Order Aaa/1799/2015, 28 August, Which Modifies The Order Apa/2361/2005, Of 8 July, Which Establishes The Regulatory Basis For Awarding Grants To Organizations, Companies And Professionals, Related To The Production...

Original Language Title: Orden AAA/1799/2015, de 28 de agosto, por la que se modifica la Orden APA/2361/2005, de 8 de julio, por la que se establecen las bases reguladoras para la concesión de subvenciones a entidades, empresas y profesionales, relacionados con la producció...

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-9672

Order APA/2361/2005, of 8 July, establishes the regulatory basis for the award of grants to organizations, companies and professionals, related to the production and marketing in the agricultural sector that the Department provide information about statistical data and agricultural prices; of conformity with it provisions in the law 38 / 2003, of 17 of November, General of grants.

Article 6 establishes objective criteria of granting to the potential beneficiaries. Is considered necessary to introduce new criteria that ensure that is reduces to the maximum the discretion in its granting.

This order is issued pursuant to the provisions of article 149.1.31. ª of the Constitution, which reserve exclusively to the State competition in the field of statistics for State purposes.

In its processing, is has subject to consultation of the entities representative of the sectors affected. It also issued the law of the State report and the Executive intervention in the Department, pursuant to the provisions of article 17 of law 38/2003 of 17 November.

In his virtue, I have: article only. Modification order APA/2361/2005, of 8 July, which are set bases regulators for the award of grants to institutions, companies and professionals, related to the production and marketing in the agricultural sector, which provide statistical data and agricultural prices.

Article 6 of the order APA/2361/2005, of 8 July, which establishes the regulatory bases for granting subsidies to institutions, companies and professionals, related to the production and marketing in the agricultural sector, which provide statistical data and agricultural prices, is hereby amended as follows: «article 6. Requirements and criteria objectives of granting of the subsidies.

1 applications must meet the following requirements: to) offer providing information should fit in at least one of the demands of information contained in the corresponding call, which can be expressed as a minimum the territorial distribution of the maximum number of beneficiaries by sector and region, which will be determined in care to the needs of supply of information as specified in the national statistical Plan.

(b) the features of the supply of information will come also certain in the corresponding call: offer on periodicity, variable of information, quantity marketed, price, reviews of market, and position commercial, for each binomial sector / community autonomous.

(c) to supply any information may be available through the networks of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment.

(2. them requests, is valued within each binomial sector / community autonomous, in accordance with the following criteria, applied of form successive and proportional: to) according to the number of products or types; variable according to the classifications set forth in each sector and listed in the corresponding call. Products or types will respond to the need for collecting data for regulatory mandates or the national interest of the respective statistics.

(b) according to the volume of marketing of the product or type that represents the applicant in the community autonomous of reference.

3. inside of each binomial sector/region is selected, maximum, the number of proposals listed in the corresponding call, resulting the rest of ignored offers and admitting all proposals if that number is higher.

The number of proposals in each binomial autonomous sector/community appearing on each call may not exceed 20.

The number of proposed total that figure in each call not may exceed of 200.

4 the calculation of the amount of subsidies will take place according to the following procedure: a) given that the difficulty and detail to gather the requested data differ according to sectors, the calculation of the grant will be held from the modules listed in the corresponding call.

(b) to each application selected is you will assign the amount of the module corresponding.

(c) the amount of the subsidy granted to each beneficiary will be the sum of the amounts allocated in the modules, for the sectors for which it has been selected.

(d) the total amount may not exceed the maximum referred to in the call.»

Available end only. Entry in force.

This order shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, August 28, 2015.-the Minister of agriculture, food and environment, Isabel García Tejerina.