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Original Language Title: Immigrazione Dei Forensi

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LAW ON IMMIGRATION OF FORENSIC August 6, 1894 1. - It 'called in its full force the Sovereign Law February 17, 1876, which is as follows: 1) it is prohibited for anyone to give in rent, or to rent, house, or one or more 'habitable rooms to any individual, or family coming from abroad, when this or that does not have at least an annual pension of 100 pounds for each individual member of the family. The leases agreed in ispreto of this Act be declared null and of no effect, and foreign agl'inquilini will be intimated without delay, in order Ecc.ma Regency, the eviction of the territory of the Republic, under the simultaneously warning that the same will see Regency appropriate 'request to order; 2 °) all owners or bosses who lay off foreign settlers from their farms, domestic or foreign from their service, they are required to give reports to the Ecc.ma Regency within one month from the day they give farewell to the farm family or household ; 3 °) who contravenes the first or second of precdenti items incurs a fine from 50 to 200 pounds. 4 °) as soon as the settler or foreign home will be dismissed, ordered to do so, the order of Ecc.ma Regency, the precept of eviction from the territory dela Republic, to have effect upon the dissolution of the colony, or termination of the s rvizio, unless the farmer or household itself does not prove its placement on another farm located within the territory of the Republic, or in other existing family in this area, or justify a dwelling not interrupted in the Republic of 25 years, combined with a good moral conduct, resulting from the relevant authorities documents; 5 °) in addition to the above requirements, you will always get foreign permission of the Sovereign Council when it wants to take residence in the Republic; 6 °) glues these provisions are not intended to derogate the Laws earlier, which are in force on this matter, especially on receiving foreign; 7 °) to the Republic authorities and especially political Inspector shall be the duty of superintend because this law is strictly observed and applied. 2. - The income referred to in Art. 1 Callback Law must be represented by real property, or by registered folders government annuity of any State, or mandatory deposits at public banks. 3. - The obligation of the owners, as per Art. 2 d she said Act, it extends to tenants and users of houses and farms. 4. - The permit referred to in Art. 5 of the same Law is necessary for any forensic that is not settler or domestic, and relates, for each case, the dwelling in territory that exceeds four months. 5. - All hoteliers, owners and users of houses will have to denounce political Inspectorate, within three days of their arrival, all forensic distinction that had hosted, under penalty of a fine of LIT 10 to 50. Those who are to give public performances, and beggars, must denounce no later than a day after their arrival, and remain subject to the appropriate authority of public safety measures. Notwithstanding the above provisions, following arapporto political Inspectorate, or in the news in any way received at Ecc.ma Regency, any forensic may, for reasons of public policy, to be immediately expelled from Ecc.ma regency, heard the opinion of the Congress Government, with those terms and conditions that each case will be deemed appropriate. 6. - The knowledge of the fines provided for in the law mentioned above and in the present, be referred to the Commissioner's Court without intervention of the Treasury. You do not need the ministry of defense, and is allowed in the offering up of the imposed fine. 7. - For the purposes of the provisions of this Act to the aforementioned, forensic means all those who belong to families who have not obtained, or they themselves have not obtained, the active citizenship of San Marino with Rescript Prince. They mean then settlers who cultivates sharecropping no less rustic background eight tornature San Marino, and inhabit the house belong to the fund, provided that the farm family is not, from the number of components, eccedent the need of the fund. 8. - The direct instances to obtain citizenship, or incolato, do not give right to residence in the territory. Transitional provisions. 1. - the ban will be suspended and no sanctions will be applied as per Art. 3 of the referred Law, the forensic and owners, tenants and users or bosses who, within one month dall'andata into force of this Act, will respectively the denunciation of themselves and
its forensic tenants to the Secretariat of State for Internal Affairs, however, subject to the penalties imposed by Article 1 of Law repeated. 2. - The forensic, existing in the territory to the publication of this Law, will all be passive announcement. But they will be allowed to humiliate the Prince and Sovereign Council their concerns, both for the citizens and for the incolato, provided this little face in the period prescribed in the previous article, for organ Ecc.ma Regency and the mercy of the presentation of the documents to 'necessary purpose. Law of government internal order in relation to the forensic Law. 1. - The Ill.mo Mr. Law Commissioner will report all'Ecc.ma Regency of all forensic definitively convicted of misdemeanors, or denunciation of insidious weapon. 2. - The Ecc.ma regency is required to propose to the Congress Government bans on forensic above and all others who, for political or Inspectorate report or otherwise, will be the offenders to the Forensic Law, and prejudice faculties concessele by the same law in cases of emergency. 3. - The Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs will hold a book in which, on the Most Excellent Regency order, will be listed all the forensic mentioned in the two preceding articles, with a margin call of the measures taken on the notice. When the ban decrees, the Secretariat same shall immediately notify the Secretary of State for Home Affairs.