Additions And Changes In It To The Criminal Code Criminal Procedure Code

Original Language Title: Aggiunte E Modifiche Al Codice Penale E Al Codice Di Procedura Penale

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No. 11. Law contains additions and changes to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino Promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX in His Returning Delli July 13, 1933: PART I. Additions to the Criminal Code Art. 1. Anyone on this territory or to 'abroad a) spread or communicate in any form, rumors or false, exaggerated or misleading way to adversely affect the credit or prestige of the state; b) or less plays an activity likely to cause harm to the interests of the state or shake the confidence in the legitimate authorities or offend the patriotic sentiment; c) or contrasts or obstructs the action of d llo State powers or participates in public or secret meetings with seditious purposes; It shall be punished, unless the fact constitutes a major offense, extensible imprisonment, according to the seriousness of the case, from one to eight years. Art. 2. Anyone who incites to commit one or more 'misdeeds are punished for the mere incitement - and where the fact constitutes a major offense - with the established punishment for the offense and the crimes instigated by the decrease by three to four degrees. Aforementioned is subject to punishment even those who publicly makes the apology of one or more 'misdeeds. Art. 3. Whoever holds intelligence with foreigners to commit acts of hostility against the San Marino State or to commit other direct made for the same purpose, shall be punished with imprisonment from eight to ten years provided that the fact constitutes a major offense. PART II. Adding to the Law License to the Criminal Code of 1897 Art.4. To Article eleven of the Law License to the Criminal Code it is applicable to any vehicle or reproductive way of thinking and not just to its display, but also to its distribution or dissemination. PART III. Adding to the Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 5. The granting of the defense on the loose in reatcontemplati in Part One of this law: the Penal Code Book I, first class and second class first title; into law June 13, 1897 License to the Criminal Code art. 1. 2. 3. is entirely devolved (notwithstanding art. 56 CPP) the Council of Twelve will establish that, in the case of concessions, the necessary guarantees required. PART IV. Police Provisions Art. 6. Anyone who does not observe a measure data that is lawfully authority for reasons of justice or public security or public order shall be punished, if the offense is not more 'serious crime, with imprisonment up to three months or a fine of up to a thousand pounds. Art. 7. Any person required by a public officer in the exercise of his functions, refuses to give or gives false information about their own personal identity, your status, or other personal qualities shall be punished with imprisonment up to one month or with fine of up to three hundred pounds. This penalty is also applicable to the offense of art. 549 N. 30 Cod. Criminal. Art. 8. The police shall proceed to the arrest and detention of suspects or any other person, if deemed necessary for law enforcement investigations or to restore or maintain public order. Transitional provisions Art. 9. This Act shall come into force immediately after its publication. The provisions of Art. 5 is applicable to pending proceedings in which they have already been elevated final disputes. Given at Our Residence, this day of July 15, 1933 (1632 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Francesco Morri - Settimio Belluzzi THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi