. Part 3-51: Inspections and measurements. Extraction force of snap guidance for rectangular Cap multi-fiber connectors.

2015-01-09 IN 61300-3-50:2013 / Ac:2015 fiber interconnect devices passive optics and components. Basic test and measurement procedures. Part 3-50: Inspections and measurements. Crosstalk for space optical switches.

2015-01-14 BY 61810-1:2015 electromechanical elementary relays. Part 1: General and safety requirements.

2015-04-10 BY 61810-3:2015 electromechanical elementary relays. Part 3: Relay with guided contacts (mechanically linked).

2015-04-10 UNE-EN 50205:2002 61811-1:2015 electromechanical relays of telecommunication of all or nothing evaluated quality. Part 1: Generic specification and specification detailed in white.

2015-03-27 BY 61837-4:2015 piezoelectric devices for surface mounting for control and the selection of the frequency. Standard outlines and terminal connections. Part 4: Outline of the surround hybrid.

2015-05-15 IN 62106:2015 specification of the systems of broadcasting of data (RAS) for broadcasting of sound VHF / FM in the range of frequency from 87.5 to 108,0 MHz.

2015-05-15 AT 62246-1:2015 block of contacts of tongue. Part 1: specification generic.

2015-03-20 AT 62325-451-4:2015 framework for the communications in the market electric. Part 451-4: establishment and processes of agreements of business and models context and of joint for the market European 2015-03-27 IN 62325-451-5:2015 framework for the communications in the market electric. Part 451-5: statement of problems and processes of request of State of business and models context and of joint for the market European.

2015-04-03 IN 62366-1:2015 devices medical. Part 1: application of the engineering of usability to the devices medical.

2015-04-24 IN 62368-1:2014 / AC: 2015

Audio / video, information and communication technology equipment. Part 1: Safety requirements.

2015-05-15 BY 62541-7:2015 OPC Unified architecture. Part 7: Profiles.

2015-05-15 BY 62541-8:2015 OPC Unified architecture. Part 8: access of data.

2015-05-15 BY 62541-9:2015 OPC Unified architecture. Part 9: Alarms and States.

2015-05-15 BY 62541-10:2015 OPC Unified architecture. Part 10: Programs.

2015-04-24 BY 62541-11:2015 OPC Unified architecture. Part 11: access historical.

2015-05-15 AT 62541-13:2015 architecture unified OPC. Part 13: Aggregates.

2015-05-15 AT 62541-100:2015 architecture unified OPC. Part 100: Device interface.

2015-05-15 AT 62634:2015 system of broadcasting of data (RDS). Receptors and their characteristics. Methods of measurement.

2015-05-15 BY 62656-3:2015 registration of ontology of standard products and transfer by spreadsheets. Part 3: Interface for common information model.

2015-04-24 IN 62676-1-2:2014 / AC: 2015 systems of surveillance for use in applications of security. Part 1-2: Streaming video. Transmission general of video. Requirements.

2015-04-24 IN 62708:2015 types of documents for projects electric and of instrumentation in the industry of processes.

2015-04-24 BY 62714-2:2015 format for data exchange of engineering for use in industrial automation systems engineering. Language of marking of automation (Automation markup language). Part 2: Role class libraries.

2015-05-08 IN 62747:2014 / AC: 2015 terminology for converters of source of tension (VSC) for systems of current continuous in high voltage (HVDC).

2015-02-17 IN ISO 15551-1:2015 industries of petroleum and natural gas. Production and drilling equipment. Part 1: Electrical systems of submersible pumps for artificial lift (ISO 15551-1:2015).

2015-05-13 IN ISO 17945:2015 industries of the oil and of the gas natural. Metallic materials resistant to cracking by pressure of sulfur in corrosive petroleum refining environments (ISO 17945:2015).