Resolution Of 17 September 2015, Of The Presidency Of The Superior Council Of Sports, Which Publishes The Modification Of The Statutes Of The Spanish Federation Of Bowling.

Original Language Title: Resolución de 17 de septiembre de 2015, de la Presidencia del Consejo Superior de Deportes, por la que se publica la modificación de los Estatutos de la Federación Española de Bolos.

Read the untranslated law here:

(In exercise of them competencies conferred by the article 10.2. b) of it law 10 / 1990, of 15 of October, of the sport, the Commission directive of the Council top of sports in its session of 30 of June of 2015, has approved definitely the modification of them articles 14, 15, 20 and 23, of them statutes of the Federation Spanish of bowling authorizing their entry in the register of sports associations.

Pursuant to the provisions of article 31.7 of the sports law and article 12.3 of the Royal Decree 1835 / 1991, of 20 December, Spanish sports federations and sports associations register, have the publication of the modification of the statutes of the Spanish Federation of bowling, contained in the annex to the present resolution.

Madrid, 17 September 2015.-the President of the upper Council of sports, Miguel Cardenal Carro.

ANNEX statutes of the Federation Spanish of bowling article 14. Licensing in general.

For participation in any competition sports official, in addition to compliance with the specific requirements required in each case, in accordance with the existing competence framework, will need to be in possession of a regional sports license, which will be issued by the autonomous sports federations that are integrated in the FEB, according to the conditions and requirements to be established by regulation.

The license will produce effects at levels national and regional, from the moment they are entered in the register of the regional Sports Federation.

The autonomous sports federations must notify the FEB inscriptions that practice, as well as amendments to these inscriptions; to these effects will suffice with the remission of the name and surname of the holder, sex, date of birth, number of document National's identity and number of license.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the event of absence of regional Federation, material impossibility, when so determined by the regional Federation itself or the regional Federation is not integrated into the State Federation, found licensing will be assumed by FEB.

The criteria to fix the economic distribution corresponding to the global amount perceived by the autonomous federations for the issuing of licences, mainly assisting each other services between the autonomic and the State Federation and respecting the freedom of every regional Federation to fix and perceive their own different autonomous quota, will be according to the rules set by corresponding sports public administration.

The sharing agreement should be adopted at the General Assembly of the FEB, and must have, the majorities required by the existing legal and regulatory regulations.

In the so-called of that not is got arrive to an agreement for the determination of the amount economic that corresponds to each Federation autonomic and to the FEB, such determination is shall submit to decision of an organ independent, whose President and others members will be designated of form balanced by the Council top of sports and by them representatives of all them communities autonomous.

The development and permanent updating of census of sports licensing, which should be available to all regional federations, which may have their own censuses or records of licenses issued, respecting, in any case, the data protection legislation corresponds to the FEB.

Article 15. Regional area licenses.

When the expedition of licenses is assumed by the FEB of conformity with it exposed in the article previous, may do it directly or through the federations of field autonomic.

The expedition of the licenses is will produce in the term of fifteen days counted starting from the of it application, a time verified the compliance of them requirements established for such expedition in them present statutes or in them regulations of the FEB.

It not expedition unjustified of the licenses in the term designated behave the corresponding responsibility disciplinary, according to it planned in the ordering Legal sports.

Article 20. Rights and duties of the members of the organs of the FEB.

(Are rights of them members belonging to some of them organs of the FEB: to) take part in the deliberations, expressing their opinions in few Affairs are object of treatment or debate in the breast of the organ of which is member.

(b) exercise their right of vote, making record, in your case, the reason particular of the vote issued. Casting the vote by mail is valid in any case.

(c) collaborate in Federal Office tasks or intervene in the function it holds, to cooperate in the management of the body to which they belong.

(d) to know the content of the minutes of the session of the body which are part.

(e) other rights that, if they establish regulations or specifically in these statutes.

They are obligations of the members of the FEB: to) go, when they are formally cited for this, sessions or meetings, except for reasons of force majeure.

(b) perform works that are entrusted to them with diligence and responsibility.

(c) to collaborate effectively in federal management.

(d) keep professional secrecy and not to disclose those deliberations that affect federal activity.

(e) any other that are assigned to it expressly or are envisaged in these statutes or regulations that may apply.

(f) notify the Federation an email address, that score in the corresponding register of members of corporate bodies, which the Federation will send all notification corresponding to make those.

Article 23. Call of the organs. Meetings by means electronic.

(to) of it call of them organs: it call of them organs of it FEB is held by the President by telegram, telex, fax or by mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by mail electronic sent to it address communicated by the Member of the organ collegiate Federative, according to is deems suitable. The call must notify is to them interested, along with the order of the day, at least, with fifteen days of advance to the of the celebration, except in them cases of extraordinary urgency or need, duly justified, in that the call may perform is with a notice minimum of three days.

However, the call of the Board of Directors and federal committees may be carried out directly by its Chairman or by a person delegated by telephone call to the interested party 48 hours in advance.

However, them organs Collegiate of Government and of representation of the FEB will be validly constituted, although not had been fulfilled them requirements of call, when fulfilled it all of their members, and thus it agreed by unanimity.

(b) of the meetings by media electronic: 1. them organs Collegiate of the FEB, with exception of the Assembly General, may constitute is and adopt agreements by means electronic.

2. the President of the Federative collegiate body may agree the celebration of meetings by electronic means, for all ordinary and extraordinary sessions or only for specific sessions. The agreement, which will be notified to all the members of each body, specify: to) the electronic means by which the call will be forwarded.

(b) the electronic means by which the meeting will be held.

(c) the medium electronic by which is may consult the documentation relative to the points of the order of the day and the time during which will be available the information.

(d) the mode of participate in the debates and deliberations and the period of time during which will have place.

(e) the middle of emission of the vote and the period of time during which is you can vote.

(f) the medium of broadcasting of the records of the sessions and the period during which is may consult.

(3. the agreement may establish that the session is celebrate through videoconferencing and the rest of procedures by others media electronic, in whose case is apply them following specialties: to) the call of the organ and the supply of the documentation will have place according to it willing in the paragraph previous.

(b) the meeting will be held via videoconference through any electronic system that permits, in closed environments of communication.

(c) the voting may take place by mere verbal expression of the sense of the vote; the case of secret ballot, must be carried out by electronic systems that ensure the identity of the issuer and the confidentiality of their votes.

(d) the Act will provide by electronic means, and may limit the written expression of the agreements and the file in videoconferencing e-support.

4 prior to the adoption of the agreement referred to in the preceding paragraphs will be technically articulated support and the software application allowing the holding of meetings by electronic means, which will bring together the following characteristics: to) the system will ensure the security, integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of the information, for which purpose will be in service of the members of the body an electronic service of restricted access.

(b) for them access of them members of them bodies collegiate to the headquarters electronic where have place the meeting is used one of them systems of identification electronic that allows use the law 11 / 2007, of 22 of June; When it consist of a certificate that must be incorporated into an electronic device, the Presidency will facilitate such support to the members of the College who lack the same.

(c) the system will organize the information in levels of access when it is necessary.

(d) the system will articulate a medium to incorporate to the minutes of the sessions the constancy of produced communications, as well as the access of the members of the Federative collegiate body to the content of the agreements adopted.