On Measures To The Civil Status, To The Registry And Statistics And For The Establishment Of Dedicated Executive Officer

Original Language Title: Sui Provvedimenti Per Lo Stato Civile, Per L'anagrafe E Statistica E Per La Istituzione Di Apposito Funzionario Dirigente

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LAW ON MEASURES FOR MARITAL STATUS, FOR THE REGISTRY AND STATISTICAL AND FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A SPECIAL EXECUTIVE OFFICER March 27, 1905 Chapter I. Fundamental and preliminary provisions. Art. 1. - It 'set the dependence of the Secretary of Internal Affairs a central office responsible for: a) to direct the Civil State, and to supervise the estate and keepers of acts including citizenship, births, marriages and deaths; b) to keep current and in good trim the population register and all registers, roles and dependent personal services; c) overseeing concurrently Seize offices Sanit ri and technicians to the police mortuary and the resilience of the cemeteries; d) fill or as the case may collect and sort the statistical work of every kind and every branch pel service of the Republic. All in accordance with this Act and the provisions that will be issued to complement and to implement it. The office is divided into sections corresponding to the four branches out above. They go the same secondary offices established in each parish of the Republic, in accordance with the table that follows the present law. The official titles of Civil Chief, Police Officer Birth and death, the mortuary manager and statistics, Officer electing to compete and are hired by the same in the performance of different tasks under the abcd letters of pr this Article. Art. 2. - Of the qualifications, duties, rights, salary and the remuneration of the official art of cu. 1. is the organic law of officials and employees of the State to which it will reference. Here, meanwhile, called the special provision in Article. 10, declares: a) that the said official is responsible for the execution of this law and all regulations issued and to be issued for the fulfillment of the same; b) that it is the same the promotion and if necessary to commission under the responsibility of any and all acts necessary to achieve full and complete obbdienza the law, and to ensure the application of the penalties imposed by the law itself; c) that the same will recognize the quality of official public meaning and effect of art. 8 of the law 13 January 1897. Chapter II. Marital status. urgent and preparatory measures buoyancy final. Art. 3. - For State Civil remain in force until further notice, the disciplines established by legg December 14, 1873, except as it reflects the birth declarations to be made within five days, unless the transmission of the Acts of Civil status and Registry that will directly parish priests by the Central Office. The obligation of the complaints and the procedures to be followed for the legal assessment of the same will remember to the public with a special poster in the day that will take office by the official established by the present law. When in a non-parish Siasi been no act of Civil Status, the pastor will have to convey negative statement. The total complaints (Form D) or negative statements (Form D bis) will care for the parish priests, be sent or delivered to the Central Office, within the first ten (10) days of each month following that in which the complaints is ref riscono. Art. 4. - First Care Officer of Civil Chief of will set about the verification, classification and eventual completion of the complaints ABC collection (concerning births, marriages and deaths). To run inside of that office, the officer aforesaid shall be entitled to be issued by the parish priests of the copies of missing documents, without in any case, what is art. 13 paragraph 7 of the Law on December 14, 1873. The above transactions, coordinates the system of population register in art. 1 letter b shall be limited updating of the movements of people in the state ver ficatisi 1899 census onwards and precisely the date 6 gosto 1899. As reflected front denunciations, simply to ascertain the individual parishes, the existence of directors and matrices their regular conservation, in accordance with art. 5 of sovraccennata law. For a full year it will be drawn up for each of the complaints alphabetical index group to stay with them in the central office and executed the Talons and harvesting by volume of all the acts of civil status so that the dispersion is avoided. Of the transactions contemplated in this article, you will be drawn up detailed report to be placed in the archive, after notifying a copy to the Regency. Art. 5. - In virtue 'of special law to be promulgated and put into force together with the present and in
relationship with what is stated in art. 1 letter c) will be provided to complete that part of the Civil State regarding certificates of death nllo order to achieve the legal investigation of deaths and constatarne the causes to the effects of health statistics and the mortuary police and more 'particularly the disciplines on and burials in cemeteries. However, the reflective part of the investigation of deaths and the causes of such finding must be performed simultaneously with the promulgation of this Act in relation to what is stated in the last part of Article. 15 of this law. Chapter III. Population and population. Art. 6 - In keeping with what is established in the previous articles 3, 4, 5 within the period of two years after the promulgation of this law will be provided: a) to reform and complete the existing provisions of Civil Status; b) to coordinate the reforms themselves and anagrafe the Republic (population register) and more 'especially to acts of citizenship, disposizi ni Law 6 August 1894 on immigration from lawyers. The design relevant law will be drafted by a special commission, chaired by the Home Secretary, which will be part as a member in an advisory capacity the official created with this law. The appointment of the other two members, upon completion of the Committee, will be made by the Regency. The committee itself will also have a permanent character for similar tasks referred to the special law for the population register. The two elected commissioners will be renewed in two years and will always be re-elected. Art. 7. - The population register in art. 1 letter. b) it will be created and held by certain rules of special law, to be promulgated and put into force c ntemporarily to this. The formation of the register will proceed after verification and eventual completion of the house numbering as art. 12 taking as a basis the results of the 1899 census to be completed and corrected if necessary by the aid of population registers of 1864 and 1874, and of acts of Civil Status in art. 3 and 4. The population register as well as the change referred treat over articles cited in the part concerning the present population will be in perfect order within one year from the enactment of this law. Chapter IV. Statistical Office. Art. 8. - The Central Statistical Office, which is signaled in Art. 1 letter. d: a) centralizes, recalls and collects everything to do with the statistical information in its public service goals of science or study, directs and controls if necessary compile the findings; b) provides the same directly with the elements that are in his possession at all statistical work having as basis the Civil Status and the population considered in all its aspects and characters, it administers the data and extracts to others and to the private; c) collect and publish in the first twenty days of each month the results of the master movement and the Civil Status of the previous month by beaming a copy to the Cabinet of the Regency: d) draws up the accounting coll'ufficio agreement, the general statistical report from present to the Sovereign Council along with the general accounts of the State. Art. 9. - The general statistical report, referred to in art. 8 letter d includes: a) the general framework of the duly updated population, with the movements of the previous year; b) the results of the budget and the account of the State, distinct in all its assets and branches and accompanied by special data, referring to institutions and civil companies, military and ecclesiastical, subject to state supervision; c) the lists of vaticinati and health tables, glues figures of mortality and causes of death; d) the administration of civil and criminal justice: e) Public education and the Scholastics administration, in all its degrees. The general statistical report may include previ agreements with their respective leaders, the news concerning credit Institutes, charities, private education, associations of cooperation and assistance and in general any and all news r bending the conduct of public life, in its various ramifications, in accordance with the maximum established by art. 1 letter of 8 letter. in the present law. The Government of the Republic does not aim for absolute norms forms the general statistical report and abandons himself to the executive initiatives the Central Statistical Office, each deduction of comparisons and calculations of percentages, according to the dictates of economics and principles of accountancy applied to public administrations. Art. 10. - For the implementation of paragraph b art. 9 combined prescription glue contained in paragraph f art.
56 of the Administrative Regulation May 13, 1886, the manager statistics will take the appropriate agreements with the Accountant of the State which will tenu or providing the necessary cooperation in the performance of two tasks mentioned in Article nte Prev. Such cooperation is also required by the Manager statistics in all operations concerning the application of direct taxes; and this hill rules to clarify and particularize in the organic law of the officials of art. 2. Chapter V. original and transitional provisions. Art. 11. - They pass by the Home Secretary Officer nagrafico the faculties inherent to the dual office and by virtue 'of previous laws belonged to the Secretary for gl'interni. In those faculty it includes the exclusive right to issue extracts and certificates of each species, not only for the public service objects, but also on the civilian use of private citizens. They do not recognize as valid and will not be used, nor ordered the acts of a different origin from that sovrannunciata. In cases where the requested document, not be in the archive center of the Republic, but only in the parishes, the parish priest shall issue the 'stratto under which the officer of the Registrar shall draw up the required certificate. Among the certificates and statements referred to in this article, including: a) those relating to the civil status (births, marriages, deaths, citizenship and domicile); b) those related anagrafe (residence, family situation, professional exercises); c) those relating to morality, poverty and the nothing Lieutenancy and other special circumstances can be inferred from the acts and the reputation. Art. 12. - denunciations, declarations, certificates and in general acts of any kind, irrespective of the official issuing them, and whoever is the applicant, when I inquired and prescribed for other purposes are free and exempt from stamp duty it took by this law, what purposes will have to be declared in the header and before signatures according concerning the reorganization of the Civil State, the formation of the population register, statistics or police mortuary. They are also from any expense, certificates and extracts covered by paragraphs a, b, and c art. 11 when involving poor person, that resulting from the acts of registry office, or certificate issued by the Charity Congregation. Art. 13. - Pel issuing certificates and the extracts provided for in paragraphs a, b, c, art. 11, intended for the use of private (and always excluded the cases referred to in art. 12), the officer of the Civil State is authorized to collect on behalf of the state the rights covered by the rate that follows this law. The rights are paid through special postage stamp canceled with, dated the day the certificate is issued. Each certificate shall bear in front of an annual progressive number corresponding to an authenticated register earlier in each sheet by the Home Secretary. The register must be specified the summary of the certificate and the law. If the right is not due you will write the word "free". Art. 14. - The officials of all kinds and of all ranks, heads of institutes and offices established in the terri I of the Republic are required to cooperate in ordinary or extraordinary work on the Civil Status, the Register and house numbering, as well as updating the statistics of their respective competence. Pei cases of impotence, duly certified and justified, will the Regency in the manner which it considers appropriate. Who draws up the statistics, whatever its purpose, it is required to keep records in the data, the elements and calculations that have served to compile. Special orders, promoted by the manager statistics, decreed by Ecc.ma Regency, will set the rules and disciplines and the deadlines to be observed in individual cases and by each of classes indicated in art. 9. The undue delay and denial give rise to doubt the measures and expenses charged to the office of the responsible official. The note of these expenditures is made enforceable by Regency hearing the person concerned. All without prejudice to the penalties imposed by art. 5 and with the measures established by art. 13 paragraph 8 of Act 14 December 1873 and in harmony with the provisions of art. 2 of this law. Art. 15. - The Sovereign Council reserves the right to proceed in a session the appointment of the officer who will be chosen in the staff of similar offices, provided the relevant securities and the practic skills tests. Will the salary of L. 1400, will come into operation on 1 April 1905 and the appointment will be of exceptional nature.
The expenses necessary in respect of staff, printed, shelves and what may abbisognerà pel completion of street numbers will be done by drawing the reserve, without prejudice to the regular appropriations in future budgets. The entry into force of this and other laws which mention the previous Articles 5 and 7 will be fixed by the Regency, which is given for this purpose broad mandate of trust for performance practices. From that date shall be deemed repealed any and all otherwise the three laws cited in the previous paragraph. Art. 16. - The present law will acquire binding force with 1 April 1905. Annex I. RATE of taxes that the government is authorized to require pl certificate in art. 13 of the Act. 1. Certificate: birth, death, marriage and citizenship cent. 20 2. Mortality "25 3. different (including acts of notoriety in special circumstances deductible from research in archives or depositions of witnesses): for the draft original to stay in atticent. 50 4. States of" 25 5 family. recognition of signatures "50 6. Statement of authenticity of copies of original confront performed and returned to the party: for the 1st page" 20 for each additional "05 (If it's copies of existing documents in the state archives and release with permission of the Regency the right above is doubled). WARNING 1. the manager and the Civil Status registry is up sharing half the product of the above rights. (deliber. August 11, 1904). 2. the rights above are due indipendentemnte by legal regulations on stamp duty and registration. Annex II. TABLE indicative of the parishes in which they receive complaints of birth and death, weddings are celebrated, and you write the employees mutations by composition and decomposition of family, from emigration and immigration. 1. they are competent and responsible for the registration of births parish priests of San Marino, Serravalle, Faetano and Montegiardino with the baptismal font. 2. In addition to the above are responsible for the registration of the deaths of the priests Acquaviva, San Giovanni, Domagnano, Fiorentino and Chiesanuova. (This will until further notice be coordinated to p Regulation lice mortuary for what reflects Citeri not exist today cemeteries for the City, Village and Serravalle). 3. At the wedding celebration are competent tut pastors in terms of the applicable laws. 4. So too are competent and responsible for the parish priests as reflected denunciations of change of residence of the respective parish population, internal and external concerns. 5. As reflected the inhabitants of the parish of Chiesanuova bearing those born in baptism in the parish of Pieve Corena (out of state), the Regency is authorized to provide, under Article. 15, in accord with the competent ecclesiastical authorities.

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