Decree - Law 30 June 2015 Ranked # 97 - Urgent Interventions Job In Matter, Social And Shock Treatment Social Security Policy

Original Language Title: Decreto - Legge 30 Giugno 2015 N.97 - Interventi Urgenti In Materia Di Lavoro, Ammortizzatori Sociali E Di Trattamento Previdenziale Anticipato

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Microsoft Word - DL097-2015.doc REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO DECREE - LAW 30 June 2015 97 We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino Having seen the need and urgency referred to in Article 2, paragraph 2, point b) Constitutional Law 15 December 2005 n. 183 and Article 12 of the Qualified Law 15 December 2005 n. 184, namely: - Given the extraordinary need to respond appropriately to the difficult economic situation, and in particular the persistence of the severe employment crisis and the steady increase in the recourse to lay-off as well as the activation of collective redundancy procedures and consequent admission to the mobility status of an increasingly large number of workers; - Having regard to the need and urgency to extend the time for the impending expiry in the Decree - Law 118 of July 24, 2014 "Urgent Measures in the area of ​​social safety nets and temporary retirement benefits", in order to protect the unemployed over fifty with great difficulty re-entering the labor market, allowing you to take advantage of a longer period of time for access to early retirement benefits, introducing additional means of protection, extending the conditions for access to the company of solidarity, everything up the revision of the social welfare system; Given the decision of the 39 State Congress adopted in the sitting of 23 June 2015; Having regard to Article 5, paragraph 2, of the Constitutional Law no. 185/2005 and Article 9 and Article 10, paragraph 2, of the Qualified Law n.186 / 2005; Promulgate and publish the following decree-law: URGENT IN THE MATTER OF WORK, WELFARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY TREATMENT EARLY Art. 1 (Unemployment benefits: extraordinary provisions) 1. The provisions concerning the release of extraordinary Unemployment Allowance , referred to in Article 1 of Decree - Law 24 July 2014 n. 118, are extended until 30 June 2016 for those who are in possession of the requirements for access to early retirement benefits, referred to in Article 2 of the decree - law. 2. The deadline for submitting the application for access to the allowance shall be 30 June 2016. This deadline does not apply to those who have reached 55 years of age at the date of the Special Economic Allowance (IES) resulting from agreements mobility, provided signed by 30 June 2016. 3. Since income determined in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 6 of the Decree - Law no. 118/2014 liabilities are not deductible under Article 14, paragraph 1, letter a) of Law 16 December 2013 n. 166 (Smac Card). Art. 2 (Question of early retirement benefits and early retirement ordinary) 1. The deadline for filing an application for access to early retirement benefits and early retirement routine, referred to in Articles 2 and 3 of Decree - Law 118 / 2014 shall be 30 June 2016. Art. 3 (socially useful activities) 1. Pursuant to the provisions of Article 2 of Delegated Decree 29 December 2010 n. 200 "socially useful activity", workers enrolled in the lists at Work Starting perceiving the Special Economic Benefits or Unemployment benefits may be employed in socially useful activities, possibly in addition to those provided for in the said Article 2, in the fields utilities public Administration and of the broader public sector, identified by the Directorate General of public Service, based on information received from the Directors of the Offices of public Administration and of the bodies of the public sector. Art. 4 (corporate solidarity agreements) 1. Companies that have already used in accordance with Article 8 of Decree-Law no. 118/2014 the company agreement of solidarity as of June 30, 2015, the achievement of 12 months, may re-sign the agreement for a further six months. 2. In favor of enterprises which employ a number of workers more than 100, to safeguard employment levels, it has allowed the company the signing of solidarity, lasting no longer than 24 months, notwithstanding Article 8, paragraph 8 of Decree - Law no. 118/2014. Art. 5 (Provisions on social welfare) 1. Workers who are to be members of society with whom they have an employment relationship with an interest equal to or less than 1%, are entitled to all the provisions of Law March 31, 2010 n. 73, as amended. Art. 6 (nominative Communication) 1. The registered communication for recruitment of workers registered with the Lists of Goodwill
Labour, under Article 3 of the Decree - Law 5 October 2011 n. 156, shall be suspended until 30 June 2016 when the Labour Office finds that there are workers enrolled in possession of the same professional features requests at or over the age of 50, in which case the said workers have priority in 'start to work at the company that intends to carry intake. Given at Our Residence, this day of 30 June 2015/1714 THE CAPTAINS REGENT Andrea Belluzzi - Roberto Venturini THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS Gian Carlo Venturini

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