Amendments To The Criminal Procedure Code

Original Language Title: Modifiche Al Codice Di Procedura Penale

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N. 18.
Act contains amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code.

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
promulgate and send for publishing the following law approved by the Great and General Council
in His models Returned April 15, 1926:
1. The art. 174, 183, 184 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Law 24 May 1913 are amended as follows
"Article 174: The summary procedure stipulated in this Chapter shall take place:
1.) In all fines;
2.) in all misdemeanors punishable by a pecuniary penalty or imprisonment glue alternated to fine; 3
.) in the crimes covered in art. 271-278 - 359-400 - 457-485 - 486-529 CP
4.) in the offenses punishable by not more than a maximum of six months imprisonment.
Where imprisonment is convertible joint monetary penalty in captivity, this combined with that should not, in
complex, exceed six months.
to determine the competence does not take into account the increase in worth dependent contest
offenses and penalties, the offense, the aggravating and mitigating circumstances referred to in art. 35 and 36 CP ,
nor the causes that diminish the attribution except for that by reason of age (art. 18
If an individual is processed simultaneously for one or more 'competence summary offenses
and one or more 'ordinary crimes within the jurisdiction: remains firm application of art. 44 CP and CPP 185

The competence for all offenses connected defendants to more 'people up to the ordinary judge
if any of these crimes is within its competence.
In any case it remains in the investigating judge may apply, if it thinks appropriate, Article.
9 of Law No. 9 September 1919 35.
"Article 183 - The judgment on the fines and the crimes designated in art. 174 No. 2, 3 and 4 was
subject to appeal, which is gives it in the usual ways to the judge deciding indicated in art. 14 of this code
"Article 184 - the judge on bearing fines sentenced to monetary penalty not exceeding two hundred pounds to
is final: it is, instead , appealable in any other case.
Art. 2
The application limit of cuialla Criminal Law Decree No. 9 September 1919 35 * is high
to two hundred pounds in penalties.
Art. 3.
In all criminal proceedings the appeal must take place on the Prosecutor of the Treasury. These and the party, where
there, take their conclusions after counsel for the defendant has specified the
grounds of appeal. The defendant, through his counsel, it will be the last word:
purpose he will be given a period of ten days.
Art. 4.
This law will be applied to crimes committed after its entry into force.
Given at Our Residence, 15 April 1925.
Manlio Gozi - Giuseppe Mularoni

Giuliano Gozi