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Resolution Of 22 July 2015, Of The Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Whereby Prices Are Published To Satisfy University Academic Services Conducive To Obtaining Titles And No Official Diplomas For The...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 22 de julio de 2015, de la Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, por la que se publican los precios a satisfacer por los servicios académicos universitarios conducentes a la obtención de títulos y diplomas no oficiales para el ...

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In use of the privileges conferred by the Ministerial Order of 9 July 2015 authorizing the International University of Menéndez Pelayo to establish the amount of the prices to satisfy for the benefit of the university academic services leading to the acquisition of non-official degrees and diplomas for the year 2015,

This Rectorate, after approval by the Governing Council of this University at its meetings on January 19 and February 2, 2015, resolves:


Establish public prices for university academic services leading to the acquisition of non-official UIMP diplomas and diplomas by 2015 as detailed in Annexes I and II.


That these prices be made public by the publication of this Resolution in the "Official State Gazette".

Madrid, July 22, 2015. -Menéndez Pelayo International University Rector, Cesar Nombela Cano.



All the academic activities listed in this Annex and in Annex II, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 shall bear (at the time of registration) the costs of the Secretariat for the opening of the academic file. The amount of such expenditure, which is set at EUR 20, shall not be reimbursed in cases where the student requests and obtains the cancellation of his/her registration before the beginning of the course of which he/she would have registered.

Second. Courses, seminars, workshops and meetings held in any of the Sedes.

20 €

150 €

Type of Matriculation


A Course Matriculation

110 €

B course matriculation

60 €

20 €

20 €

150 €

Type Course Matriculation Type D

F course matriculation

320 €

Third. Technical-practical courses structured for hours (courses of fine tuning of musical instruments and only at the headquarters of Valencia).



to 20 hours

24 €/hour

21 and 40 hours

19 €/hour

51 and 100 hours

14 €/hour

From 100 hours

13 €/time

Keyboard tuning and intonation course: 980 €.


Graduate specialization courses structured in ECTS credits (courses from 3 to 10 ECTS and only at the Valencia headquarters). The price of each ECTS credit is set at 50 euros (for the modes of face-to-face and semi-face-to-face teaching) and 40 euros (for distance learning mode).

Fifth. Discounts applied by the UIMP to the public prices set out in this Annex.

1. To students who are registered in official studies leading to the attainment of a degree, Master or Doctor at a Spanish University, or in any other study that is equivalent to them, according to the current regulations, will apply a 20% discount on the tuition fee. To this effect, it is understood that in any case, they are equivalent studies that lead to the obtaining of a degree of Master, Diplomacy, Licentiate, Architect, Technical Architect, Engineer and Technical Engineer.

2. In the event that the academic activities listed in the second section of this annex are carried out on-line, 50% discount will be applied to the price corresponding to the in-person activity.

3. The staff of the Menéndez Pelayo International University, their spouses and direct descendants, and the students of the Colegio Mayor Torres Quevedo, will be applied a 50% discount on the tuition price of the first course and 10% on the of the second and next.

4. The discounts are not cumulative and will apply only to the registration fee, excluding secretarial fees for the formalization of the academic record.

Sixth. Exemptions.

1. Large family members will benefit from the exemptions and reductions provided for in Law 40/2003 of 18 November on the Protection of the Families of Many ("BOE" of 19 November 2003).

2. In accordance with Article 7 of Law 32/1999 of 8 October 1999 on Solidarity with the Victims of Terrorism (BOE of 9 October 1999), victims of terrorist acts, their spouses and children are exempt from payment of the price. registration. They will therefore be required to pay only the intended price for the expenditure of the Secretariat. For these purposes, the students who take part in this legal provision will have to prove to the UIMP the administrative decision which would have recognised the status of victims of terrorism.

3. Those who have been recognized as having a disability equal to or greater than 33% (Law 13/1982 of 7 April, Social Integration of the Disabled-"BOE" of 30 April 1982-and Law 51/2003 of 2 December 1982) (i) opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for persons with disabilities-BOE of 3 December 2003-will be entitled to exemption from the payment of the registration fee, with the payment of only the price envisaged for the expenditure of the Secretariat. For these purposes, the students who take part in this legal provision will have to prove to the UIMP the administrative decision which would have been recognised as a disability.

4. The exemptions from the registration fee provided for in the above points shall apply only once per academic year.


First. Courses for Spanish Teaching Teachers as a Foreign Language (FPELE), Translator and Interpreter Training.

Type of Matriculation


-hour course

190 €

-hour course

220 €

Read 50-hour course

360 €

60-hour-long course

450 €

Second. Spanish Language and Culture courses for Foreigners: From January 12 to December 18, 2015.

Maticula and teaching material

2 weeks

350 €

3 weeks

75 h

460 €

4 weeks


Extra Maticula 1 week *

25 h

175 €

program for groups

20 h

210 €

* This fee does not involve secretarial expenses.

Third. Quarterly bilingual program. Business, International Studies, Spanish Language & Culture.


Spanish Language

English language signatures *


Hours (A + B)



120 h

90 h

210 h

1,570 €

135 h

255 h

1,910 €


90 h

90 h

180 h

1,360 €

135 h

225 h

1,730 €

* 45-hour-on-a-time (s) each.

45 h

Language and Culture Complementary Classes

45 h

400 €


45 h

500 €

Fourth. Advanced Spanish courses.


Registration Price

Spanish for international professionals

60 h

700 €

Spanish for specific purposes

60 h

700 €

Fifth. Course of preparation for DELE.



Registration Price


490 €


60 h

Sixth. Courses in other Languages.


Registration Price

60 h

490 €

30 h

245 €

Seventh. Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). The UIMP is a center examiner of the DELE by agreement with the Instituto Cervantes. The UIMP will apply the following prices established for the year 2015 to the students who register and carry out the examination tests at their headquarters in Santander.



Spanish Diploma

108 €

Diploma A2

124 €


160 €



186 €

Spanish Diploma

195 €

Spanish Diploma

205 €

Eighth. Complementary activities and workshops.




1 h

45 €


3 h

3 h

90 €

Culture Allocate

10 h

50 €


10 h

50 €

Ninth. Other prices.

UIMP Diploma of Spanish: 50 €.

Certificates (duplicates): 30 €.

Certificate with individualized report (groups): 30 €.

UIMP Diploma with special notes (ECTS, US system credits): 100 €.

10th. Discounts on the courses listed in the number 1 of this annex.

To Spanish teachers who teach Spanish courses for foreigners in the UIMP and whenever there are vacant places, they will be applied a 50% discount on the registration fee of the first FPELE course, 10% on the second and next. The same discounts will apply in the Translator And Interpreter Training courses

In these same courses, and with the limitations provided therein, the discounts and exemptions provided for in Annex I shall apply.

11th. Special discounts and conditions for groups in the courses listed in numbers 2 and 3 of this annex.

(a) A discount on the tuition fee will be applied to students enrolled on an individual basis taking into account the number of weeks of enrolment: 10% for stays in excess of 12 weeks, and 20% for courses to from 24 weeks.

b) In the case of group tuition, the UIMP will apply discounts in the form of free tuition for the following proportions:

From 10 to 30 students enrolled: 1 free tuition.

From 31 to 50 students enrolled: 2 free tuition fees.

The amount of the license plates will be deducted from the total amount of the group invoice.

These conditions apply only to groups whose students participate in full courses for a minimum of 4 weeks.

(c) It may be applied to agencies or agents who request it (after signature of the corresponding accreditation) discounts which will range from 15% to 20% in the amount of the registration, provided that the number is not less than 10 students:

From 10 to 30 enrolled students: 15%.

From 31 to 50 enrolled students: 20%.