Order Eco / 558/2002 Of 22 February, Laying Down The Regulatory Bases For The Concession By The National Institute Of Statistics In Statistics Postgraduate Scholarships Are Approved.

Original Language Title: ORDEN ECO/558/2002, de 22 de febrero, por la que se aprueban las bases reguladoras para la concesión por el Instituto Nacional de Estadística de becas de postgrado en Estadística.

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It is appropriate that the INE convened annually by public tender on a competitive basis, scholarships for postgraduates who wish to start in the methods and techniques used in statistical research. To this end, the winners of the scholarships will participate in the tasks of research and training activities established in the various programs that the INE develop annually.

Therefore, this Ministry has been considered desirable to develop an Order establishing general regulatory basis for awarding grants graduate in statistics, in accordance with the arrangements laid down in Articles 81 and 82 of the revised text of the General Law budget and Rules of Procedure for granting aid and subsidies approved by Royal Decree 2225/1993 of 17 December.

By virtue of the report of the State Legal Department, I have:

Article 1. Purpose.

The purpose of the grant scholarships is regulated in this Order is the development and promotion of statistical research through postgraduate training.

Article 2. Requirements for applicants.

May be beneficiaries of grants under this Order those individuals who meet the following conditions:

A) Have the Spanish nationality or nationals of a member country of the European Union, resident in Spain at the time of joining the scholarship, having full capacity to act.

B) Hold a bachelor's degree, engineer or architect, who must have been obtained over the last four years from the publication of the call for scholarships. The titles obtained abroad or in non-state Spanish centers must be validated or recognized, or must justify documentary evidence that is pending the validation and recognition at the time of applying for the grant, being conditional award, in the latter case, to obtaining such recognition or recognition.

C) to date in compliance with all its tax and social security obligations.

Article 3. Calls.

In accordance with Article 4.3 of Royal Decree 2225/1993, of December 17, approving the Regulation of the procedure for granting aid and subsidies approved, the call of the scholarships referred to in this order will start officially by Resolution of the President of INE, published in the "Official Gazette" and shall comply with the provisions of this order, being completed in the following:

A) Indication of the provision establishing the regulatory bases, and the Official Gazette in which it is published.

B) Purpose, conditions and purpose of the granting of the scholarship.

C) Determination that the award is made on a competitive basis by the appropriate competition.

D) Deadline for submission of applications, which shall not be less than fifteen days from the date of publication of the organizing resolution and the resolution of the procedure.

E) requirements, or additional documents and evaluation criteria.

F) Credit budgetary grants and the amount thereof are recognized.

G) Composition of the Commission study and assessment.

H) Form and media communications and notifications, especially those awards shall be made.

I) a statement that the decision granting or refusing to grant scholarships ends the administrative action, and it can stand potestativo administrative appeal pursuant to Articles 116 and 117 of Law 30 with / 1992 of 26 November on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure as amended by Law 4/1999 of 13 January, amending Law 30/1992 or directly modified, resource administrative law within two months from the day following the notification or publication of the decision before the Central courts of, administrative litigation in accordance with Law 29/1998 of 13 July, regulating that jurisdiction day .

Article 4. Commission study and assessment.

Applications and documentation submitted will be studied and assessed by a Commission, which chaired by the President of INE or his delegate shall be appointed by it for each call.

The operation of the Commission shall follow the regime Collegial bodies established in the Law on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.

Will act also as manager of the Commission any actions resulting from the call, development and resolution of incidents that may arise, including the proposed resolution to grant scholarships.

Article 5. Granting scholarships.

The scholarships this Order refers to be granted by administrative decision by the President of INE, in accordance with Article 81.3 of the revised text of the General Budget Act, as amended by Law 31/1991 of 30 December on the General State budget for 1992, subject to budgetary appropriation for this purpose.

The award of grants shall be notified to each of the beneficiaries and the resolution of the call will be published in the "Official Gazette".

Article 6. Obligations of beneficiaries and grant conditions.

1. The enjoyment of the scholarships herein refers to Order is incompatible with any other grant of similar characteristics granted by public or private foreigners, in coincidence with the given organizations, Spanish or.

2. Beneficiaries will participate in the statistical programs established by the National Institute of Statistics, attending meetings and activities to be determined. Within a maximum period of three months from the completion of the scholarship, they must submit a report on foreground and statistical programs or in which they have participated.

3. The grant and enjoyment of scholarships does not involve labor or statutory relationship with the agency trainee.

4. The beneficiary shall be obliged to provide whatever information is requested by the Court of Auditors, the General Comptroller of the State Administration or the National Institute of Statistics itself, about the scholarship.

Article 7. Making payment.

Payment will be made in 18 monthly installments natural for an amount equal to one eighteenth of the total grant each monthly payment, which amount to discounts and deductions as appropriate in accordance with current tax legislation will apply.

Article 8. Measures to ensure the success of the scholarships.

1. Changing the resolution granting the scholarship. Any alteration in the conditions taken into account for the award of the grant, and, in any case, concurrent obtention of other grants, in statistics, granted by other Administrations or entities, public or private, national or international, will lead the amendment of the award decision, the beneficiary must proceed to refund the amounts received.

2. Refund the amount of the grant. The reimbursement of the amounts received will be carried out by the system set out in Article 8 of Regulation of the procedure for granting aid and subsidies, approved by Royal Decree 2225/1993 of 17 December.

reimbursement of the amounts received in grants or state aid and therefore the resolution of the grant and interest requirement of delay from the time of payment of the grant, in the amount specified in Article 36 of the revised text of the General Budget Law, when any of the circumstances specified in paragraph 9 of Article 81 of the Act.

3. Incorporation of alternates. The Assessment Committee will raise with the proposal to award a supplementary list of alternates, in order of priority, for the case to resignations or revocations between the winners of the scholarships, in the first six months of training took place.

Article 9. Liability and sanctions.

The beneficiaries of the grants provided in this Order are subject to the regime of administrative offenses and penalties laid down in Article 82 of the revised text of the General Budget Act, as amended by Law 31/1990, of 27 December of State Budget for 1992.

First final provision. Powers of development.

It empowers the President of INE issued many resolutions it considers necessary in the development and implementation of this Order.

Second final provision
Extra Rules.

For those not contemplated in this Order shall apply, additionally, the provisions of Articles 81 and 82 of the General Budget Law and Royal Decree 2225/1993 of 17 December.

Final disposition third. Entry into force.

This Order shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the "Official Gazette" day.

Madrid, 22 February 2002.

De Rato

Ilma. Mrs. President of the National Institute of Statistics.