Approve The Articles Of Association Of The Red Cross Of San Marino, Tune At The Same Legal Personality And Establishes The Emblem Protection Of The Name Of The Badges Of Red Cross

Original Language Title: Approva Lo Statuto Della Associazione Della Croce Rossa Sammarinese , Accorda Alla Stessa La Personalita Giuridica E Stabilisce La Protezione Dell'emblema, Del Nome E Dei Distintivi Della Croce Rossa

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No. 57. Law approving the statutes of the "Association of the Red Cross of San Marino", granting the same legal personality and establishes the protection of the emblem, the name of the distinctive Red Cross. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council at its meeting delli November 29, 1949: Art. 1. And 'granted to all legal purposes, the legal personality to the "Association of red Cross Sammarinese "constituted in accordance with Annex statute that is approved the Association is the only body that has the right to take the aforementioned qualification and to use as an emblem of the red cross on a white background. Art. 2. The Association of the Red Cross of San Marino shall be entitled to assume as a member of the International Society of the Red Cross and The ga International Red Cross, both based in Geneva. Art. 3. The Association of art. 1 may, in accordance with its Statute, to confer medals, insignia, diplomas of merit and propaganda. Art. 4. Anyone who, without authorization of the Government, uses as its emblem the Red Cross on a white ground, or makes use of the designation "Red Cross" or "Geneva Cross" shall be punished with imprisonment up to six months or a fine of L. 3,000 to L. 20,000. The same punishment anyone who forges or alters the emblem and the name of remember or endeavor in such a manner as to cause confusion or deception. Such penalties shall be increased by one degree if the emblem or the designation of the above are used as a trade mark or part of a trademark or trade name or mark or applied in any way for profit. Art. 5. The products marketed by the sign of the Red Cross, unauthorized counterfeit, they will be confiscated. Given at Our Residence, this day of 1 December 1949 (1649 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Vincenzo Pedini - Augustine Biordi THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS G. Forcellini ANNEX. STATUTE OF THE RED CROSS SAMMARINESE CHAPTER I. General and purposes. Art. 1. - The Red Cross is a Sammarinese Associazi it independently. It has its headquarters in San Marino (City) and has the right personality. The association adheres to the principles of all the International Conve tions related to the Red Cross and make adherence to the International League of Red Cross and the International Red Cross Society both based in Geneva. It will work cn domestic and foreign official institutions having similar functions. The Red Cross of San Marino is officially recognized by the Government of San Marino as the only National Red Cross Association in the whole territory of the Republic. Art. 2. - The duration of the Association is unlimited. Art. 3. - The emblem of the Association is the Red Cross on a white field in accordance with art. 18 of the Geneva International Convention of 27 July 1929. The emblem, flag and armband of the Red Cross, as signs of neutrality, can not be used without special permission. The emblem of the association is imprinted on the social flag, of all acts of the Association, on the health service material on the cuff of the staff and on the coats of arms, in accordance with a unique pattern established by the President. Art. 4. - "The Red Cross San Marino", although the public R is a state unarmed and neutral, has the aim of collaborating in the event of acts of war, with health care services or assistance of the national armed forces. In peacetime it shall direct its activities to the benefit of public health: will help the competent authorities in the event of disaster or general disasters in San Marino and abroad: we will study to develop the spirit of understanding and cooperation among men , women and youth 'of the world. Art. 5. - The Red Cross of San Marino will take all foreign policy trends and admit among its members, regardless of sex, race and religion, the San Marino as foreign and will benefit from the one and the other of its activities humanitarian. CHAPTER II. The members of the Association. Art. 6. - The Red Cross of San Marino is set at or under the patronage of the Captains Regent pro tempore. It includes honorary members, deserving, perpetually and temporarily. Art. 7 - Honorary members can be appointed - on a proposal of the Executive Board or by resolution of the shareholders - the people who have rendered distinguished services to the Association or who, by their presence, they can honor the Association itself. Are recognized as worthy members are those who pay, for such inclusion, not a smaller share of fifty thousand lire. Are recognized as perpetual members Individuals who are, for this purpose, no less a share of five thousand lire.
Are recorded as temporary members are those who, to that end, they pay a share of two hundred lire a year. And 'it admitted the transition from the third or the second category to a higher category, after integration of its stake. The names of deceased persons, on request of the family or third parties who want to honor them, may be included as partners worthy or perpetual "in memoriam" by paying the fee. Art. 8. - Every corporate body, public or private, can, under the same conditions indicated in the previous article, to be registered as an honorary member or perpetual. For the registration in the temporary shareholder annual fee of four hundred lire. Art. 9. - The quality of member is lost by resignation or expulsion, which will take place when the member, after formal warning to rewritten, has failed to make payments due, or if he has been convicted of infamous crime. CHAPTER III. Organization. Art. 10. - The Red Cross Sammarinese includes: a) the central organization; b) sections. Art. 11. - The central organization, in turn, includes: The Shareholders' Meeting; The direction; The Secretary General; The cashier; The Control Office. Shareholders' Meeting. Art. 12. - The General Assembly is the highest organ of the Red Cross of San Marino. ordinary An Assembly will take place at the end of the month of February each year, in City at the invitation of the Directorate. The Extraordinary General Meeting instead is fixed by the Management when it deems it necessary in the interest of the Association or when requested by one-fifth of the shareholders must state the subject to be discussed by the Assembly. Art. 13. - The shareholders' meeting is chaired by the President of the Red Cross, or be prevented from attending, by the Vice Chairman or other member of management. The minutes will be drawn up by the Secretary General. Art. 14. - The Shareholders' Meeting has the following tasks: 1) Approve the annual report of the Executive Board on the activities and situation of the Red Cross of San Marino; 2) Sanctioned the financial statements verified by control; 3) Approve the annual budget; 4) elects the President or the Vice President or the Executive Board; 5) It elects the members of the Commission of the annual accounts; 6) Resolution on: a) the revision of the statutes; b) the issuance and use of the loans; c) the proposals of the Executive Board; d) proposals of members. For the ordinary meeting tl proposals must be put back in writing to the Directorate no later than the end of January; e) members of radiation; 7) Appointment of honorary members. Art. 15. - E 'in the Assembly may, on a proposal from the Management, to give the Medal of the Red Cross to people who have done extraordinary financial or moral sacrifice on behalf of the Red Cross. Art. 16. - In case of a vote in the Assembly and election of members will decide the absolute majority. Voting shall be raised in the paper. The appointments will take place in open or secret ballot. The Directorate shall submit to the Assembly proposals for lessons. The Assembly can change them at will. Art. 17. - The convocation for the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting will be communicated by circular least fifteen days before together on the agenda. Direction. Art. 18. - The Directorate supervises and carries out the activities of the Red Cross of San Marino. It officially represents the Association of relationships inside and ministries. Art. 19. - The Executive Board comprises: the President, the Vice President, the five members to be elected by the shareholders. All appointments have a term of four years and are made taken into account the different locations of the country. Art. 20. - They are part of the Management. - Two representatives of the Government; - A doctor, a teacher, a pharmacist by the delegates; - One delegate from each local section. Art. 21. - The sessions of the Executive Board are directed by the President who, if he is prevented, it is compensated by the Deputy Chairman or other member of management. The minutes shall be prepared by the Secretary General. The President will give the vote only in the event of a tie. The Secretary attends sedut without voting rights. General secretary. Art. 22. - The Secretary General is elected by the Management. It is the permanent office of the Red Cross of San Marino. Art. 23. - The Secretary General has the following tasks: a) the administration of the affairs of the Secretariat, the Shareholders' Meeting, the Management, as well as the preparation of the annual report, the administration and archive material; b) the management and administration of any publications of the Red Cross of San Marino; c) the correspondence, the administration of materials, payment orders; d) control over the staff;
e) the installation of plant for collection and r soconto of the collections and the gifts of the Red Cross. Cashier. Art. 24. - The accounting department is directed by the Treasurer elected from among the members of the management. The annual accounts will be closed on December 31 and will be completed in time to allow the Audit Commission to verify them by January. Cashier will form, along with the management, even the budget. Audit Commission. Art. 25. - Within the month of January will take place the verification of the previous year's accounts. This verification will be done by two committees that work independently. One is made up of two experts appointed by the Management. The second of two persons designated by the shareholders. The two Commissions lose out written report to the management. local branches. Art. 26. - will be organized in local sections City, Borgo and Serravalle. To the City Section are registered members who have their residence in the Parishes Parish, Fiorentino, and Chiesanuova Montegiardino. The Borgo section: Members residing in the village parishes, St. John Acquaviva, Faetano. Section of Serravalle: shareholders residing in the parishes of Serravalle, Falciano, Domagnano. Within the month of December of each year will be held the shareholders' meeting of each section and it meeting shall appoint the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Secretary of the section itself. The art. 13, 16, 17 shall apply to meetings of local sections lle. The assembly of the sections has only the right to p oposte the General Assembly and can not make decisions that financially oblige the Red Cross of San Marino. Art. 27. - The members of the local sections may delegate, in writing, another member of the same section to represent the General Assembly of shareholders. CHAPTER IV. Finance Art. 28. - For the responsibilities of the Red Cross responds Sammarinese only the Association's assets. Art. 29. - The means of the Red Cross of San Marino are made: A) the assets consists of: real estate, donations, bonds, materials. The manner of use of the assets and the guidelines for the administration of it decides on the proposal of the Management Cashier; B) revenue made up: of the members' shares, the sales income of printed etc., Of the assets income, subsidies, donations and legacies, income from collections, organizations etc. in favor of the Red Cross Samm rinese. The Board decides on the outputs. CHAPTER V. Dissolution. Art. 30. - The Red Cross of San Marino may not be ciolta that by a decision of the Assembly of shareholders or agree with the government. The decision may be taken only by four-fifths of the members present and eligible to vote. In this case it will be up to the Government to establish the conditions under which archives, heritage and the material should be kept at the disposal of other organizations to create more 'later, with the same purpose and by whom will be managed in the meantime.

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