Resolution Of August 4, 2015, Of The Spanish Fund For Agricultural Guarantee, That Establishing The Public Entrance Fees And Other Activities Of The Castle Of Arévalo.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 4 de agosto de 2015, del Fondo Español de Garantía Agraria, por la que se establecen los precios públicos de entrada y otras actividades del Castillo de Arévalo.

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The Spanish of the agricultural guarantee fund is an autonomous body attached to the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment through the General Secretariat of agriculture and food, figuring among the goods of its heritage the castle of Arévalo where a silo/Museum that houses the permanent exhibition of cereals is located, using the historical context of the building and its surroundings to make an approach to the history of Spain, of Castile, having as main purpose to publicize the situation of agriculture until the thirties of the 20th century and following from this date with the storage of cereals and the agricultural economy recently.

Law 8/1989, of 13 April, rates and prices public, establishes in title III, the rules on concept, amount, fixing and administration of public prices. In its article 24 defines public prices as the pecuniary consideration, which are met by the provision of services or carrying out activities in public law regime when these services or activities are carried out also in the private sector, request it on a voluntary basis citizens.

On March 17, 2014 was published the resolution of 6 March 2014, of the Spanish Fund for agricultural guarantee, that establishing the public entrance fees and other activities of the castle of Arévalo, in order to adapt their administrative management standards.

After detecting problems in the implementation of that resolution, has been done a review of it, being necessary to proceed to various changes, the amounts of public prices, as well as the extension of the collective to which a reduction of the price of entry and free use of the same, will be so, in order to facilitate its implementation and for the due legal certainty issuing a new decision that set public input prices and other activities of the castle of Arévalo.

Article 26.1. b) of law 8/1989 of 13 April, rates and prices public, provides that the establishment or modification of the amount of the public prices will be directly by public bodies, prior authorization ministerial department on which they depend.

By virtue, prior authorization from the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment, date July 24, 2015, I resolve: first. Object.

This resolution aims to establish the amount of the public prices contained in annex I and annex II of this resolution, to perceive by the Spanish Fund for agricultural guarantee, (hereinafter FEGA), visit to the castle of Arévalo and the rates for services and activities to be performed in the same spaces.

These amounts will be increased by the implementation of the type of the value added tax that legally appropriate.

The amount of the prices that are set in annex I and II of this resolution, may update, with effect from 1 January each year, in total or partially.

Second. Visit schedule and prices.

1. the public tour of the Castle will be determined by the schedule, entry conditions and the general access regime.

2. the schedule will be reflected on the web page of the FEGA.

3. the general price of entry for the visit to the castle of Arévalo is laid down in annex I.

4 shall apply a reduction of 50 per cent on the overall price of entry and with proper accreditation, a: to) groups linked to institutions of cultural or educational character, consisting of 15 or more members.

(b) families.

(c) retirees.

(d) citizens in legal unemployment situation.

e) people with disabilities and his companion, provided that this is essential so that one can make the visit.

5 the entrance will be free, prior accreditation, in the following cases: to) born or resident in Arévalo.

(b) children under 6 years.

(c) students.

d) personnel of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment.

e) staff of the Ayuntamiento de Arévalo.

(f) teachers in the performance of their professional duties.

(g) official tourist guides in the exercise of their professional duties.

Third party. Prices use spaces.

1. the price for use of spaces of the castle is detailed in annex II of this resolution.

2 FEGA be established by contract, the terms of use of the spaces, the maximum number of seats allowed in order to preserve the proper conservation of plants, as well as to determine the costs of use and amount.

3. the payment of the public price for use of the spaces of the Castle, may be made by bank transfer or in cash at the current account the FEGA is authorized to effect in the Bank of Spain. In case of agreements or contracts, the payment will be made under the conditions that are available in the same. In any case, payment will be made from the acceptance of the budget and will be prerequisite to carry out this service.

4. when applications use and exploitation come from public institutions or private non-profit, whose social purpose is cultural promotion, applies a 50 per cent bonus.

5. the FEGA may refuse requests that are considered not in accordance with the objectives of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment.

6. the President of the FEGA by resolution may establish free services and activities to be determined therein.

Room. Income.

1. the management, settlement and collection of payments corresponds to the FEGA, without prejudice to entrust any of the performances.

2. the payment of the entrance fees will occur when making the purchase of the tickets to access the site.

3. the payment of the services and activities by use of spaces in the Castle will occur at the time of the authorization of the service or activity, which will not take place unless the corresponding payment has been made.

4 when for reasons not imputable to the obligor to pay no service or activity, the FEGA will proceed to refund the public price entered.

Fifth. Resources.

Acts arising from the Administration and collection of public prices subject to this resolution, may be challenged in the form and terms established articles 107 and following of the law 30/1992, of 26 November, legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure.

Sixth. Effects of the decision of March 6, 2014.

The resolution of 6 March 2014, of the Spanish Fund for agricultural guarantee, by which establish public entrance fees and other activities of the castle of Arévalo, is without effects.

Seventh. Effects of this resolution.

This resolution will produce effects from the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, August 4, 2015.-the President of the Spanish Fund of agricultural guarantee, Ignacio Sánchez Esteban.

Annex I entry into the permanent exhibition at the castle of Arévalo 1. Admission to the permanent exhibition: 2,48 euros.

2. reduced price: 1.24 euros.

Annex II facilities 1. First rate: by the use of the Conference room, up to three hours of events, up to three hours of use 300 euros. For each additional hour 75 euros.

2. second rate: room 70 euros, being linked its use to the hiring of the Conference room.

3. third rate: use of filming equipment supplement 200 euro for each hour or fraction. This fee will be calculated Additionally, where appropriate, to any of the previously reviewed and shall not apply in the case of footage or reports made by the media of social communication for the sole purpose of providing general information to the public.