Resolution Of 10 September 2015, Of The Directorate General Of Industry And Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises, That Publishes The Relationship Of European Standards Which Have Been Ratified During The Month Of August 2015 As Spanish Standards.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 10 de septiembre de 2015, de la Dirección General de Industria y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, por la que se publica la relación de normas europeas que han sido ratificadas durante el mes de agosto de 2015 como normas españolas.

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In compliance with the provisions of article 11, f), the regulation of infrastructure for quality and Industrial Security, approved by Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December («Official Gazette» number 32 of 6 February 1996), and views of the standards developed by the European organizations for Standardization, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI and whose national transposition corresponds to the Spanish Association for standardisation and certification entity designated by order of the Ministry of industry and energy of on February 26, 1986, in accordance with the Royal Decree 1614 / 1985, of 1 August, and recognized for these purposes by the first additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree 2200 / 1995 of 28 December.

This Directorate-General has decided to publish in the «Official Gazette» the relationship of European standards which have been ratified as Spanish norms during the month of August 2015, identified by his title and code number, with an indication of the date of availability, appearing as an annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, 10 September 2015.-the Director General industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, Víctor Audera López.

ANNEX ratification of European standards. August 2015 code title F.Disponib.

Overrides to CEN ISO/TS 17969:2015 petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. Guidelines on the competence of staff (ISO/TS 17969:2015).

2015-06-17 CEN/TS 16769:2015 equipment for LPG and its accessories. Terminology.

2015-06-03 CEN/TS 16861:2015 plastics. Recycled plastics. Definition of markers selected in recycled of poli(tereftalato de etileno) (PET) of grade food.

2015-06-03 AT 3014:2015 Material aerospace. Nuts for crimping, self-locking, toothed, Heatproof FE-PA2601 (A286) steel. Classification: 1 100 MPa (at room temperature) / 650 ° C.

2015-06-17 UNE - EN 3014, 3015:2015 aerospace Material: 2002. Nuts for crimping, self-locking, toothed, Heatproof FE-PA2601 (A286) steel, plated. Classification: 1 100 MPa (at temperature environment) / 650 ° C.

2015-06-17 UNE - EN 3475-307:2015 aerospace Material, 3015:2002. Cable electric for use in aircraft. Test methods. Part 307: Corona extinction voltage.

2015-06-17 AT 3475-307:2010 4608-004:2015 aerospace Material. Fire-resistant cables. Mono and multicore shielded (spiral) and clad. -65° C to 260 ° c operating temperature Part 003: DW family. Light conductor. Printable with UV laser. Product standard.

2015-06-17 6059-100:2015 aerospace Material. Electrical cables, installation. Protective cases. Test methods. Part 100: An overview.

2015-06-17 6059-100:2011 50090-4-3:2015 electronic systems for homes and buildings (HBES). Part 4-3: Separate the middle layers. IP communications (EN 13321-2).

2015-06-12 BY 50341-2-9:2015 more than 1 kV AC electric airlines. Part 2-9: Regulatory aspects national for Great Britain and Northern Ireland (based on the standard IN 50341-1-2012).

2015-06-26 BY 60384-23:2015 Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment. Part 23: Specification intermediate: capacitors of direct current of dielectric naftalato of metallized polyethylene film surface-mounted permanently.

2015-06-19 EN 60728-7-1:2005 / A1:2015 networks of distribution cable for TV signals, signals of audio and interactive services. Part 7-1: Monitoring of State of hybrid fiber coax outside plant. Physical layer (PHY) specification.

2015-06-19 BY 60875-1:2015 fiber interconnect devices passive optics and components. Devices of bifurcation of non-selective optical fiber wavelength. Part 1: Generic specification.

2015-07-03 BY 61169-47:2015 radio frequency connectors. Part 47: Specification intermediate for clamp coupling RF coaxial connectors, used typically in 75 Ohm (F-Quick type) cable networks.

2015-07-10 BY 61189-2-721:2015 test methods for electrical materials, printed cards and other structures and interconnect assemblies. Part 2-721: Test methods for materials for interconnection structures. Measurement of the relative permittivity and tangent of losses for laminated sheets coated copper to microwave frequency using Split Post Dielectric Resonator.

2015-06-19 BY 61290-1-1:2015 optical amplifiers. Methods of test. Part 1-1: parameters of energy and of gain. Method of the Analyzer of spectrum optical.

2015-07-10 IN 61290-1-3:2015 amplifiers of fiber optic. Methods of test. Part 1-3: parameters of gain and power. Method of measurement of power optic.

2015-06-12 AT 61760-4:2015 technology of the mount's surface. Part 4: method standard for the classification, packaging, labelling and handling of them devices sensitive to the humidity.

2015-07-03 BY 61788-21:2015 superconductivity. Part 21: Superconducting wires. Test methods for practical use superconducting wires. Guidelines and General characteristics.

2015-07-03 BY 62007-1:2015 devices optoelectronic semiconductors for applications in fiber-optic systems. Part 1: Specification for features and core values templates.

2015-06-26 BY 62047-15:2015 semiconductor devices. Microelectromechanical devices. Part 15: Test method for resistance of the union between PDMS and glass.

2015-07-10 BY 62047-16:2015 semiconductor devices. Microelectromechanical devices. Part 16: Test methods to determine the residual stress of MEMS film. Methods of curvature of the wafer and deflection of the beam.

2015-07-10 BY 62047-17:2015 semiconductor devices. Microelectromechanical devices. Part 17: Testing of bulk method to measure the mechanical properties of thin films.

2015-07-10 BY 62135-1:2015 resistance welding equipment. Part 1: Safety requirements for design, manufacturing and installation.

2015-07-03 IN 62439-7:2012 / Ac:2015 industrial communication networks. High availability automation networks. Part 7: Redundancy Protocol for ring (RPR) networks.

2015-05-20 BY 62733:2015 programmable components of electronic lamp control devices. General and safety requirements.

2015-06-26 BY 62769-1:2015 integration of field devices. Part 1: Overview.

2015-06-26 BY 62769-2:2015 integration of field devices. Part 2: Client IDF.

2015-06-26 BY 62769-3:2015 integration of field devices. Part 3: Server IDF.

2015-07-10 BY 62769-4:2015 integration of field devices. Part 4: FDI packages.

2015-06-26 BY 62769-5:2015 integration of field devices. Part 5: FDI information model.

2015-07-10 BY 62769-6:2015 integration of field devices. Part 6: Correspondence of FDI technology.

2015-06-26 BY 62769-7:2015 integration of field devices. Part 7: IDF communications devices.

2015-06-26 BY 62769-101-1:2015

Integration of field (IDF) devices. Profiles. Part 101-1: Foundation Fieldbus H1.

2015-07-03 BY 62769-101-2:2015 integration of field (IDF) devices. Profiles. Part 101-2: Foundation Fieldbus HSE.

2015-07-03 BY 62769-103-1:2015 integration of field (IDF) devices. Profiles. Part 103-1: Profiles - PROFIBUS.

2015-06-19 BY 62769-103-4:2015 integration of field (IDF) devices. Profiles. Part 103-4: PROFINET.

2015-06-19 IN 62769-109-1:2015 integration of devices of field (IDF). Profiles. Part 109-1: HART® and WirelessHART®.

2015-07-03 BY 2015:62875 systems and multimedia equipment. Technology of multimedia electronic publishing and e-books. Specification for printing of the texture map to the auditory presentation of printed texts.

2015-05-22 BY 62878-1-1:2015 substrate embedded device. Generic specification. Test method.

2015-07-10 EN ISO 6872:2015 dentistry. Materials of ceramics (ISO 6872:2015).

2015-06-10 UNE - EN ISO 6872:2009 IN ISO 11074:2015 soil quality. Vocabulary (ISO 11074:2015).

2015-06-17 IN ISO 12312-1:2013 protection of the eyes and face. Sunglasses and associated equipment. Part 1: Sunglasses for general use. (ISO 12312-1:2013).

2013-08-07 UNE-EN 1836:2006 + A1:2008 EN ISO 16610-40:2015 geometrical products specification (GPS). Filtration. Part 40: Morphological profile filters: basic concepts (ISO 16610-40:2015).

2015-06-03 EN ISO 16610-49:2015 geometrical products specification (GPS). Filtration. Part 49: Morphological profile filters: analytical techniques for space of the scales. (ISO 16610-49:2015).