- To Dar Way To Collect On Public Revenue Of Urgency; A) The Sum Inscribed In Budget 1920-1921 How Entrance Of Alleged Tax On Income For The Year 1920 (The Cui Amount, Cause The Delay Occurred In Assessment Of Operations

Original Language Title: - Per Dar Modo Al Pubblico Erario Di Raccogliere D'urgenza; A) La Somma Inscritta Nel Bilancio 1920-1921 Come Entrata Presunta Della Imposta Sui Redditi Per L'anno 1920 (Il Cui Importo, Causa Il Ritardo Verificatosi Nelle Operazioni Di Accertamento

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Law 11 January 1921 Ranked # 2 which regulates the issuance of a compulsory internal loan. Art. 1. - To bring order to the Public Treasury to collect emergency; a) the sum inscribed in the 1920-1921 Budget as intended entry of the income tax for the year 1920 (the amount of which, due to the delay in the investigation related operations, will be added, divided into three equal tranches, on the roles of years 1921-1922 and 1923); b) the sum required to cover at least part of the more unexpected commitments to encumber the said financial statements, is authorized to issue, by means of public subscription, of an internal loan, through the creation of public debt securities fruttanti 's annual interest 6% recovered within three years from the date of publication of this Decree. Art. 2. - The securities are of two types, distinguished with the letter A and B. Type A securities represent each an annuity of L.3, L.50 corresponding to capital, and are intended to subscriptions that every citizen provided with securities or real estate income is under a duty to account tax due for the year 1920 and to an extent of less than a tenth of its total annual income. The Type B securities represent an annual pension of L.30, corresponding to capital of L.500, and are offered to those who wish to voluntarily contribute to balance the Budget 1920-21. For subscriptions of those who intend to offer sums of less than L.500 serving the type A shares, by stampigliarsi with a declaration of voluntary offering. The issue is made one hundred percent and the interests shall be effective from 1st January 1921. Art. 3. - Subscriptions will receive from January 15 to February 15, 1921 at the Company Registry Office Mortgages, which will issue a provisional receipt , to withdraw and convert then into full licenses as soon as the same will be prepared. (1) Art. 4. - The securities are registered and transmitted by endorsement on the back, to be signed before the registrar of the Register and Mortgages, which will authenticate the transition took place with indication of the office stamp and the signature, and it will note in the register of subscribers he formed and stored for all legal purposes. Art. 5. - The securities of type A they will be paid by subscribers to the Tax Office for the payment of taxes that will appear in their name inscribed on the roles of the 1921-1923 three-year period, up to a third of the total debt for annule shares that will reach or exceed the L.150 and L.50 for lower altitudes. These payments are, however, allowed only for overdue payments or maturing, never for those still due. Art. 6. - on securities paid into the account tax Esattoria clcolerà in favor of the taxpayer's interest in L.0,25 made for each full month from 1 January of the year in which the payment will be done by compensating for the ' amounts with the amounts that the taxpayer will have to pay cash. For securities not paid the entire annual interest Esattoria s Ra paid on December 31 of each year by the State Treasury. Art. 7. - The Government, after hearing the opinion of the State Congress, will provide formal shape and characteristics of the securities created hereby Dcreto and manner in which the Tax Office and the Treasury will have to consist on the back of the securities the payment of the interest. Art. 8. - After expiry of the three-year period from 1921 to 1923, the titles of type A is not paid in Esattoria and the type B bonds will be withdrawn from the State Treasury, which shall reimburse the amount at par. However, if the requirements of the Public Revenue so require, the Government will have the right to propose to the G and G Council, those legislative measures that it deems appropriate for the extension of the deadline mentioned in the preceding paragraph, in which case the securities paid in tax collection will be reoffered to the citizens under the same conditions brought by this Decree or used for payments of sums owed by the state for reasons not attributable to performance of personal work. (2) Art. 9. - The following are exempt from stamp duty and registration tuttigli acts relating to the signing of this loan fees, as well as receipts for payment of sums subscribed, full licenses and turns for sale. Art. 10. - Following the successful application of ordinary income tax, those taxpayers, who have not signed many titles of type A for an amount corresponding to at least the tenth of income is finally determined on their behalf, will be eligible to a penalty equal to 20 % normal tax levied on the difference between the earnings and ten times the amount subscribed, to be added to the main load lies in the roles of more 'forthcoming.
They are not subject to criminal individuals whose Eriva income exclusively from personal work performance in offset fixed predetermined amount, eg Ra admitted in any case in favor of the taxpayers an allowance equal to 10% of income efinitivamente ascertained. (3) (1) Council Decree 15 February 1921 No. 1 10; 15 Article 1 - The term of art. 3 of Law 11 January 1921 for the issue of an internal loan redeemable shall be extended to 15 March 1921. Council Decree 15 March 1921. 10; 15 Art. Unique. - The term of art. 3 of Law 11 January 1921 for the issue of an internal loan redeemable shall be extended to 31 March 1921. (2) Council Decree 15 February 1921 No. 6. 10; 15 Art. Unique. - The possible extension of the term of art. 8 of the Law of 11 January 1922 may be authorized for a period of time not exceeding three years. Council Decree December 29, 1923 N. 30. 10; 15 Art. Unique. - The deadline for the repayment of sums subscribed to the internal loan in 1921 has extended until 31 March 1924. The undersigned of type A can continue to avail themselves of the faculty by previous decrees granted to them to compensate with the amount subscribed their debt to the tax income. (3) Council Decree June 6, 1922: "The penalties fixed by art. 10 of the Law on January 11 (*) 1921 N. 2 are canceled." (*) EDITORIAL CORRECTION The Supplemente According to reports erronamente Collection "... Law of February 7, 1921 ...." instead of "... 11 January 1921 .."