Decree Law 27 April 2012 Ranked # 45 - Figures For The Enhancement Of Activities

Original Language Title: Decreto Legge 27 Aprile 2012 N.45 - Figure Per Il Potenziamento Delle Attivit

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Decree Law REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO DECREE - LAW 27 April 2012 45 We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino Having seen the need and urgency referred to in Article 2, paragraph 2, point b) of the Constitutional Law of December 15, 2005 183 and Article 12 of the Qualified Law 184 of December 15, 2005 and more specifically the need: - to strengthen the control activities and the judicial police on the economic and financial sector; - To make up for a lack of personnel dedicated to this area specific recruiting figures that complement the professional resources already dedicated and acts as a reservoir from which to draw for the common needs of different services in order to encourage the development of resources system with a roaming profile, specific features, tasks also of the Judicial Police, and the duty of special education outside the territory; and the urgent need to recruit these figures and also to adapt to international standards and fulfillment, on schedule, of the commitments made to the international organizations; Given the decision of the Congress of State 7 adopted at its meeting on 17 April 2012; Having regard to Article 5, paragraph 2, of the Constitutional Law no. 185/2005 and Article 9 and Article 10, paragraph 2, of the Qualified Law n.186 / 2005; We promulgate and publish the following Decree-Law: FIGURES FOR THE ENHANCEMENT OF ACTIVITY 'CONTROL IN AREA ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL Art. 1 In order to support and strengthen urgently the performance of control and supervisory functions in the economic and financial system as well as the Judicial police activities, pending the establishment of the decree on Profiles Role and up to the personnel requirements definition and the reorganization of the police corps, is willing to recruit n. 8 figures having the characteristics described in this decree. The professionals of this decree are, temporarily and until the realization of the conditions laid down therein, a pool of human resources to draw upon for the common needs of different services such as the Audit Office and supervision of economic activities, the ' Central Liaison office, the Anti-Fraud Unit and to give support to the Police Corps of the Judicial Police in the activities, and possibly to other organizational unit and 2 function which may be identified by resolution of the Congress of State is absolutely necessary. These figures are intended to complement the skills already present and, subordinate to the appropriate supervisor or manager, they are in charge of prevention, investigation and control over economic and financial activities assigned by law to the relevant OU / services. By resolution of the State Congress which will be issued the notice of selection will be given temporary assignments to the unit above. Art. 2 In carrying out the activities referred to in this decree the professionals perform technical and administrative activities of economic transactions, and finance in order to prevent crimes and conduct of investigations for the identification and suppression of illicit nature criminal, administrative, tax, customs or currency, or otherwise arising from the violation of laws or regulations; They have responsibility and autonomy within the framework of the directives received from his immediate superior or manager; perform functions of public official and judicial police as part of the functions delegated to the OU / assignment service. Art. 3 The figures referred to in this decree shall be recruited through the issuance of the public notice of selection aimed: 1) to n. 6 units to whoever is in possession of Master LM-16/19-S Finance or LM-56/64-S Economy Sciences or LM 77/84-S Sciences of business economics LM-83/91-S Sciences Actuarial and financial statistics or LM 31/34 S Engineering management or LMG / 01 Law or equivalent degree qualifications old system pursuant to Law n. 161/2011 and has a good knowledge of Microsoft Office package; 2) for n. 2 units to those who are in possession of three-year degree L-26 / L -31 degree in technology and computer science and work experience in the computer industry at least 2 years; or diploma in technical computing technology sector institution address and telecommunications and work experience in the computer industry at least three years. The following requirements are also required: a) be a citizen of the Republic, or residing in the territory of San Marino and citizens of a country with which there are agreements that provide for the condition of reciprocity in similar cases and in the presence of the requirements arising under the conventions;
b) have no older than 45 years at the date of this Order; c) have the enjoyment of civil and political rights; d) be physically fit for this; e) not have criminal convictions for premeditated crimes involving restriction of personal liberty for more than one year or for the same space of time disqualification from public office, to be demonstrated through the presentation of the General Penal Certificate and Certificate Pendants of loads; f) in the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the notice not being a member or not to have had the powers of representation referred to in Article 52 of Law 23 February 2006 n. 47 in at least two of San Marino companies going into liquidation office or by the court or in a company revoked by the State Congress. Membership or having powers of representation referred to in Article 52 of Law 23 February 2006 n. 47 must be settled at the liquidation of the company or the revocation of the license by the State Congress; g) not been disqualified from a job with the Public Administration for one of the causes specified in Article 80, first paragraph, of the Law 22 December 1972 n. 41; h) not to have suffered disciplinary sanctions above admonition, in accordance with the school's disciplinary policies; 3 i) not be a member of the Great and General Council and have leadership positions in political parties or trade unions and professional associations and employers in accordance with applicable standards; j) have no positions in corporate bodies or control of companies operating in the fields supervised in accordance with Law 95/2008, as amended and the Law 165/2005, as amended; k) not be a partner in the San Marino law society; l) good knowledge of English; m) willingness to make trips and to attend training courses abroad. Art. 4 Relevant commission appointed by the State Congress will have the task to examine and rule on the admissibility of applications and to carry out the assessment in accordance with the provisions of the appropriate contract. Art. 5 In the temporary presence of persons referred to under number 1) of the first paragraph of Article 3 are included in the qualification of "Expert - 8 liv", the figures indicated the number 2) of the first paragraph of Article 3 are included in qualifying of "technical collaborator - 7 liv". Following the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 1, these figures will be specially regulated. The assignments will be awarded a fixed-term, subject to the passing of the trial period, and therefore will have a temporary nature, as well as assignments, pending the decisions referred to in Article 1, in line with the general provisions on the extension of assignments in the Broader Public sector, and until the coating indefinitely as required by current rules on competitions and selection and the Law no.188 / 2011. The appointment following the passing of the trial period entails the cancellation of previous assignments and substitutions in the wider public sector. The final list of suitable candidates will remain effective for one year from the acknowledgment of the State Congress, and the same can be use for any cases of absolute necessity. Given at Our Residence, this day of 27 April 2012/1711 THE CAPTAINS REGENT Maurizio Rattini - Italo Righi THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS Valeria Ciavatta