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No. 12. Law on scholarships. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino. Promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX in His today's Returned: Art. 1. Every year grant, in the manner set forth below, the following scholarships. 1) Stock Exchange "Government" of L.2000. among the young people wishing to attend university studies: 2) Two of L.1000 bags each among the young people who attend ndono int or the high school or higher technical school or teachers college or higher school of fine arts or an high school musical: 3) a bag of L.600 to young people who want to dedicate themselves to the ecclesiastical career: 4) a bag of L.600 to young people who wish to attend a school of arts and crafts or industrial technique or a music school. Also gradually becomes vacant will be granted: The bag of "Pio Legato Belluzzi" of L.1500 among young people who intend to take their university studies. Art. 2. The university granted scholarships are intended for all years of study prescribed by the chosen faculty but not beyond six years. Other fellowships are awarded for the duration of the course but not beyond the term, urgent, four years; unless the ecclesiastical bag that will be for courses in philosophy and theology no more than seven years. The grants can not accumulate in the same person nor with other educational aids. They will be paid in deferred quarterly installments from 1st October to 31st July. Art. 3. In order to be allowed to ask one of the bags, under article 1, requires the following conditions: 1) be a national of San Marino (certificate of citiz Ordinance). 2) Have always had good conduct (certificate of good conduct). 3) To have residence in the place that is not home to univers unit or other institutions or schools that wish to attend (residence certificate): 4) Possess the qualifications required for admission to the study that you want to follow (degrees) , and for the ecclesiastical fellowship, be equipped gymnasium or the equivalent license. Competitors may also submit any other documents which establish their attitude to the relevant studies, their merit and their need. The Congress of Studies will consider applications and documents and, therefore, a specific report will report to the Council and the LX Sovereign Prince. Art. 4. The scholarships are permanently assigned by the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX among competitors that have been shown to possess all the requirements of article 3. If there is only one competitor will be awarded to him the purse request. If there are more 'competitors the bag will be given to those who will get the most' high majority. Tuition scholarships will be awarded in relation to the votes obtained by each competitor, so that the greater the bag is up to those who have obtained the most 'high majority and so on. Art. 5. It can not be paid the first installment of individual bags if you do not prove the regular membership or university or institution or the school to which the bag has been granted. In the following years will not be issued a payment mandate: a) if the college student did not show up to all year exams (during which he enjoyed the benefit) according to indication whether - the indications for which he will always mandatory - and has not reported in the same approval in the first or in the second exam session: b) where the other students were not, or in the first or second session, promoted to the upper reaches. Those conditions will be made by a certificate of University, Institute or School you will be asked either directly or through the Secretariat of State. Art. 6. The young man who has not given approval in all of them the subjects or the promotion to the upper reaches, according to the provisions of Article precedent, will be suspended from the enjoyment of the bag and can not be admitted or ask other school aids any species and for any reason. He said the young shall be deemed, for another, readmitted to receive the scholarship in the school year following that in which it was deprived if he proves: a) if a university student to have passed all the exams is this new year be the previous one in which had been set back or unsuccessful: b) if another student to be promoted to the upper reaches. That readmission will never have effect for the year in which there was the suspension but only for the subsequent school years following that in which the student is placed in order. When the backlog or the unsuccessful or loss of the year occurs a second time, the student will permanently lose the bag. Art. 7.
If because of illness or force majeure, comprvato and recognized by the Congress of Studies, absolutely independent of the will of the young, they could not take the exams in due time, he will be reinstated in aid only when it has been proven to have them supported with favorable outcome as soon as the school regulations will enable it to him. Art. 8. The young people who for their conduct had given reason to reprimands or to punishment by the authorities of the Republic or the competent foreign authorities, will be the Congress of Studies, he heard the excuses, and, where appropriate, punished by withdrawal of one or more 'subsidy rate, notified to the relevant offices: unless Congress itself, for the seriousness of the circumstances, the Sovereign Prince and propose to the Council the final abolition of the subsidy. Art. 9. The young Sovereign Prince and excluded by the Council from the bags will concur in the following years but not more 'than twice. The young university, for one of the minor b rse, will compete in the following years, to greater stock market if he proves that he had already obtained an average not less exams through eight. Art. 10. It will be on the faculty of the Congress of the studies grant the student of Fine Arts or to attend private study music of an artist or teacher, rather than a public institution, if for reasons of age there can be admitted. But the suppression in this case will have to: a) Give prompt notice of the study chosen because Congress can, if it did not consider good choice, make the aspirant observation and if they do not elect Artist and Master best, will propose to the Council and Sovereign Prince of aid: b) Tell Congress the same quarterly certificates issued by the private teacher and proving the frequency to the study and the profit of the subsidy. Transitional provisions Art. 11. The special subsidies already granted upon the entry into force of this law, even for just one year, are confirmed for the duration of the years of faculty or course of study to which they relate. In such subsidies are considered extended all of the provisions of this Act. Art. 12. This law, which enters into force immediately, canceling any other legislative provision on the same subject. Given at Our Residence, this day of 18 December 1937 (1637 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Marino Rossi - John Lonfernini THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi