Constitutional Law 22 July 2011 1 - Flag And Official Emblem Of The Republic Of San Marino. Integration With Law 59 Of July 8, 1974

Original Language Title: Legge Costituzionale 22 luglio 2011 n.1 - Bandiera e stemma ufficiale della Repubblica di San Marino. Integrazione alla Legge 8 luglio 1974 n.59

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Constitutional law


We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino

In view of article 4 of the Constitutional Law no.185 / 2005 and Article 6 of Qualified Law
Promulgate and publish the following Constitutional Law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting on 20 July 2011 with 45 votes in favor, 2 against and 1 abstention

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 22 July 2011 Ranked # 1

INTEGRATION LAW July 8, 1974 # 59

Art. 1
July 8, 1974 to the Law n. 59 is added to the following article:

"Art. 2a
(flag and coat of arms)

The flag of the Republic of San Marino is made up of two camps, divided horizontally,
upper white, lower blue, at the center of the figure the official emblem.
The official emblem of the Republic is topped with closed crown, symbol of sovereignty.
The shield has a blue field, the three mountains of green, the silver towers, with windows, battlements and distinct in black
, pricked of silver ostrich feathers. The shield is decorated with two green branches and decussati
under the point of the shield, one of laurel, the other oak, golden fruit. Of silver ribbon the motto
LIBERTAS in black capital characters. ".

Art. 2

The flag of the Republic of San Marino is defined by the graphic pattern forming
the "A" attached to this law.

Art.3 (Official Crest)

The official coat of arms of San Marino Republic is defined by the graph model
form the "B" attached to this law.

Art. 4

The use of the official emblem is governed by ordinary law.
The use of the flag is left in regulation delegated decree.

Art. 5
(Entry into force)

This Law shall enter into force on the fifteenth day following that of its legal publication

Our Residence, 22 July 2011/1710 dFR

Maria Luisa Berti - Filippo Tamagnini


Annex A - Official Flag of the Republic of San Marino


Name Pantone Coated Uncoated Pantone CMYK Pantone TPX
Celeste 2915 C 2915 U-55/10/5 / 0 15-4323 TPX
white flag white Card white Card white fabric 0/0/0/0
official colors 1/2 L

the proportions of the flag
3: 4
Size of the emblem on the flag
The base of the 3/2 position of the emblem on the flag

crest horizontally: the coat of arms is centered on the base of the flag
vertical: the intersection of the arms of the cross on the crown is at 1/2 L from the top edge


3/2 5/4 3/2 5/4 L L
the official flag may take the ratio of 2: 3 for international usage and / or when specifically provided.
In 2: 3 proportion crest will occupy the middle third of the base and the straight line passing through the intersection of the cross on the crown
arms will be 1/6 of the height from the top edge.
Annex B - Crest offi cial of the Republic of San Marino

Pantone Colors offi cial name Coated Uncoated Pantone CMYK Pantone TPX
Sun yellow 7406 C 7404 U 5/25/100/0 14-0852 TPX
golden yellow 124 C 7405 U 5/35/100/10 15-1050 TPX
branches Brown 7559 C 7558 U 15/35/70/30 18-0939 TPX
light Green 576 C 577 U 47/10/70/0 17-0336 TPX
leaf green 7742 C 363 U 65/25/80/13 18-0135 TPX
Green shadow Cool gray 4 C + C 7742 Cool gray 3 U + 363 U 65/25/80/50 14-4103 18-0135 TPX TPX +
or 350 C or 350 U or 19-6311 TPX
Blue sky C 291 291 U 47/8/7/0 14-4318 TPX
Cool Blue shadow gray 4 C + 291 C Cool gray 3 U +291 U 70/30/20/20 14-4103 14-4318 TPX TPX +
or 7698, or 7698 U or C 18-4217 TPX
Grey shadow Cool gray Cool gray 4 C 3 U 0/0/0/30 14-4103 TPX
Black Black Black C U 0/0/0/100 Black TPX

proportions of coat of arms base 10 ux height 12 u

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