Resolution Of 10 September 2015, Of The University Of Deusto, Which Publishes The Graduate Curriculum In Modern Languages.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 10 de septiembre de 2015, de la Universidad de Deusto, por la que se publica el plan de estudios de Graduado en Lenguas Modernas.

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Read the untranslated law here:

Obtained the verification of the plan of studies by the Council of universities, prior report positive of the Agency national of evaluation of the quality and accreditation, and declared the character official of the title by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 4 of September of 2009 (published, by resolution of the Secretary of State of universities of the 22, in the «BOE» of 9 of October of 2009) This Rectorate resolved to publish the curriculum conducive to obtaining the official diploma of graduate or graduate in modern languages.

The plan of studies to is concerns the present resolution will be structured as figure in the annex of the same.

Bilbao, 10 of September of 2015.-the Rector, José María Guibert NICU.

ANNEX University: University of the Church of Deusto Plan of studies leading to the title of: graduate or graduate in modern languages branch of knowledge: Arts and humanities.

Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, annex I, section 5.1. Structure of them teachings distribution general of the plan of studies in credits ECTS, by type of matter type of matter credits ECTS training basic 60 compulsory 126 optional 48 work end of grade 6 Total 240 structure of the plan of studies degree in languages modern ECTS module denomination of the module ECTS matter denomination of the matter type distribution matter 60 1. Basic humanistic education.

6 philosophy.


6 FB



12 FB FB 12 literature.


6 FB

6 OB



18 FB FB 12 modern language.


12 FB


2. Materials cross.

12 computer.

Mixed 6 FB 6 OB 18 cultural studies.


18 OB


3. Languages modern.

24 language and communication.

OB 24 OB 30 second language modern.


30 OB


4. Professional fields.

12 teaching of languages.

12 OB OB 18 translation.


18 OB


5. Mentions and practices.

30 studies English.

30 OP OP Hispanic studies.

30 OP literary studies.

30 OP studies language.

30 OP 12 practices.


12 OP


6. Human formation in values.

6. training in values and choices of the individual.

OB 6 OB (48) * 6 ethics training.


6 OB


7. End of degree work.

12. end of degree work.

Mixed 6 Bachelor thesis.

6 OP * parentheses indicated the credits offered by the University, of which, the student will have to attend mandatory 6 ECTS temporary structure by subjects of the curriculum degree in modern languages course materials type ECTS 1st language.

FB 12 modern language.

12 FB philosophy.

6 FB history.

6 FB literature.

FB 6 cultural studies.

OB 6 second modern language.








Computer 6 FB.

FB 6 language and communication.

12 OB literature.

OB 6 cultural studies.

OB 6 second modern language.

OB 12 training in values and choices of the individual.

OB 6 3rd Didactics of languages.

OB 12 translation.

OB 18 language and communication.

OB 12 second language modern.

OB 6 studies cultural.

Computer 6 OB.





OP 30 ethics training.

OB 6 practices.

OP 12 end of degree work.

6 Bachelor thesis.

OP 6 students can obtain the following mentions studying 30 optional credits: mention in English studies.

Mention in Hispanic studies.

Mention in literary studies.

Mention in linguistic studies.