Resolution Of 3 September 2015, Of The Directorate General Of Industry And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, Which Publishes The Relationship Of Rules Approved By The Spanish Association For Standardisation And Certification During The Month Of...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 3 de septiembre de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas aprobadas por la Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación durante el mes de ...

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(In compliance of it willing in the article 11.f) of the regulation of the infrastructure for the quality and security Industrial, approved by Real Decree 2200 / 1995, of 28 of December («Bulletin official of the State» no. 32, of 6 of February 1996), and seen the record of them standards approved by the Association Spanish of standardization and certification, entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of 26 of February of 1986 , in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 August, and recognized by the first additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December, this General direction has resolved to publish in the «Official Gazette» the relationship of Spanish standards UNE approved by the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification for the month of July 2015 , identified by its title and code number, that figure as annex to the present resolution.

This resolution will cause the effect from the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 3 of September of 2015.-the Director General of industry and of the small and medium enterprise, Victor Audera Lopez.

ANNEX rules published in the month July 2015 code title replaced a UNE 26107:2015 road vehicles. Systems for the immobilization and extraction of them victims of the accidents of traffic based in seats individualized gifted of straps of immobilization and with back detachable.


UNE 26108:2015 road vehicles. Dark conditions emergency lighting systems based on the propulsion of fluids CL.


UNE 53935:2014 / 1 m:2015 tank construction of double wall by processing on-site tanks of plastic reinforced with fiberglass (FRP).


UNE 53991:2011 IN / 1 M: 2015 plastics. Repair and lining of tanks, metal, for storage of liquid petroleum products, with reinforced plastics.


UNE 60405-1:2015 fuels gaseous. Links mechanical of transition PE-metal for networks, rush and facilities receiving with pressure maximum of operation up to 10 bar. Part 1: General requirements.

UNE 60405-1:2003 UNE 60405-1 / 1 m:2004 UNE 60405-1:2003 / 2 M: 2008 UNE 60405-3:2015 gaseous fuels. Mechanical links of transition PE-metal for networks, rush and reception facilities with operation up to 10 bar maximum pressure. Part 3: Removable mechanical links.

UNE 60405-3:2003 UNE 60405-3 / 1 M: 2004 UNE 60405-3:2003 / 2 M: 2009 UNE 104304:2015 materials synthetic. Commissioning work. Determination of the resistance of the welding by bare between installed synthetic sheets used in waterproofing.


UNE 104424:2015 materials synthetic. Commissioning work. Waterproofing systems of tunnels and galleries with prefabricated thermoplastic sheets of PVC-P.

UNE 104424:2000 UNE 118006:2015 tobacco and products of the tobacco. Determination of the moisture in tobacco in strand and sting of tobacco. Gravimetric method by drying in an oven.

UNE 118006:2010 UNITES 118023:2015 tobacco. Control test sample. Requirements and application.

UNE 118023:2010 UNE 155402-1:2015 fresh vegetables. Production controlled. Tomato produced incorporating methods of fighting biological against pests. Series I.

UNE 155402:2010 UNE 155403-1:2015 vegetables fresh. Controlled production. Pepper produced incorporating methods of biological pest control. Series I.

UNE 155403:2010 UNITES 155404-1:2015 vegetables fresh. Production controlled. Cucumber produced incorporating methods of fighting biological against pests. Series I.

UNE 155404:2010 UNE 155405-1:2015 vegetables fresh. Production controlled. Jewish green produced incorporating methods of fighting biological against pests. Series I.

UNE 155405:2010 UNE 155406-1:2015 fresh vegetables. Production controlled. Zucchini produced incorporating methods of fighting biological against pests. Series I.

UNE 155406:2010 UNE 155407-1:2015 vegetables fresh. Production controlled. Eggplant produced incorporating methods of fighting biological against pests. Series I.

UNE 155407:2010 UNE 155408-1:2015 vegetables fresh. Production controlled. Melon produced incorporating methods of biological pest control. Series I.

UNE 155408:2010 UNE 155409-1:2015 fresh vegetables. Controlled production. Watermelon produced incorporating methods of biological pest control. Series I.

UNE 155409:2010 UNE 199142-1:2015 equipment for traffic management. Artificial vision. Detection of offending vehicles. Part 1: Functional specification and applications protocols for red traffic lights.


UNE 201011:2015 low voltage switchgear. Auxiliary equipment. Sets of connecting blocks for the verification of energy meters.

EA 0042:2014 UNE-EN 71-3:2013 + A1:2015 safety of toys. Part 3: Migration of certain elements.

UNE-EN 71-3:2013 UNE-EN 131-6:2015 stairs. Part 6: Telescopic ladders.


UNE-EN 636:2012 + A1:2015 plywood panels. Specifications.

UNE-EN 636:2012 UNE-EN 1253-1:2015 drains and traps for buildings. Part 1: Drains and traps with seal of at least 50 mm.

UNE-IN 1253-1:2003 UNE-IN 1253-2:2004 UNE-IN 1253-2:2015 drains and traps for buildings. Part 2: Cover sinks and sinks or floor without seal traps.

UNE-EN 1253-1:2003 UNE-EN 1253-2:2004 UNE-EN 1466:2015 / Ac:2015 childcare articles. Baskets and stands. Safety requirements and test methods.


UNE-EN 1537:2015 execution of special geotechnical works. Anchors.

UNE-EN 1537:2001 UNE-EN 1866-3:2015 mobile fire extinguishers. Part 3: Requirements for the Assembly, construction and resistance to pressure fire extinguishers CO2 which comply with the requirements of the standard EN 1866-1.


UNE-EN 1991-1-6:2010 / Ac:2015 EUROCODE 1: actions on structures. Part 1-6: General actions. Actions during the execution.


UNE-IN 1991-1-7:2010 / A1: 2015 EUROCODE 1: actions on structures. Part 1-7: actions General. Actions accidental.


UNE-IN 1995-1-1:2006 / A2: 2015 Eurocode 5. Project's structures of wood. Part 1-1: rules General and rules for building.


UNE-IN 10293:2015 steels molded and forged. Steel molded to uses General in engineering.

UNE-EN 10293:2006 UNE-EN 10293:2006 / AC: 2008 UNE-EN 12057:2015 products of natural stone. Platelets. Requirements.


UNE-EN 12058:2015 products of natural stone. Tiles for flooring and stairs. Requirements.


UNE-EN 12101-8:2015 systems for control of smoke and heat. Part 8: Dampers for smoke control.


UNE-EN 12309-6:2015 apparatus of sorption for heating and/or cooling using gaseous fuels of calorific consumption based on the PCI exceeding 70 kW. Part 6: Calculation of seasonal yields.

UNE-EN 12309-2:2000 UNE-EN 12390-2:2009 / 1 m:2015 trials of hardened concrete. Part 2: Making and curing of specimens for strength tests.


UNE-EN 12596:2015 bitumens and bituminous binders. Determination of the dynamic viscosity by Capillary Viscometer vacuum.

UNE-EN 12596:2007 UNE-EN 12929-1:2015 aimed at people cableway installations safety requirements. General requirements. Part 1: Requirements for all facilities.

UNE-EN 12929-1:2006 UNE-EN 12929-2:2015

Requirements of security of the facilities of transport by cable intended to people. General requirements. Part 2: requirements additional to Ropeways bicable of back and forth without brake of truck.

UNE-EN 12929-2:2006 UNE-EN 12972:2015 tanks for the transport of dangerous goods. Test, control and marking of metallic tanks.

UNE-EN 12972:2009 UNE-EN 13126-9:2015 fittings to the building. Requirements and methods of test for windows and doors French Windows. Part 9: windows tilt and Swivel fittings.

UNE-CEN / TS 13126-9:2010 FORMER UNE-IN 13445-4:2015 containers to pressure not subject to calls. Part 4: fabrication.

UNE-EN 13445-4:2010 UNE-EN 13445-4:2010 / A1:2012 UNE-EN 13445-4:2010 / A2:2014 UNE-EN 13445-5:2015 pressure vessels not subject to flame. Part 5: Inspection and testing.

UNE-EN 13445-5:2010 UNE-EN 13445-5:2010 / A1:2011 UNE-EN 13445-5:2010 / A2:2011 UNE-EN 13445-5:2010 / A3:2011 UNE-EN 13445-5:2010 / A4:2014 UNE-EN 13718-2:2015 medical vehicles and their equipment. Ambulances air. Part 2: Operational and technical requirements of air ambulances.

UNE-EN 13718-2:2009 UNE-EN 13953:2015 equipment and accessories for LPG. Valves of safety of overpressure of the bottles portable and refillable for gases liquefied of the petroleum (LPG).

UNE-EN 13953:2004 + A1: 2007 UNE-EN 14195:2015 elements of metallic profiles for use in systems of laminated plaster boards. Definitions, specifications and test methods.


UNE-IN 14368:2015 products chemicals used in the treatment of the water destined to the consumption human. Carbonate of calcium coated of dioxide of manganese.

UNE-IN 14368:2004 UNE-IN 14369:2015 products chemicals used in the treatment of the water destined to the consumption human. Alumina granular activated coated iron.

UNE-EN 14369:2004 UNE-EN 14429:2015 characterization of waste. Behavior during the leaching test. Influence of pH on leaching with initial acid/base addition.


UNE-IN 14533:2015 textile and product textile. Performance items for bed fire. Classification scheme.

UNE-IN 14533:2004 UNE-IN 14752:2015 applications railway. Access for rolling door systems.

UNE-EN 14752:2007 UNE-EN 14912:2015 equipment and accessories for LPG. Inspection and maintenance of the valves of LPG bottles during the periodic inspection of the bottles.

UNE-EN 14912:2006 UNE-EN 14997:2015 characterization of waste. Behavior during the leaching test. Influence of the pH in the leaching with control continuous of pH.

UNE-CEN/TS 14997: EX 2007 UNE-EN 15030:2013 + A1:2015. chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. Salts of silver for intermittent use.

UNE-EN 15030:2013 UNE-EN 15207:2015 tankers for the transport of dangerous goods. Connections male/female and characteristics of power to auxiliary equipment in hazardous areas with nominal voltage of 24 V.

UNE-EN 15207:2008 UNE-EN 15863:2015 characterization of waste. Trial of behavior during the leaching for the basic characterisation. Dynamic leaching test of monoliths with periodic renewal of the lixiviante in a fixed position.


UNE-EN 15948:2015 cereals. Determination of the moisture and protein. Methods using a near infrared spectroscope in whole grains.

UNE-EN 15948:2012 UNE-EN 16186-1:2015 railway applications. The Machinist cabin. Part 1: Visibility, provision and access.


UNE-IN 16247-5:2015 audits energy. Part 5: competition of the Auditors energy.


UNE-IN 16264:2015 articles of pyrotechnics. Other articles pyrotechnic. Cartridges for tools enabled with gunpowder.


UNE-IN 16273:2015 applications railway. Via. Transition of Rails forged.


UNE-IN 16327:2015 fight against fire. Dosing systems for positive pressure (PPPS) and foam (CAFS) compressed air systems.


UNE-EN 16564:2015 machines and installations for the extraction and processing of natural stone. Security. Requirements relating to the saws and milling machines type bridge, including versions of numerical control (NC/CNC).


UNE-EN 50377-4-2:2015 sets of connectors and interconnect components to be used in communication systems by optical fiber. Specifications of product. Part 4-2: Type SC/APC 8 degrees simplex wiring on a single-mode fiber type B1.1 and B1.3 according to the standard IEC 60793-2-50, with ferrule or cap of zirconium from category U.

50377-4-2:2011 UNE - EN 50598-2:2015 ecodesign for electric drives of power, engine starters, electronic of power and its applications. Part 2: Indicators of energy efficiency for electric power drives and starters of engines.


UNE-EN 60598-1:2015 luminaires. Part 1: General requirements and tests.


UNE-EN 60601-1-6:2010 / A1:2015 equipment electromedical. Part 1-6: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance. Collateral standard: fitness for use.


UNE-EN 60601-1-10:2008 / A1:2015 equipment electromedical. Part 1-10: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance. Collateral standard: requirements for the development of physiologic closed-loop controllers.


UNE-EN 60695-11-10:2014 / Ac:2015 trials relating to the risks of fire. Part 11-10: Test flames. Methods of flame 50 W horizontal and vertical test.


UNE-EN 61482-1-2:2015 works in tension. Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. Part 1-2: Test methods. Method 2: determination of the class of protection against the bow of material and clothing using a bow limited and directed (test of the box).


UNE-IN 61496-1:2014 / AC: 2015 security of the machines. Equipment of protection sensitive. Part 1: requirements General and trials.


UNE-IN 61591:1998 / A12: 2015 campaigns of kitchen and other extractors of smoke from kitchen to use domestic. Methods of measurement of the ability to function.


UNE-IN 62271-201:2015 switchgear of high tension. Part 201: switchgear low surround insulation of current AC for tensions assigned higher to 1 kV and lower or equal to 52 kV.


UNE-IN 62676-1-1:2015 systems of surveillance for use in applications of security. Part 1-1: requirements of the system. Generalities.

62676-1-1:2014 IN 62676-1-1:2014 / Ac:2014 UNE-EN 62841-3-6:2014 / Ac:2015 Tools Mobile, semi-permanent and gardening and lawn mowers, electric motor-driven machinery. Security. Part 3-6: requirements particular to drills of diamond semi-fixed with system fluid.


UNE-IN ISO 3679:2015 determination of temperature of inflammation / no inflammation and determination of the point of inflammation. Method of the balance quickly in vessel closed. (ISO 3679:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 3679:2004 UNE-IN ISO 3680:2004 UNE-IN ISO 4528:2015 finishes of the enamels vitreous and of porcelain. Guide to the selection of methods of test for zones enamelled of products. (ISO 4528:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 4528:2009 UNE-IN ISO 5356-1:2015 equipment respiratory and of anesthesia. Connectors conical. Part 1: Male and female connectors. (ISO 5356-1:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 5356-1:2004 UNE-IN ISO 6141:2015 analysis of gas. Content of the certificates of the mixtures of gas for calibration. (ISO 6141:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 6141:2007

UNE-EN ISO 6508-1:2015 materials metal. Rockwell hardness test. Part 1: method of test. (ISO 6508-1:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 6508-1:2007 UNE-EN ISO 6508-1:2007 ERRATUM:2011 UNE-EN ISO 6508-2:2015 metallic materials. Test of hardness Rockwell. Part 2: Verification and calibration of test and the indenters machines. (ISO 6508-2:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 6508-2:2007 UNE-IN ISO 6508-3:2015 materials metal. Test of hardness Rockwell. Part 3: calibration of the blocks pattern. (ISO 6508-3:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 6508-3:2007 UNE-IN ISO 7441:2015 Corrosion of the metals and alloys. Determination of bi-metallic corrosion by exposure to atmospheric corrosion tests. (ISO 7441:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 7441:1996 UNE - EN ISO 10240:2005 / A1:2015 small boats. The owner's manual. (ISO 10240:2004 / Amd 1:2015).


UNE-IN ISO 10447:2015 welding by resistance. Test of welded joints. Trial of bare and of chiseled in welding by resistance by points and by bumps. (ISO 10447:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 10447:2008 UNE - EN ISO 13845:2015 systems of canalization in plastics. Seals from seal elastomeric with connection ring for use with thermoplastic pressure piping. Method of test of tightness to pressure internal and with deviation angle. (ISO 13845:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 13845:2001 UNE - EN ISO 14323:2015 welding by resistance. Destructive testing of welds. Samples and measurements for shear crash testing and procedures for traction for shock testing on specimens in cross of welding by resistance spot and bumps by highlights. (ISO 14323:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 14323:2006 UNE - EN ISO 14931:2015 leather. Guide for the selection of leather for clothing (excluding skins with hair). (ISO 14931:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 14931:2005 UNE - EN ISO 14931:2005 ERRATUM:2005 UNE-EN ISO 15512:2015 plastics. Determination of the water content. (ISO 15512:2014).

UNE - EN ISO 15512:2010 UNE-EN ISO 16122-1:2015 machinery agricultural and forestry. Inspection of sprayers in use. Part 1: General. (ISO 16122-1:2015).


UNE-EN ISO 16122-2:2015 machinery agricultural and forestry. Inspection of sprayers in use. Part 2: Sprayers from horizontal bars. (ISO 16122-2:2015).

UNE-EN 13790-1:2004 UNE-EN ISO 16122-3:2015 machinery agricultural and forestry. Inspection of sprayers in use. Part 3: Spray to shrubs and tree crops. (ISO 16122-3:2015).

UNE-EN 13790-2:2004 UNE-EN ISO 16122-4:2015 machinery agricultural and forestry. Inspection of sprayers in use. Part 4: sprayers fixed and semi-mobile. (ISO 16122-4:2015).


UNE-IN ISO 16396-1:2015 plastics. Materials of polyamide (PA) for injection molding and extrusion. Part 1: System of designation, marking of products and bases for the specifications. (ISO 16396-1:2015).

UNE-IN ISO 1874-1:2011 UNE-IN ISO 16948:2015 biofuels solid. Determination of the content total of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. (ISO 16948:2015).

UNE-IN 15104:2011 UNE-IN ISO 16968:2015 biofuels solid. Determination of minority elements. (ISO 16968:2015).

UNE-EN 15297:2011 UNE - EN ISO 16993:2015 solid biofuels. Conversion of analytical results of a base to another. (ISO 16993:2015).

UNE-EN 15296:2011 UNE - EN ISO 16994:2015 solid biofuels. Determination of the total content of sulphur and chlorine. (ISO 16994:2015).

UNE-IN 15289:2011 UNE-IN ISO 17070:2015 leather. Test chemical. Determination of the content in those isomers of tetraclorofenol, tricolorofenol, dichlorophenol and monoclorofenol and on pentachlorophenol. (ISO 17070:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 17070:2007 UNE - EN ISO 17228:2015 leather. Color fastness tests. Change of colour with accelerated aging. (ISO 17228:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 17228:2007 UNE - EN ISO 23277:2015 non-destructive testing of welded joints. Essay by penetrating liquids. Levels of acceptance. (ISO 23277:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 23277:2010 UNE - EN ISO 23278:2015 non-destructive testing of welded joints. Joints welded by magnetic particle test. Levels of acceptance. (ISO 23278:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 23278:2010 D'UNE IEC 60092-352:2015 electrical installations in ships. Part 352: Choice and installation of cables.

UNE 21135-352:1998 UNE - ISO 3781:2015 paper and cardboard. Determination of the resistance to the traction after immersion in water.

UNE 57030:1994 UNE-ISO 5631-2:2015 paper and carton. Determination of the color by reflectance diffuse. Part 2: conditions of illumination daytime exterior (D65 / 10 °).


UNE-ISO 5636-3:2015 paper and carton. Determination of the permeance to the air (range medium). Part 3: method Bendtsen.

UNE 57066-2:1986 UNE-ISO 5636-5:2015 paper and carton. Determination of the permeance to the air (range medium). Part 5: method Gurley.

UNE 57066-3:2003 UNE-ISO 11093-2:2015 paper and cardboard. Trials of mandrels. Part 2: Preparation of samples.

UNE 57163-2:1992 UNE-ISO 12194:2015 tobacco leaves. Determination of the particle size of the strips.


UNE-ISO 12195:2015 beaten tobacco. Determination of the content of residual vein.


UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2014 / COR 1:2015 information technology. Security techniques. Systems of management of information security (ISMS). Requirements.


UNE-ISO/IEC 27002:2015 information technology. Techniques of safety. Code of practice for the controls of security of the information.