Article 1

Original Language Title: Art 1

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Law 25 January 1921 Ranked # 3 on the requisition of houses to dwelling use.
1. - The owners and holders of customarily recognized empty apartments or even in the process of selection of unnecessary
local family's needs but easily divisible, have
obligation to sell them for rent to those who remained or They are to remain homeless.
From this obligation are excluded local and notoriously actually intended to use the hotel.
Art. 2.
- The owner or owners of empty apartments usually have to make the complaint within 15 days
from its entry into force of the law to the Political Inspectorate, indicating the number of local
available and the asking price for the rent.
Art. 3.
- Those citizens or non-citizens of San Marino to the service of the Republic, who remain or are
to remain homeless and wish to ask d t the present law, must make known this circumstance
Inspectorate Political indicating the number of family members, the number of local
considered strictly necessary, the motif that have left or are leaving the premises already occupied
and the day for which they need the new premises.
Art. 4.
- The complaints and questions in the two preceding articles are transferred to a special 3
Commission members appointed by the Great and General Council.
The Commission examined each case and heard the interested decides without any formalities
and permanently, whether it should make use of this law; if so it determines
apartments so local that will have to indulge in a forced rent and also determines the price of renting
well as any terms or conditions that could be appropriate, bearing in mind the reasons of morality
, the conditions of the family and the special needs of it.
No matter obligation under article 2 of the complaint, the Commission is authorized to visit any
apartment, local or home in order to ascertain if any of the available
in accordance with article 1 .
Art. 5.
- The decision of the Commission ordering the forced rental of premises will have to be notified, in
means of cursor, to the owner or possessor of the premises themselves.
The resolution will have to give details of the person or the head of the family that will occupy the
apartments or premises, the number of premises to deal, price and the conditions met, the
day when you will make the 'occupation.
Art. 6.
- About manifestly it contravenes the obligation art.2, is punished with a fine from 5 pounds to 15 pounds
Who, in any way, is opposed to the execution of the order at eliberazione and art.5, is the
punishable by a fine penalty L.10 L.300 and, in most cases' serious, imprisonment up to three months, in addition to responding
other crimes with which his work could incur.
However the Commission's examination is smpre and definitely executable by force:
in this case all the necessary expenses are borne by those who gave you his place glue opposition.
Art. 7.
- All acts necessarii for the application of this Act are exempt from stamp duties and registration
. The originals of the resolution and orders, of which art.5, must be filed and kept in the Chancery
commissioner and so did the reports of possible executions forced
of these resolutions.
Art. 8.
- This Act shall come into force on the 5th day after its publication and will last until
be repealed such later disposal. (1)

(1) Council Decree 14 March 1922: At the requisition Commission is replaced
a "Commissioner for housing" (Political Inspector). - The Commissioner came to an end by
functions with the March 31, 1923.