The Juntas Establishing Auxiliary And Repeals The Regulations On March 16, 1925 Captains Dei Castelli

Original Language Title: Istituisce Le Giunte Ausiliarie Ed Abroga Il Regolamento 16 Marzo 1925 Sui Capitani Dei Castelli

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N. 66.
Law establishing Juntas Auxiliary and repealing Regulation 16 March 1925 on Captains Castelli

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
availing ourselves of the faculty concesseCi by the Great and General Council in His Returning
of 17 November 1945;
We decree, promulgate and publish the following law:
1. To meet the new Local public needs, has been created at the Urban and Rural
centers, an Auxiliary Board, chosen by the Congress of State, whose appointment is proclaimed by Regency in the half-Arengo.
Art. 2.
The Board remains in office for one year from 1à April to 31 March the following year, and must be chosen
preferably among Board.
Art. 3
In Serravalle Castles, Faetano, Montegiardino, where it is already established an administration that care
the assets and services of the place, the council Auxiliary is identified with the same,
assuming other duties determined by the present the gge.
In Acquaviva centers, Domagnano, Fiorentino The Board consists of three members.
In Borgo City and the council it consists of five Mmbri.
Art. 4.
La Junta Auxiliary is in direct dependence of the State Congress and consequently the
Deputies of individual Departments as part of the functions exercised by the latter.
Art. 5.
The Board is chaired by an elected Delegate from its components.
6. Within the first ten days of April the council meets for the choice of the Delegate who should chair it and
to arrange and coordinate as appropriate to its compliant, and is convened whenever necessary
Art. 7.
The Auxiliary Board, in addition to the functions assigned by the Statutes of the conservative public buildings, the overhanging
to the streets and water, and to the captains of the Castelli for the protection of the affairs of state and the population
, has the task of seeing to the execution of administrative orders
issued by the Government and regulations and controls affecting dell'Annona services,
of Relief, Health, Public Works, the Police Urbana and anything else adheres to
other city activities.
It can not take action on its own initiative, but has the right to propose to the competent organs
Art. 8.
The Regulations for the election and the Office of Capitni Castelli, approved by the Great Council and the General
Returning delli March 16, 1925, is hereby repealed.
Art. 9.
The delegates of the auxiliary Board of Serravalle, Montegiardino Faetano and retain the title of Captain
Castle, under the Address Book XXVII of the Statutes.
Art. 10.
This Act will go running after its publication.
Given at Our Residence, this day of 26 November 1945 (1645 dFR).
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