Resolution Of 21 Of September Of 2015, Of The Presidency Of The Council Top Of Sports, By Which Is Publishes It Modification Of The Statutes Of The Real Federation Spanish Of Fencing.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 21 de septiembre de 2015, de la Presidencia del Consejo Superior de Deportes, por la que se publica la modificación de los Estatutos de la Real Federación Española de Esgrima.

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(In exercise of them competencies conferred by the article 10.2. b) of the law 10 / 1990, of 15 of October, of the sport, the Commission directive of the Council top of sports in its session of 30 of June of 2015, has approved definitely the modification of them articles 88, 105, 110 and 111, of them statutes of it Real Federation Spanish of fencing , authorizing its registration in the register of associations sports.

Pursuant to the provisions of article 31.7 of the sports law and article 12.3 of the Royal Decree 1835 / 1991, of 20 December, Spanish sports federations and sports associations register, have the publication of the modification of the statutes of the Royal Spanish fencing Federation, contained in the annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, 21 September 2015.-the President of the upper Council of sports, Miguel Cardenal Carro.

ANNEX statutes of the Royal Federation Spanish of fencing article 88.

1. integration in the RFEE occurs through the granting by the autonomous federations, of the corresponding autonomous Deportiva license.

A) licenses for individuals: license of shooters.

Tecnicos-entrenadores license.

Jueces-arbitros license.

(B) licences for legal persons.

Licensing of clubs.

2. rules of application to the licenses for people physical. For the participation in any competition sports official, in addition to the compliance of them requirements specific that is require in each case, will be must be in possession of a license sports autonomic, that will be issued by them federations sports of field autonomic that are integrated in the RFEE, according to them conditions and requirements that is established regulations. The license will produce effects in them areas State and autonomic, from the moment in that is enter in the registration of the Federation autonomic, that must be since to provision of it RFEE.

In the event of absence of the regional Federation, material impossibility, when so determined by the regional Federation or regional Federation can found integrated in the RFEE, licensing will be assumed by the RFEE. Also to this you shall be the expedition of those licenses for which is necessary count with a visa or authorization prior of the Federation sports international corresponding, and in particular when so is peel of it willing in them statutes of such federations international.

The requirements for the issuance of licenses for the RFEE will be reflected in the General Regulation on the terms established in article 110 et seq. of these statutes.

Corresponds to the RFEE it development and permanent update of the Census of licensing federal, that must be to disposal of all them federations autonomic.

They will be disabled for a sports license entitling to participate in the competitions referred to in the paragraph first athletes who have been sanctioned for doping, both at State level and internationally, while they are serving the respective.

Athletes who try to obtain a sports license may be subjected, prior to his concession, to a doping control, in order to determine compliance with the requirements laid down in this regulation.

Also, not may obtain license those persons who are disabled, as a result of scheduled offences in law 3/2013, of 20 June, for the protection of the health of athletes and the fight against doping in the sport.

3. rules of application to those licenses to people legal. For participation in any official sports competition, in addition to compliance with the specific requirements required in each case, the clubs must be in possession of a sports license, which will be issued by the autonomous sports federations that are integrated in the RFEE or, where appropriate, by the Spanish Federation.

Them conditions and the requirements for the expedition of them licenses of the RFEE is collected in the regulation General in them terms established in the article 110 and following of them present statutes.

It corresponds to the RFEE the development and permanent updating of census of Federation licences, which should be available to all regional federations.

Article 105.

RFEE, without prejudice to the provisions in articles 98 to 104 of these statutes, the fencing federations of autonomous recognizes the following functions: 1. represent the authority of the RFEE in its functional and territorial scope.

2. promote, order and direct fencing, within its territorial scope, through the exercise of its own powers and the expressly delegated by the RFEE.

3. control, direct and develop the different activities within its scope.

4 constitute the immediate sporting authority superior to all their clubs and affiliate members.

5 issue the corresponding regional sports licence, as set out in article 88 of these statutes.

Article 110.

For participation in activities or official national competitions organized, RFEE, as well as to access to the competition area will need to be in possession of the corresponding regional sports license issued by the corresponding regional Federation.

Every year the General Assembly of the RFEE may revise the amount of the economic amount which corresponds to the RFEE. Revenues produced by the issuance of licenses will be directed primarily to finance the structure and functioning of the RFEE.

The application and issuance of any license implies the voluntary assignment by the degree of their personal data, as deemed necessary for the management of the RFEE and they will be included in an automated file duly registered with the Spanish data protection agency, and that the security measures required by law must be applied. The purpose of this file is the data management to maintain appropriate administrative, economic and educational management, as well as publication in rankings, rankings or indicative statements. Those affected, expressly authorize the publication of such data for sports information, as well as the sending of documentation, information or advertising that could be of interest to them, by their sporty nature or to maintain a proper administrative management, and may revoke such authorization at any time.

Also the images within the scope of the competition of athletes, technicians and federal judges participating in competitions or events organized by the RFEE or other organizing entity delegated by the RFEE, may be published on the website of the RFEE or other means of dissemination that edit the RFEE or the Organizer as well as fixing reproduction, distribution and communication to the public, arising from your participation in any official competition, without being the RFEE responsible for image processing that can perform the press, television or any other means of communication.

In any case, the RFEE undertakes to respect the exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in accordance with the procedures and limitations laid down in the law itself. For the exercise of these rights, the affected must write to the Real Federación Española de Esgrima, calle Ferraz, 16, 28008 Madrid.

Article 111.

Them licenses issued by them federations of fencing of field autonomic, enabled for the participation referred in the article 110, when these is hallen integrated in the RFEE, is issued within them conditions minimum of character economic according to it approved by the Assembly General, and formal, established in the regulation General, and communicate your expedition to the same.

To them effects earlier, the habilitation is will produce once it Federation of fencing of field autonomic pay to it RFEE the corresponding fee economic in them deadlines set regulations.

The licenses issued by the federations of fencing of field autonomic, footnoted them data corresponding, unless, in the language Spanish official of the State.

These licenses reflect three concepts economic: 1. secure mandatory to which is concerns the article 59.2 of the law of the sport, in them licenses for people physical.

2. fee corresponding to the RFE ° E.

3. fee for the Federation of fencing of area regional.