Order Ess/2119/2015, Of 8 October, Establishing A Unique Period For The Subscription Of The Special Agreement On The Social Security System Foreseen In Order Tas/2865/2003 Of 13 October, By Spouses Or Parej...

Original Language Title: Orden ESS/2119/2015, de 8 de octubre, por la que se establece un plazo excepcional para la suscripción del convenio especial en el sistema de la Seguridad Social previsto en la Orden TAS/2865/2003, de 13 de octubre, por parte de los cónyuges o parej...

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.boe.es/buscar/doc.php?id=BOE-A-2015-11075

It law 2 / 2014, of 25 of March, of the action and of the service outside of the State, has in its article 59.1, in relation to the support to them families, that in execution of it political of the Government of conciliation of it life family and labour and in benefit of a best performance of them functions of the service outside, the Government will establish them conditions to them family can accompany to them officials destined to the outside.

In this regard, the aforementioned law, also provides, in its additional provision fifth, concerning the report on the situation of the spouses / partners of the personal officer or labour displaced, that within the period of six months from the entry into force of this law, the Ministry of finance and public administration will prepare a report on the possibility of spouses or partners can in fact of such personal official or labour displaced maintain acquired rights or in course of acquisition in terms of antiquity, Inns and rights passive of the system Spanish of Security Social.

Taking into account that the special agreement on the Social security system is a valid legal Institute for the preservation of such rights in the field of Social Security, in accordance with the order TAS/2865/2003, 13 October, which regulates the special agreement on the Social security system , by which is is, between others, of facilitate the subscription of these conventions special both with regard to the term for request it as as regards them requirements enforceable for subscribe them, by this order, that has precisely as purpose flexible of form extraordinary and by time limited the requirement of the term planned in the article 3.1 of it cited order TAS / 2865 / 2003 13 October, relative to that has not elapsed more than one year since occurred down on the Social security of the applicant, in order to facilitate the signing of the Convention special by spouses or partners of the personal officer or work of the foreign service of the State, in compliance with the provisions on the subject in the mentioned article 59.1 of the Act 2/2014 , March 25, an exceptional period for subscription is established by this group of the corresponding special agreement with the Social Security under the protection of the order TAS/2865/2003 of 13 October, provided that these comply with the requirements and conditions provided for in its chapter I.

In his virtue, the Minister of employment and safety Social in use of them powers that has conferred upon them, with the prior approval of the Minister of Hacienda and administrations public and in accordance with the Council of State, has had to well have: article only. Outstanding time for the subscription of the special agreement with the Social Security.

Spouses or partners of made of the personal officer or work that he joined the foreign service of the State, according to regulated in law 2/2014, of 25 March, the action and the foreign service of the State, who are displaced or moving outside the national territory joining of this personnel assigned abroad and which meet the requirements set out in article 3 of the order TAS/2865/2003 , of 13 of October, by which is regulates the Convention special in the system of it security Social, except for the compliance of the term collected in the paragraph 1 of said precept, may of form exceptional during the term of two months, from the entry in force of this order, request the subscription of the Convention special with it security Social planned in the regulation general of the indicated order TAS / 2865 / 2003 , 13 October.

Sole final provision. Entry in force.

The present order will enter in force the day first of the month following to the of your publication in the «Bulletin official of the State».

Madrid, 8 October 2015.-Minister of employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez García.