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Resolution 320 / 38133 / 2015, Of 7 Of September, Of The Direction General Of Armament And Material, By Which Is Approved And Nullify Standards Military Spanish.

Original Language Title: Resolución 320/38133/2015, de 7 de septiembre, de la Dirección General de Armamento y Material, por la que se aprueban y anulan normas militares españolas.

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The procedures for the purchase of products for use by the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard in their dependence on the Ministry of Defense, are simplified and unified through technical documents, military norms Spanish, which establish the nature of the raw materials, the characteristics of the articles made, the terminology and nomenclature thereof, as well as the rational methods of testing, without doubt fixing the acquisition data.

Consequently, in accordance with Articles 6 (c), 13.5 and 13.6 of the Military Standardisation of Materials Regulation, approved by Order PRE/2507/2010 of 23 September, I have:

First. Approval of Spanish Military Standards.

The following Spanish Military Standards (NME) are approved:

NME-32/2015: Label for packages.

NME-116/2015: Flag flag or tajamar (Torrotito).

NME-117/2015: Bichéros with brass regaton.

NME-323/2015: Aluminium and cadmium alloy zinc nodes for galvanic protection in shipbuilding.

NME-576/2015: Leins. Bromatological standards for their cataloging, acquisition and consumption by the Armed Forces.

NME-776/2015: Input and Correspondence Output Log Books.

NME-796/2015: Garbanzos. Bromatological standards for their cataloging, acquisition and consumption by the Armed Forces.

NME-898/2015: Information and Combat Center records models.

NME-2400/2015: Nitrocellulose and powder of nitrocellousic base. Qualification of chemical stability. Test at high temperature of 120 ° C and 134 ° C for observation of red, prolonged vapours.

NME-2111/2015: Construction parameters of optical utility systems in optical calculation. Nomenclature, notation, and sign.

NME-2669/2015: Estribos for escalation.

NME-2756/2015: Skiing for skiing.

NME-2768/2015: Eskimos.

NME-2780/2015: Magnetic ships for ships.

NME-2790/2015: Portable binocular binoculars 6 × 30, 8 × 30, 7 × 50, 15 × 30, 12 × 40. Reception conditions.

NME-2918/2015: Portable electric Megaphones.

NME-2933/2015: Contrafires. Basic fire-fighting vehicle, all terrain, with water, foam and dust.

NME-2961/2015: Marks of the regulation to prevent approaches at sea.

Second. Cancellation of Spanish Military Rules.

The following Spanish military rules are cancelled:

NME-121/2012: Lonas. Types and features.

NM-P-732 EAG (1rr): Acidity test of solid propellants at temperatures below 100 ° C.

NME-2185/2012: Submarine Suitcase for Marinery.

NM-P-2208 EMAG (2rr): Aphaltic Painting (Formula 712).

Third. Dissemination of standards.

The Central Organ Standardisation Service will include the Military Standards approved by this provision, in the existing General Catalogue of Standards on the Intranet, for dissemination and implementation in the Ministry of Defense.

Single repeal provision. Regulatory repeal.

The revisions of the Spanish Military Rules nullify the editions of the Basic Military Standards and previous revisions.

Single transient arrangement. Validity of previous versions.

However, previous editions and revisions, on a proposal from the Committee on Standardisation, may continue to be used and applied to material previously acquired for approval of the new review.

Single end disposition. Entry into force.

This Resolution shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication in the "Official State Gazette".

Madrid, September 7, 2015. -Director General of Armament and Material, Juan Manuel Garcia Montano.