On Stamp And What Discipline Judicial Deposits

Original Language Title: Sul Bollo E Che Disciplina I Depositi Giudiziari

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No. 10. Law that brings changes to the Law on Stamp and governing judicial deposits. We the Captains Regent of the Republic of San Marino promulgate and send for publishing the following law approved by the Great and General Council in His models Returning March 22, 1926: Art. 1. The fees on criminal judgments, in art. 14 Law of 14 March 1918 on stamp, have doubled. Upon completion of the tariff is established that the charge for the misdeeds and crimes, bearing only sentenced to monetary penalty, it is eight pounds. Art. 2. In a lawsuit proceedings biased and in those where there is a civil party in the case of acquittal of the defendant, the plaintiff or the plaintiff will pay a fixed tax of pound ten judgment. Art. 3. In the cases before the Conciliator Judge relating to the value of the dispute between the L. 50 and L. 100 will strive card revenue by L. 1. Art. 4. In the cases before the Commissioner's Court relating to disputes value of no more than 500 L. - work card revenue by 2 instead of by L. L. 4. Art. 5. All sums that, for whatever reason, must be filed in connection with cases involving both civil and criminal, either first or second or third of that extraordinary degree, will have to be paid to the Office of the Register. The state and state offices do not take any responsibility - neither direct nor indirect, however neither - for fat deposits in place and so different from those prescribed by this Act. The capital of minors, women, persons or entities, entities will continue to protect - all risk of individuals with rights - to be deposited in private credit institutions or otherwise used according to the rules in force. The Registrar shall issue to the depositor a receipt with details of the person making the deposit, the amount deposited and the deposit reason. Deponent will produce in the case-receipt. The Registrar shall pay the deposited sums that remain fruitless, the Government Case. Having to repay all or part of the deposit made up to the Law Commissioner to have a decree written on the same receipt issued by the Conservative, which sum is to be returned and to which person. The Conservative execute the orderly return of the sum by taking it on his hands and office funds to pay the receipt above the cashier as cash. Cashier, in turn, will send the receipt to the Accounts that will give him discharge the operation by communicating to the Commission of the Budget for inspection. Art. 6. The present Law will be applied after its entry into force. The art. 1 and 2 will apply solely to proceedings initiated after the entry into force. Given at Our Residence this day of March 22, 1926. THE CAPTAINS REGENT Valerio Pasquali - Marco Marcucci THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi