Resolution Of 16 Of July Of 2015, Of The University Of Valencia, By Which Is Publishes The Plan Of Studies Of Master In History And Identities In The Mediterranean Western (Centuries Xv-19Th) (Master Set Of Them Universities Of Alicante, Barce...)

Original Language Title: Resolución de 16 de julio de 2015, de la Universitat de València, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Máster en Historia e Identidades en el Mediterráneo Occidental (Siglos XV-XIX) (Máster conjunto de las universidades de Alicante, Barce...

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Obtained the verification of the plan of studies by the Council of universities, previous report positive of the Agency national of evaluation of the quality and accreditation, and agreed the character official of the title by the Council of Ministers of 12 of June of 2015 (published in BOE of 15 of July).

This Rector's Office, of conformity with it willing in the article 35.4 of the law organic 6 / 2001, of 21 of December, of universities, in the drafting given by the law organic 4 / 2007, of 12 of April, has determined publish the plan of studies conducive to the obtaining of the title official of the Master University in history e identities in the Mediterranean Western (centuries XV-19TH) by the University of Alicante , the University of Barcelona, the Jaume I University of Castellón and the Universitat de València (General study), which is structured in agreement with what is contained in the annex to this resolution.

Valencia, 16 of July of 2015.-the Rector, Esteban Jesús Morcillo Sanchez.

ANNEX Plan of studies of the title of Master in history and identities in the Mediterranean Western (centuries XV-19TH) by the University of Alicante, it University of Barcelona, the University Jaume I of Castellón and the University of Valencia (Estudi General) branch of knowledge: art and Humanities 1. Distribution of curriculum by subject in ECTS credits: character of subject ECTS obligatory 30 electives 15 Externships 0 60 2 15 total credits master's work. Description of them modules of that consists the plan of studies: module I: module basic subjects character ECTS historians and historiography of the Mediterranean Western in it age modern compulsory 5 sources, palaeography e initiation to the work of the historian mandatory 5 institutions political and powers territorial mandatory 5 religions and circulation cultural mandatory 5 hierarchies and dynamic social mandatory 5 activities productive and networks commercial in the Mediterranean Western mandatory 5 credits total to study 30 module II : Module complementary subjects character ECTS the Mediterranean Sea: a space for exchanges optional 5 identities national and territorial in the Mediterranean Western optional 5 historical landscape, risk and the environment optional 5 the Mediterranean city optional 5 rural optional 5 systems of power and political thought optional 5 Guerra and optional 5 spirituality society, orthodoxy and control of consciences optional 5 creation and transmission of knowledge

5 optional feminine/masculine: identities, relations, functions optional 5 minorities, disagreements and rebellions optional 5 credits total to study 15 module III: work total compulsory 15 credits master's dissertation subject character ECTS work to study 15