We The Captains Regent

Original Language Title: Noi Capitani Reggenti

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Ranked # 6. Law that added door and amendments to existing provisions on the use of motor vehicles and related taxes. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX, in his today's Returned: Art. 1. 'cars: a) cars namely cars, trucks, road tractors and like; b) motorcycles, sidecars and vans. The vehicles referred to in point b are those with two or three wheels, in which the driver has to straddle the frame. Art. 2. Every motor vehicle must have the rims of the wheels rev loans from pneumatic tires or semipneumatiche. The nails fastened above the rubber coating in order to prevent slippage, must rest on the ground by means of a circular and flat surface of at least ten millimeters in diameter, excluding any tip, and with a protrusion on the surface of the coating not exceeding four millimeters. Motor vehicles and their trailers, which for the use for which they are used or to the indivisible load to be moved have the wheels supplied with metal rims and are also not likely to develop a higher speed to fifteen kilometers per hour, and the locomobiles the tractors when passing on streets and public areas, must have the rims of the wheels with tracks or be provided with other devices to prevent damage or excessive wear of the road surface. Art. 3. In the hours and in cases where it is mandatory the ignition and all motor vehicles must bring (to change article 3 of the Regulations March 6, 1922) in the nteriore two white light lamps and one in the back placed in so as to illuminate white light the recognition plaque and project red light backwards. The motorcycles, sidecars and motofurgoni must have equal signals with the right to use one of the headlights also for the red rear signaling. To the front lighting of motorcycles with two r ote it is mandatory only in white light. All motor vehicles that exceed the speed of thirty km / h must have, in the alternative to the lights, at least a lighthouse placed symmetrically in relation to lights that can light up the road up to a hundred meters ahead. The lighthouse will be the same device that contains the beacon. In the case of cars with the trailer tractor must lead in the front the two white light lamps and the rear red light must be brought on the trailer. Art. 4. The vehicles to be towed by motor vehicles must be catered by a system of checks and, if used for the transport of persons, need to be catered for with two independent brake systems between them. The trailer shall be capable of operation by the driver of the tractor effectively or, where that is not possible, it must be supervised and lected by person traveling on the trailer. Driving tractors and the like with a steam engine can be provvedute a single system of checks provided they have also an effective device to Controvapore braking. Art. 5. The trailers must be equipped with the vehicle license and license plate. In the vehicle license (to be issued in accordance with Article 9 of Regulation 6 March 1922) the trailer is identified for himself same and in relation to the vehicle tractor. The plate is equal in type to that of the car and must bring the word "trailer" Relief celestial character, in a prolongation of the part of the plate than inf. It is considered as an integral part of the vehicle, which is directly approached, the two-wheeled cart, intended exclusively for the carriage of baggage, tools and the like. Art. 6. No vehicle can tow more 'of a trailer is for transport of people both for transport of things. When the motor vehicle is a towing vehicle not adapted to rasportare payload, it is allowed the use of two trailers, provided tot the length of the train car is not more than twenty-two meters. Art. 7. The classification Article 9 of Regulation 6 March 1922 has made the following addition: 6.) Road tractors (with evidence of the use pecial their intended use); 7.) trailers. In the second part of the article predicted it is added to the letter b: The Technical Office constaterĂ  also if the vehicle or trailer is in compliance with the provisions of Articles. 2 and 4 of this Act; the letter c: The Technical Office in the case of truck or tractor towing a trailer intended to indicate the maximum weight of the trailer with the load that the truck or the tractor are adapted to tow. Art. 8.
Where there is reasonable suspicion that the license circolazi it is requested by a nominee - in order to encourage persons who, under the Convention, August 6, 1913 between the Republic and the Kingdom of Italy, would not be entitled to obtain it - it may be denied and, if already granted, revoked without the right to refund of the tax paid. The denial and revocation will be authorized by the State Congress. The vehicle license will be revoked when the vehicle is no longer 'the conditions necessary for safety purposes. Purpose may at any time be ordered an audit by the Technical Office. This verification is mandatory every two years for trucks and trailers. Art. 9. The certificate of competence to drive motor vehicles will be stamped every year. The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs can ask for the endorsement, the presentation of the documents referred to in No. 2, 4, 5 of Article 16 of the Regulations on March 6, 1922. The certificate may be suspended or withdrawn, with the permission of the State Congress: 1.) for reasons of public security, 2.) in the case of investment that has caused serious injured ni, 3.) in the case of investment when the driver has taken flight. Art. 10. For motor vehicles referred to in point b article 1, when they are not older than 3 HP power and 175 cm. displacement and when they are not used for public service, is sufficient authorization for circulation on which are marked the discovery data of the machine and the owner. No other document is required both in relation to the vehicle both as regards the suitability of the driver. Art. 11. All vehicles will be subject to annule tax. Until otherwise provided the fees are those indicated in the accompanying attachments. Road tractors pay the established rate for the trucks. Art. 12. All violations of this law shall be punished with the penalties established by statutory provisions. Art. 13. They remain in force, in the parts not amended by this Act, all the provisions and in particular: 1) The Law 6 March 1922 Ranked # 13 for the movement of a mechanical traction vehicles intended to operate without driving rails on ordinaie streets; 2.) The Regulations March 6, 1922 for the application of that Act; 3.) The Law 6 March 1922 for circolazine taxes of motorcycles, sidecars and automobiles; 4.) The Regulations March 6, 1922 for the application of that Act; 5.) The Regency Decree 30 June 1922; 6.) The Council Decree 24 November 1923 Ranked # 20; 7.) The Law of 15 January 1925 amending the vehicle taxes. Art. 14. Any existing lien on motor vehicles will be f tto be in the vehicle license. Art. 15. This Law shall come into force with the 1st July 1937. With regard to the tax: a) trucks will have to pay for the second seed three in 1937 the difference; b) trailers only have to pay the fee for the second half of 1937; c) any other difference will force tax with 1938. Art. 16. The Regency is authorized to enact the consolidated text of the Law and the Regulations on the use of motor vehicles and related taxes. Given at Our Residence, this day of 28 June 1937 (1636 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Giuliano Gozi - Settimio Belluzzi p. THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS THE REGISTRAR Francesco Morri - Table page. 11 BU 3/1937 -