Qualified Law Ranked # 1 March 17, 2016 - Amendments To The Law On January 31, 1996 No. 6 (Electoral Act) As Amended And At The Qualified Law 29 May 2013 No. 1 (Del Referendum And People's Legislative Information On This Course)

Original Language Title: Legge Qualificata 17 Marzo 2016 N.1 - Modifiche Alla Legge 31 Gennaio 1996 N.6 (Legge Elettorale) E Successive Modifiche Ed Alla Legge Qualificata 29 Maggio 2013 N.1 (Del Referendum E Dell'iniziativa Legislativa Popolare)

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Microsoft Word - LQ001-2016.doc SAN MARINO We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino Having regard to Article 4 of the Constitutional Law no.185 / 2005 and Article 6 of Qualified Law n.186 / 2005; Promulgate and publish the following Qualified Law approved by the Great and General Council at its meeting on 17 March 2016 with 42 votes in favor, 2 against and 1 astenut0: LAW QUALIFIED Ranked # 1 March 17, 2016 AMENDMENTS TO THE LAW 31 January 1996 Ranked # 6 (ELECTORAL LAW) AS AMENDED AND tHE LAW QUALIFIED May 29 2013 Ranked # 1 (oF POPULAR LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE AND rEFERENDUM) CHAPTER I AMENDMENTS TO tHE LAW Ranked # 6/1996, AS AMENDED Art. 1 (Amendments to Article 22 of the 6/1996 Act, as amended) 1. Article 22, paragraph 3, of law no. 6/1996 as amended shall read: "3. Voters patients in the Hospital of the State or hosted in the rest home or other public or private structures, affiliated with the Institute of Social Security, designed to house the elderly in stable coexistence, are allowed to vote in the special polling station set up at the ' state hospital. ". Art. 2 (Amendments to Article 6 of 23/1996 Act, as amended) 1. Article 23 of Law no. 6/1996 as amended shall read: "Art. 23 (polling station presidents and tellers) 1. The voters registered to vote, with a degree or high school diploma, wishing to hold the office of president of the electoral committee or scrutineer function are required to notify their readiness Office State election. Such availability is revocable. 2. The Electoral Commission is raffling off the polling station presidents and the tellers among those who have notified their willingness to serve the above functions by 31 December of the previous elections. 3. The polling station presidents are drawn from those who have already acted as scrutineer functions or president. 4. Excluded from the functions of president of the polling station and scrutinizing: - the members of the State Congress; - The outgoing members of the Great and General Council; - Candidates in elections taking place; - The members of the Electoral Commission: - Magistrates and Clerks of the Court; - Castle of the Captains and the members of the Board; - The delegate actual list and the alternate delegate referred to in Article 14, paragraph 4. list 5. For each complaint against the formation of the list of Presidents and the scrutineers shall apply the procedures provided for in Article 7. 6. In the transactions of the draw referred to in paragraph 8, the sixtieth day prior to the date set for the elections Civil Status Office, Demographic and Electoral Services send the Office of Labor lists of Presidents and the scrutineers as are formed under of paragraphs 1 and 2. the Office of Labour within ten days of receipt of the lists must participate Office Civil Status, Demographic Services and Electoral the names of presidents and the scrutineers who are enrolled in job placement lists and which are not continuously occupied for at least one hundred and eighty days prior to the date of transmission of the lists. 7. On the basis of the Labour Office's communications, the Office of Civil Status, Demographic and Electoral Services draws up a list of Presidents and one of the tellers for which it has been established entry in the start lists for work pursuant to subsection 6, which have priorities about the draw referred to in paragraph 8. 8. the Electoral Commission by the twentieth day prior to the election, proceed by drawing lots: a) the appointment of returning officers, even arranging for substitutions be prevented; b) the appointment of two tellers for each polling station, even arranging for replacements be prevented. 9. The appointment as president of the polling and nomination as scrutineer must be notified to the parties concerned, by means of Court Bailiffs of the Court, at least seventy-two hours from the end of the session of the Electoral Commission. 10. voter expected to perform the duties of president of the polling and voter called to act as scrutineer functions which fail without good reason, the Electoral Commission shall be fined 250.00 euros. ". Art. 3 (Amendments to Article 6 of 33/1996 Act, as amended) 1. Article 33, paragraph 5, of the 6/1996 Act, as amended is hereby amended as follows: "5. If none of the members of Chambers Electoral Office is able to verify the voter's identity, these can present two other voters, enrolled in one of the polling stations
belonging to the same castle and known to the Office, which attest to the identity, by affixing their signature in the identification column. In this case, the President must warn voters that if the false claim, are liable to the penalties provided by the Criminal Code. For voters registered in the electoral sections of the Customs recognition can take place at the hands of two other voters enrolled in one of its headings. ". CHAPTER II AMENDMENTS TO THE LAW QUALIFIED Ranked # 1/2013 Art. 4 (Amendments to Article 8 of the Qualified Law no.1 / 2013) 1. Article 8, paragraph 3 of Qualified Law no. 1/2013 is amended as follows: "3. Contrary Committee may constitute the date of publication of the application or of the referendum request referred to in Article 7 and not later than thirty days prior to the date of the referendum. ". Art. 5 (Amendments to Article 16 of the Qualified Law no.1 / 2013) 1. Article 16, paragraph 3, of the Qualified Law no. 1/2013 is amended as follows: "3. The polling stations are made according to specifications required by current election law, with the exception of the provisions governing the electoral office intersectional, whose constitution is not provided for referendums. You retain the right to attend all the operations of the polling station as well as representatives of political parties referred to in Article 15 also for the representatives of the organizing committee of the referendum itself and the contrast Committee. ". CHAPTER III FINAL PROVISIONS Art. 6 (Repeals and Entry into force) 1. The following are repealed all rules contrary to this qualified law. 2. This qualified law comes into force on the fifth day following that of its legal publication. Our Residence, this day of 17 March 2016/1715 THE CAPTAINS REGENT Lorella Stefanelli - Nicola Renzi THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS Gian Carlo Venturini

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