Resolution Of 13 October 2015, Of The Presidency Of The State Tax Administration Agency, Which Enabled Customs Enclosure Of The New Port Facility Called "valliniello Spring" Located On The Right Bank...

Original Language Title: Resolución de 13 de octubre de 2015, de la Presidencia de la Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria, por la que se habilita el recinto aduanero de la nueva instalación portuaria denominada "Muelle de Valliniello" localizada en la margen derec...

Read the untranslated law here:

By the Ministry of public works and the port authority of Avilés, a project in order to expand the mentioned port adding to it the new port facility called «Muelle de Valliniello» has developed within the framework of the Plan of use of the space port of the port of Avilés.

The pier is located on the right bank of the estuary of Avilés, with an area of 18 hectares and a length of mooring of 996,5 m, corresponding to the phases of expansion I and II.

It is a space in the public domain in paragraph second order FOM/2361/2006 of 4 July, which approves the Plan for the use of port spaces of the port of Avilés (Area 9).

With the completion of its construction, the Autoridad Portuaria de Avilés has come to request the Department of customs and special taxes of the State tax administration agency enabling as customs enclosure of the new port facility called «Muelle de Valliniello».

The request has been informed in a positive way by the competent services inspection at border and by the Guardia Civil, in its tax shelter status, without prejudice to the limitations on presentation of certain goods pursuant to the sectoral legislation on, among others, health, veterinary or phytosanitary.

Examined the request and taking into account that it does not imply creation of organic unity of any kind, in use of the delegation for the empowerment of customs enclosures conferred by resolution of 24 June 1999 of the Presidency of the State Agency for tax administration, delegation of responsibilities in the Department of customs and Excise, have : First. Enabling the Customs subplace Valliniello Pier.

1 enables the Customs subplace Valliniello dock attached to the administration of customs and Excise of Avilés, dependent on the Regional Unit of customs and Excise of Asturias of the delegation special of the Agency state tax administration of Asturias.

2 may be introduced in the Customs subplace all kinds of goods, subject to the limitations laid down in the sectoral rules of nature, among others, health, veterinary, pharmaceutical, plant, products or material defense, other material and dual-use technology.

Second. Absence of increase in public spending.

The functions required for the exercise of the activity carried out in the customs premises shall be exercised by staff dependent on Regional dependence of customs and Excise of Asturias, therefore the implementation of this resolution will not involve increased spending in the budget of the State tax administration agency.

Third party. Entry into force.

This resolution shall enter into force the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette".

Madrid, 13 October 2015.-the President of the State Agency for tax administration, p. D. (decision of 24 June 1999), the Director of the Department of customs and Excise, Pilar Jurado Borrego.