Act No. 2014-24 July 1, 2014

Original Language Title: Loi n° 2014-24 du 1er juillet 2014

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Act Act No. 2014-24 July 1, 2014 Act No. 2014-24 July 1, 2014 repealing and replacing certain provisions of Act No. 83-03 of 28 January 1983 on special status of the staff of the sales presentation of reasons since independence, total Service ceased to assert itself as the unit administrative, which is essential to the security of Government communications internal and external.

However, ever-increasing means and development benefits of cryptography as well as the need to ensure optimal national information systems security require that efforts to equip the national figure of solid scientific foundations, should be strengthened and technical administrative structures put in place consolidated.

also, the increase in the level of recruitment and training of the sales staff is t - it essential.

In these circumstances, it appears necessary to amend certain provisions of Act No. 83-03 of 28 January 1983 on the special status of the figure, including those concerning the methods of recruitment and training of cryptologists, engineers from the work of the figure and the encryption.

In addition, it is important to remember that under the terms of article 4 of this Act, officials of the figure shall remain subject to the obligation of permanent and definitive professional discretion.

For this purpose they lend oath of well and faithfully perform their duties and do not reveal, even after leaving service, the secrets of which they had knowledge in the exercise or on the occasion of their office. Therefore, it would be necessary to allocate them a special monthly allowance of professional discretion permanent and definitive whose amount shall be fixed by Decree.

The proposed amendments concerning nine (09) of fifty-eight (58) articles of the aforementioned law: 1 °) raising the level of training of cryptologists (hierarchy A1) whose recruitment will be done on titles (PhD of Science Mathematics, physics or computer science) and by direct competition (Master in mathematics, physics or computer science);

2 °) alternatives to the corps of engineers of the work of the figure (hierarchy B1), a corps of engineers of the figure (hierarchy A3). They will be recruited from among the candidates with a Licence of science mathematical, physical or computer and will follow a training of thirteen (13) months of a higher level;
3 °) substitution to the body of the encryption (hierarchy B4), a body of encryptors (hierarchy B3). He will be recruited from among candidates holding the baccalauréat and followed a formation of thirteen (13) months of a level higher.

4 °) extension, in the interest of the Service of the figure, the commissioning currently limited to the body of the encryption, to those of cryptologists and engineers from the figure to give agents commissioned a possibility of integration in these bodies by professional competition;

5 °) revision of article 14 of Act No. 83-03 of January 28, 1983, in order to take account of professional discretion permanent and final premium.

Such is the economy of the present Bill.

The National Assembly adopted in its session of Friday, June 20, 2014;
The President of the Republic enacts the law whose content follows: Article 1. -Articles 2, 3, 14, 46, 48, 50, 51, 53 and 55 of the Act No. 83 - 03 of 28 January 1983 are repealed and replaced by the following: 'Article 2. -The sales staff are grouped into a single framework consisting of three bodies:-the body of cryptologists.
-the corps of engineers of the figure;
-the body of the encryption.

Three defined body, the hierarchy to which each of them is attached, the modalities for their recruitment and their classification scale, are determined in accordance with the table next: Appellation of the hierarchy recruitment class body scale cryptologists A1 patent of studies cryptological above of the central Service of the Senegalese figures 2020-3837 engineers figure A3 graduate certificate cryptographic of the central Service of the Senegalese figures 1715-3317 encryptor B3 certificate cryptographic central Senegalese figures 1298-2467 'Article 3 services -The President of the Republic appoints the grades or jobs of the bodies of cryptologists and sales engineers. It may delegate the power of appointment to grades or jobs in the body of the encryption.

'Article 14. -Sales officials right after service is, to remuneration comprising:-the treatment;
-the residence allowance;
-supplements for dependants;
-allowances and premiums intended to offset the General constraints inherent in the figure the rates and conditions set by Decree.

The compensation plan is defined by Decree. The treatment is set by reference to the value of the basis of the scale of public salaries index.

'Article 48. -Can be commissioned in one body of the frame of the figure, non-civil servants of the State that have the number at least two (2) years of actual service and which are suitable for a job in sales.

However, the number of officers commissioned in each of these bodies cannot exceed 20% of the membership of each body.

"article 50. -Officers commissioned in one body of the framework of sales are subject to the provisions of articles 4 to 10, 19 (paragraphs 1 and 2), 52 and 54 of the Act No. 83-03 28 January 1983 and the decrees implementing them.

'Article 51. -Agents commissioned in one body of the framework of sales keep the remuneration attached to their rank or their original job.

However, they receive a monthly lump sum allowance for constraints inherent in the figure, the rate is fixed by Decree.

"Article 53. -By way of derogation from the provisions of articles 11 (3 °) and 13, commissioned officers may, for the duration of their commissioning, to attend professional competitions for recruitment giving access to the body in which they are commissioned. They are not allowed to attend these contests more than three times.

'Article 55. -Candidates to direct competition, organized professional, prior to the date of entry into force of this Act, in accordance with law No. 83-03 28 January 1983 and during schooling, are named in body provided for in article 2 of this Act in a manner which shall be determined by Decree".

S. 2. - for the initial of the body constitution of framework of figure notwithstanding possible to normal recruitment, officials of the bodies of cryptologists, engineers work in sales or encryptors previously governed by Act No. 83 - 03 January 28, 1983, respectively and are to count from the date of appointment of the first issue of training corresponding promotion whose requirements are laid down by the provisions of this Act and their implementing decree, reclassified in the new body of cryptologists, engineers of the figure or the encryption under the conditions determined by Decree.

S. 3 - decrees will establish detailed rules for the application of this Act.

This Act will be enforced as law of the State.

Made in Dakar, July 1, 2014 Macky SALL.
The President of the Republic: Prime Minister Aminata TOURE