Resolution Of 28 Of July Of 2015, Of The Address General Of The Marine Merchant, By Which Is Updated Them Standards Of Safety For The Practice Of The Diving Deportivo-Recreativo To The Supply Of Surface.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 28 de julio de 2015, de la Dirección General de la Marina Mercante, por la que se actualizan las normas de seguridad para la práctica del buceo deportivo-recreativo al suministro de superficie.

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Read the untranslated law here:

It order of 14 of October of 1997, by which is approved them standards of security for the exercise of activities underwater, regulated them standards General of the diving in their different fields, establishing in its chapter III, the regulations for the practice of the diving deportivo-recreativo. The standard included, as the only way, scuba for the deportivo-recreativo diving. He time elapsed from the publication of the standard, them advances technical experienced in the sector deportivo-recreativo and the demand of modernization of the activity from the sector of the diving-tourist, makes necessary update them existing standards of security.

Therefore, and in the framework of the provisions of article 149.1.20 of the Constitution, the Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, 5 September, which approves the text revised from the law of Puertos del Estado and merchant, which instructs in his article 263 the Ministry of development the competences related to the safety of human life at sea.

Taking in consideration the available end first of it order of 14 of October of 1997, that authorizes to the Director General of the Marina merchant to update periodically them standards of security, to the object of accommodate them to them innovations technological that is produce in the sector, and prior advice technical of the service maritime of the guard Civil (UAS), of rescue maritime (SASEMAR) and of the center of diving of the armed (CBA).

Understanding by diving deportivo-recreativo supply of surface, all that incursion between hyperbaric, which aims in the pursuit of a recreational activity (sports/recreation), where breathable air is sent to the diver from the surface through a host of supply through an umbilical, telling that a bowl of air supply, or a bottle of compressed air to ensure a continuous flow to divers who supplied.

And in order to establish a series of security measures for the practice of deportivo-recreativo surface supply diving, this address resolves: first. Update of the rules of safety of the diving deportivo-recreativo to the supply of surface.

The practice of deportivo-recreativo surface supply diving will take place according to the provisions referred to in the order of 14 October 1997, and to cover the particular of the activity, shall take into account the following points: 1. the maximum depth is 6 m.

2 are expressly prohibited dips in grottoes, caves, inside of wrecks, or any kind of dives carried out indoors, whether real or virtual.

3. the activity is held through a system of power main of supply of surface breathable with accumulator of air, or a bottle of air compressed, supervised, in all time, by a diver of safety by every four divers with supply of surface. It will be equipped with a team of scuba with at least two second stages.

4. the unit minimum in the water to perform dives with supply of surface will be a couple of scuba divers.

5. the ratio of the maximum supply of surface, by first stage, divers will be two.

6. the unique blends breathable allowed will be the air atmospheric.

7 the mandatory minimum equipment which must carry a surface supplied diver will be: to) a vest, harness, with control device of the buoyancy that should contain, as a minimum, with one of the following systems of bloated: oral, direct supply main or fed through a bottle.

(b) an indicator on reserve (alarm) or inside of bottle supply pressure control device.

(c) a device of control of depth.

(d) a ballast system release control device fast.

(e) Umbilicales, whose technical characteristics are: i. shall be manufactured and approved for specific use of the diving.

II. will be formed by a set of hose of supply main and a Cape that support them pulls or efforts made by the diver, that can be replaced by a malleta of material resistant, or by the own components, if so it certifies the manufacturer.

III. when the joint regulator composed of 1st and 2nd stages count, with any connection between elements of release manual, will take built-in a system of lock, that for its disconnection is required the use of them two hands.

IV. will have adequate buoyancy.

V. The total length will be at least one 50 by 100 greater than the depth of diving.

Second. Applicability.

The present decision shall apply from the day following its publication in the «Official Gazette».

This resolution does not exhaust administrative remedies and there is against the same appeal of appeal, within the period of one month, to the Secretary General of transport, in accordance with article 114 of law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure.

Madrid, 28 July 2015.-the Director General of the Merchant Navy, Rafael Rodríguez Valero.