Resolution Of 13 July 2015, Of The Directorate General Of Industry And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, Which Publishes The Relationship Of Rules Approved By The Spanish Association For Standardisation And Certification During The Month Of June...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 13 de julio de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas aprobadas por la Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación durante el mes de juni...

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(In compliance of it willing in the article 11, f), of the regulation of the infrastructure for the quality and security Industrial, approved by Real Decree 2200 / 1995, of 28 of December («Bulletin official of the State» number 32, of 6 of February 1996), and seen the record of them standards approved by the Association Spanish of standardization and certification, entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of 26 of February of 1986 , in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 August, and recognized by the first additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December.

This address General has determined publish in the «newsletter official of the State» the relationship of standards Spanish UNE, approved by the Association Spanish of standardization and certification, corresponding to the month of June of 2015, identified by its title and code numerical, that figure as annex to the present resolution.

This resolution will cause the effect from the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 13 July 2015.-the Director-General of industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, Víctor Audera López.

ANNEX rules published in the month June 2015 code title replaced to UNE 27701:2015 electronic AIDS in emergencies of man into the water.


UNE 50001:2015 CDU. Universal Decimal classification.

UNE 50001:2000 UNE 50001:2002 ERRATUM UNE 50001 / 1 m:2004 UNE 53199:2015 plastics. Materials polymer cell flexible. Determination of swelling in solvents.

UNE 53199:1993 UNE 53521:2015 elastomers. Determination of the plasticity of the rubbers and of their mixtures not Vulcanized.

UNE 53521:2004 UNE 53565-1:2015 elastomers. Determination of the adhesion of rubber to metal or other rigid substrates. Part 1: Method of a plate.

UNE 53565-1:1997 UNE 53565-2:2015 elastomers. Determination of the adhesion of rubber to metal or other rigid substrates. Part 2: method of two plates.

UNE 53565-2:1997 UNE 53565-3:2015 elastomers. Determination of the adhesion of rubber to metal or other rigid substrates. Part 3: Method of conical parts.

UNE 53565-3:1997 UNE 53565-4:2015 elastomers. Determination of the adhesion of rubber to metal or other rigid substrates. Part 4: Method of four plates.

UNE 53565-4:2010 UNITES 53967:2015 IN plastics. Flexible polyurethane (PUR) foams. Tolerance on the nominal value of the characteristics of the PUR foams ether type manufactured in block.

UNE 53967:2003 IN UNE 53973:2015 elastomers. Materials raw for the rubber industry. Regenerated rubber. Test methods.

UNE 53973:1996 UNE 62422:2014 / 1 m:2015 tank construction of double wall steel tanks on-site processing by.


UNE 83989:2015 concrete durability. Test methods. Determination of concrete water soluble chlorides.


UNE 127917:2015 registration wells and manhole of Caus, reinforced concrete and steel fiber concrete. National complement to the standard UNE-EN 1917.

UNE 127917:2005 UNE 188004:2015 services tourist in facilities nautical sports.

UNE 188004:2009 UNE 192001-11:2015 procedure of inspection in establishments affected by the regulation of accidents grave in which involved substances dangerous. Part 11: inspection of security periodically.


UNE 192001-12:2015 procedure of inspection in establishments affected by the regulation of accidents grave in which involved substances dangerous. Part 12: Supervision of the simulacrum of emergency.


UNE 192001-13:2015 procedure of inspection in establishments affected by the regulation of accidents grave in which involved substances dangerous. Part 13: monitoring of the compliance with regulatory of security industry.


UNE-CEN ISO / TR 6579-3:2015 IN microbiology of the chain food. Method horizontal for the detection, enumeration and serotyping of salmonella. Part 3: guidelines for the serotyping of Salmonella spp. (ISO / TR 6579-3:2014).


UNE-CEN / TR 13205-3:2015 IN exhibition at the place of work. Evaluation of the performance of the samplers for the measurement of concentrations of particles in suspension in the air. Part 3: analysis of the data of effectiveness of sampling.

UNE-IN 13205:2002 UNE-CEN / TS 16010:2015 EX plastics. Plastics recycled. Procedures of sampling for testing of waste of plastics and recycled.


UNE-IN 71-14:2015 safety of the toys. Part 14: Trampolines for household use.


UNE-EN 454:2015 machinery for food processing. Planetary mixers. Safety and hygiene requirements.

UNE-EN 454:2001 + A1:2010 UNE-EN 455-2:2015 medical gloves for single use only. Part 2: Requirements and tests for the determination of the physical properties.

UNE-EN 455-2:2010 + A2:2013 UNE-EN 455-3:2015 medical gloves for single use only. Part 3: Requirements and testing for biological evaluation.

UNE-EN 455-3:2007 UNE-EN 694:2015 firefighting hoses. Semi-rigid hoses for fixed systems.

UNE-EN 694:2001 + A1:2008 UNE-EN 764-4:2015 pressure equipment. Part 4: establishment of the conditions techniques of supply for materials metal.

UNE-IN 764-4:2003 UNE-IN 764-5: by 2015 teams to pressure. Part 5: documents of inspection of materials metal and fulfilment of the specification of the material.

UNE-IN 764-5:2003 UNE-IN 834:2014 / AC: 2015 distribution of costs of heating for determine the values of consumption of radiators of local. Appliances supplied with energy electric.


UNE-IN 1097-10:2015 trials to determine the properties mechanical and physical of the aggregates. Part 10: determination of the height of suction of water.

UNE-IN 1097-10:2004 UNE-IN 1367-7:2015 trials to determine the properties thermal and of alteration of the aggregates. Part 7: determination of the resistance to cycles of ice and thaw of the arid light.


UNE-EN 1367-8:2015 testing to determine the thermal and alteration of the aggregate properties. Part 8: Determination of the resistance to the disintegration of the arid light.


UNE-EN 1371-2:2015 Foundry. Liquid penetrant inspection. Part 2: Lost-wax casting.

UNE-EN 1371-2:1999 UNE-EN 1501-1:2012 + A1:2015 vehicles for waste collection. General requirements and safety requirements. Part 1: The rear load waste collection vehicles.

UNE-EN 1501-1:2012 UNE-EN 1790:2015 materials for horizontal road marking. Prefabricated road markings UNE-EN 1870-17:2013 + A1:2015 safety of machinery for woodworking. Circular saws. Part 17: saws Manual of cutting horizontal with a unit of sierra (sierra circular radial manual).

UNE-IN 1870-17:2013 UNE-IN 12547:2015 centrifuges. Requirements common for security.

UNE-IN 12547:2000 + A1: 2009 UNE-IN 12674-4:2015 containers rolling. Part 4: requirements functional.

UNE-IN 12674-4:2007 UNE-IN 12966:2015 signs upright in road. Panels of message variable.


UNE-IN 13138-2:2015 aid to the flotation for the learning of the swimming. Part 2: requirements of security and methods of essay for them aid to the flotation intended to its subject.

UNE-IN 13138-2:2008 UNE-IN 13138-3:2015 aid to the flotation for the learning of the swimming. Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods for seat floats used by children.

UNE-EN 13138-3:2008

UNE-IN 13141-6:2015 ventilation of buildings. Trials of the performance of components/equipment for ventilation in homes. Part 6: Compact exhaust in individual home ventilation systems.

UNE-IN 13141-6:2004 UNE-IN 13175:2015 equipment and accessories for LPG. Specifications and testing of valves and fittings for pressure vessels for liquefied petroleum (LPG) gas.

UNE-EN 13175:2003 + A2:2007 UNE-EN 13205-2:2015 exhibition at the workplace. Evaluation of the functioning of the samplers for the measurement of concentrations of particles suspended in the air. Part 2: test of operation in laboratory based in the determination of the effectiveness of sampling.

UNE-EN 13205:2002 UNE-EN 13205-4:2015 exhibition at the workplace. Evaluation of the functioning of the samplers for the measurement of concentrations of particles suspended in the air. Part 4: test of functioning in laboratory informed in the comparison of concentrations.

UNE-EN 13205:2002 UNE-EN 13205-5:2015 exhibition at the workplace. Evaluation of the functioning of the samplers for the measurement of concentrations of particles suspended in the air. Part 5: Test operation of the aerosol samplers and comparison of samplers made in the workplace.

UNE-IN 13205:2002 UNE-IN 13205-6:2015 exhibition at the place of work. Evaluation of the functioning of the samplers for the measurement of concentrations of particles suspended in the air. Part 6: Transport and handling tests.

UNE-IN 13205:2002 UNE-IN 13445-1:2015 / A1: 2015 containers to pressure not subject to call. Part 1: General.


UNE-EN 13445-8:2015 / A1:2015 pressure vessels not subject to flame. Part 8: requirements additional to containers to pressure of aluminum and alloys of aluminium.


UNE-IN 13553:2015 coatings of flooring resilient. Coverings of soil of polyvinyl chloride of vinyl for use in areas wet special. Specifications.

UNE-EN 13553:2002 UNE-EN 14140:2015 equipment and accessories for LPG. Portable and refillable welded steel LPG bottles. Alternative design and construction.

UNE-EN 14140:2004 + A1:2008. UNE-EN 14140:2004 + A1:2008 ERRATUM:2011 UNE-EN 14468-1:2015 table tennis. Part 1: tables for tennis of table, requirements functional and of security, methods of test.

UNE-IN 14468-1:2005 UNE-IN 15059:2009 + A1: by 2015 teams for stepping on the snow. Requirements of security.

UNE-EN 15059:2009 UNE-EN 15063-1:2015 copper and copper alloys. Determination of the constituents main e impurities through spectrometry of emission of fluorescence with Ray X (FRX). Part 1: Guidelines for the routine method.

UNE-EN 15063-1:2008 UNE-EN 15269-10:2015 Extension of the scope of application of the results of the test of resistance to fire and/or smoke for doors, shutters and opening windows control, including their hardware for the building. Part 10: The fire resistance of steel doors/shutters sets.


UNE-EN 15307:2015 adhesives for leather and footwear materials. Corte-piso joints. Requirements minimum of resistance.

UNE-EN 15307:2007 UNE-EN 15768:2015 influence of materials on water intended for human consumption. Identification of leachable organic substances in water by GC-MS.


UNE-EN 16136:2015 automotive fuels. Determination of the content of iron and manganese in unleaded gasoline. Method for spectroscopy of optical emission (ICP OES) inductively coupled plasma using.

UNE-EN 16136:2012 UNE-EN 16185-1:2015 railway applications. For self-propelled units braking systems. Part 1: requirements and definitions.


UNE-IN 16185-2:2015 applications railway. Systems of braking for units self-propelled. Part 2: methods of test.


UNE-IN 16276:2015 lighting of the way of evacuation in the tunnels of road.


UNE-IN 16372:2015 services of surgery aesthetic.


UNE-IN 16397-1:2015 fittings flexible. Part 1: requirements of operation.


UNE-IN 16397-2:2015 fittings flexible. Part 2: Characteristics and testing of fittings, adapters and flexible connections covered with a metal band.


UNE-IN 16421:2015 influence of those materials on the water bound to the consumption human. Stimulation of the growth microbial (ECM).


UNE-IN 16644:2015 pumps. Pumps rotodynamic. Circulators without stuffing box of power nominal not superior to 200 W intended to installations of heating and of water hot health domestic. Code of the test of noise (vibro-acoustic) to measure the noise structural and hydraulic.

UNE-IN 1151-2:2007 UNE-IN 16646:2015 maintenance. Maintenance in the management of the active physical.


UNE-IN 50121-1:2015 applications railway. Compatibility electromagnetic. Part 1: General.


UNE-EN 50121-3-2:2015 railway applications. Compatibility electromagnetic. Part 3-2: Material stock. Appliances.


UNE-IN 50121-5:2015 applications railway. Compatibility electromagnetic. Part 5: emission and immunity of the installations fixed of supply of energy and of them teams associated.


UNE-IN 50160:2011 / A1: 2015 characteristics of the voltage supplied by the networks General of distribution.


UNE-IN 50216-4:2015 accessories for transformers of power and reactors. Part 4: Accessories Basic (terminals of put to Earth, device of filling and emptying, covers for thermometer, wheels).


UNE-IN 50250:2003 / A1: 2015 adapters for conversion to uses industrial.


UNE-EN 50299-1:2015 sets of wired submerged in oil for transformers and reactors with higher voltage for Um material from 72,5 kV up to 550 kV. Part 1: Fluid-filled cable terminations.


UNE-EN 50299-2:2015 sets of wired submerged in oil for transformers and reactors with higher voltage for Um material from 72,5 kV up to 550 kV. Part 2: Dry-type cable terminations.


UNE-EN 50393:2015 methods and requirements of test for cables of rated voltage 0.6/1.0 distribution accessories (1,2) kV.


UNE - EN 50598-1:2015 ecodesign for electric drives of power, engine starters, electronic of power and its applications. Part 1: General requirements for establishing standards of energy efficiency for electric drives of power using the approximation of extended product (EPA) and the semianalitico model (SAM).


UNE-EN 50625-2-1:2015 collection, logistics and treatment of WEEE requirements. Part 2-1: Requirements of treatment for lamps.


UNE-EN 55016-1-1:2011 / A2:2015 specification for methods and apparatus of measurement of radio disturbance and immunity to radio interference. Part 1-1: devices of measure of the disturbances radio and of the immunity to the disturbances radio. Units of measure.


UNE-IN 60317-40:2015 specifications for types specific of threads for coils electromagnetic. Part 40: thread of copper bare or enamelled of section rectangular, covered with a braid of fiber of glass, impregnated with resin or varnish, index of temperature 200.


UNE-IN 60335-2-103:2015 appliances appliances and similar. Security. Part 2-103: requirements particular to actuators of gates, doors and windows.


UNE-IN 60598-2-20:2015

Luminaires. Part 2-20: Particular requirements. Garland light.


UNE-IN 60598-2-21:2015 luminaires. Part 2-21: Particular requirements. Luminous cord.


UNE-IN 60601-1:2008 / A12: 2015 equipment electromedical. Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance.

EN 60601-1:2006 / A12:2014 UNE-EN 60645-1:2015 electroacoustics. Equipment audiometric. Part 1: equipment for the audiometry of tones pure.


UNE-IN 60705:2015 ovens microwave to use domestic. Methods of measurement of the ability to function.

UNE-IN 60705:2013 UNE-IN 60705:2013 / A1: 2015 UNE-IN 60730-2-5:2015 devices of control electric automatic to use domestic and analogous. Part 2-5: Particular requirements for automatic electrical control systems of the burners.


UNE-IN 60794-1-24:2015 Cables of fiber optic. Part 1-24: Generic specification. Standards for basic optical cables. Electrical test methods.


UNE-IN 61243-3:2015 works in tension. Voltage detectors. Part 3: type bipolar for low voltage.


UNE-EN 61481-1:2015 works in tension. Phase comparators. Part 1: Detectors of capacitive type to be used with voltages exceeding 1 kV AC.


UNE-EN 61481-2:2015 works in tension. Phase comparators. Part 2: Detectors of resistive type for use with voltage between 1 kV and 36 kV AC.


UNE-EN 62019:2001 / A12:2015 small electrical switchgear. Circuit breakers and similar equipment for household use. Block of auxiliary contacts.


UNE-EN 62110:2013 / Ac:2015 electric and magnetic fields generated by power systems into AC. Procedures for measuring the levels of exposure of the general public.


UNE-EN 62271-202:2015 / Ac:2015 high-voltage switchgear. Part 202: High-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated transformation centres.


UNE-EN 80601-2-35:2010 / Ac:2015 equipment electromedical. Part 2-35: Particular requirements for the basic safety and performance characteristics essential for blankets, pads and mattresses for medical use heat generators.


UNE - EN ISO 899-1:2003 / plastic A1:2015. Determination of creep behavior. Part 1: creep in traction. Modification 1. (ISO 899-1:2003 / Amd 1:2015).


UNE - EN ISO 899-2:2003 / plastic A1:2015. Determination of creep behavior. Part 2: Creep in bending by the method of cargo at three points. Modification 1. (ISO 899-2:2003 / Amd 1:2015).


UNE-EN ISO 2538-1:2015 geometrical products specification (GPS). Cots. Part 1: series of angles and slopes. (ISO 2538-1:2014).

IN ISO 2538-1:2014 UNE-IN ISO 2538-2:2015 specification geometric shapes of products (GPS). Cots. Part 2: Dimensions and tolerances. (ISO 2538-2:2014).

ISO 2538-2:2014 UNE-EN ISO 2692:2015 geometric specification of products (GPS). Geometric tolerances. Requirement of maximum material (MMR), requirement of minimum material (LMR) and requirement of reciprocity (RPR). (ISO 2692:2014).

EN ISO 2692:2014 UNE - EN ISO 3040:2015 geometric specification of products (GPS). Dimensioning and tolerance. Cones. (ISO 3040:2009).

EN ISO 3040:2012 UNE-EN ISO 6149-4:2015 connections for hydraulic transmissions and general applications. Holes and male with metric threads ISO 261 and gasket seal ring ends. Part 4: Dimensions, design, test methods and requirements of male connection with six faces inside and outside edges. (ISO 6149-4:2006).


UNE - EN ISO 7439:2015 contraceptive IUD containing copper. Requirements and tests. (ISO 7439:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 7439:2011 UNE-IN ISO 10579:2015 specification geometric shapes of products (GPS). Dimensions and tolerances. Parts not rigid. (ISO 10579:2010, including Cor 1:201).

IN ISO 10579:2013 UNE-IN ISO 11120:2015 bottles of gas. Tubes of steel without welding rechargeable with a capacity of water equivalent between 150 l and 3 000 l. Design, manufacture and test. (ISO 11120:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 11120:1999 UNE-IN ISO 11120:1999 / A1: 2013 UNE-IN ISO 12818:2015 containers of glass. Tolerances standard for the vials. (ISO 12818:2013).

UNE-EN 15904:2011 UNE - EN ISO 12821:2015 glass containers. Mouth Crown 26 H 180. Dimensions. (ISO 12821:2013).

UNE-EN 14634:2011 UNE-EN ISO 14253-1:2015 geometrical products specification (GPS). Inspection by measuring parts and measuring equipment. Part 1: Rules of decision to prove the conformity or non-conformity with specifications. (ISO 14253-1:2013).

IN ISO 14253-1:2013 UNE-EN ISO 14405-2:2015 geometrical products specification (GPS). Dimensional tolerance. Part 2: Dimensions other than linear dimensions. (ISO 14405-2:2011).

IN ISO 14405-2:2011 UNE-IN ISO 14919:2015 projection thermal. Wires, rods and cords for screening for torch and arc. Classification. Conditions techniques of supply. (ISO 14919:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 14919:2002 UNE-IN ISO 14920:2015 projection thermal. Projection and fusion of the coatings obtained by imaging thermal of alloys autofundentes. (ISO 14920:2015).

UNE - EN ISO 14920:1999 UNE-EN ISO 16000-19:2015 indoor air. Part 19: strategy of sampling for molds. (ISO 16000-19:2012).


UNE-IN ISO 16995:2015 biofuels solid. Determination of the content soluble in water of chloride, sodium and potassium. (ISO 16995:2015).

UNE-IN 15105:2011 UNE-IN ISO 23125:2015 machine tools. Security. Lathes. (ISO 23125:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 23125:2011 UNE-EN ISO 23125:2011 / A1: 2012 UNE - EN ISO 25760:2015 gas cylinders. The valves of gas cylinders safe removal procedures. (ISO 25760:2009).


UNE-ISO 1926:2015 rigid cellular plastics. Determination of tensile properties of.

UNE 53190:2001 UNE-ISO 9141-3:2015 road vehicles. Diagnosis systems. Part 3: Verification of communication between the vehicle and the OBD II scan tool.


UNE-ISO 14230-1:2015 road vehicles. Communication of diagnosis on line K (DoK-Line). Part 1: Physical layer.

UNE-ISO 14230-1:2006 UNE-ISO 21101:2015 active tourism. The safety management system. Requirements.

UNE 188003:2009 UNE-ISO 21103:2015 active tourism. Information for the participants.

UNE 188003:2009 UNE - ISO/TR 21102:2015 IN active tourism. Leaders. Competence of the personnel.

UNE 188003:2009