Via Extraordinary Admits In Organic And The Current Trustees Establishes The Allowance For Employee Of Government And Parastatal Agencies, Not Allowed To Stability Of Employment, Upon Termination Of Serviz

Original Language Title: In Via Straordinaria Ammette In Organico Gli Attuali Incaricati E Stabilisce La Indennita Spettante Ai Dipendenti Di Governo E Degli Enti Parastatali, Non Ammessi Alla Stabilita Dell'impiego, All'atto Della Cessazione Del Serviz

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No. 25. Law on an extraordinary basis admits organically current charge and establishes the indemnity due to the government employees and parastatal bodies, not admitted to the stability of employment on leaving the service and engagement. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council in its Returned models June 15, 1946: Art. 1. The state employees who currently have the qu lifica of charge temporary, are allowed in organic to the effects of Law 17 December 1925 (published in 1926 with No. 34) as well as the effects of Law No. 8 March 1927. 7 and March 15, 1941 Decree n. 4 on pensions provided it helps the following conditions: 1) cover one of the places indicated in the table attached to this law; 2 °) have not exceeded, the entry into force of this Act, the fortieth year completed; 3 °) are involved in a permanent service, continues vo and normal hours; 4 °) have demonstrated sufficiency in service second judgment to be issued by the State Congress after consultation with the Head Office. Art. 2. A Government Commission of three members, appointed by the Great and General Council and chaired by the Regency, will decide: a) competition the conditions in the upper article, and then, on the admission or not organic; b) the status of salaried employee or to an employee in accordance with the functions assigned by the laws and regulations Specifications; c) the date from which it will be run on the s rvizio already served as an appointee. The Commission Decisions will be communicated to the Great and General Council. Art. 3. The employee admitted organically must swear an oath of art. 4 of the Law on December 17, 1925. If you have not yet completed the two years of service shall be bound, upon expiry of that two-year period, the confirmation referred to in Article. 8 of the Law now called. If, however, has provided superior service to two years he will be considered finally admitted in an organic and the service already rendered saràubito calculated for the effect of the five-year increases without the right to arrears. Art. 4. The government employees for which the Commission did not consider the competing requirement in num. 4 of Art. 1 shall be exempted from service and eligible to enjoy the benefits of art. 6 of this Act. Art. 5. The government employees who are over forty years made will enjoy stability in operation, the immediate recognition of the already served for the calculation of the five-year increases and will be entitled to the allowance provided for in art. 6. This allowance is also up to those who have performed a service, such as charge, for more 'than a year to employees who are in the conditions set out in Article 6 of the Decree of 15 March 1941 No. 4 for all years of service . Art. 6. For employees not allowed in organic (and of which aglrt. 4:05) is up, the termination of the service, an indemnity equal to many months of two-thirds of final salary or compensation actual perceived how many years of service . E 'it is given the opportunity to the employees to withdraw the entire cash benefit, or to withdraw cash the middle and convert the other half in annual pension, corresponding to ten percent of the capital is not withdrawn. The effects of winding-up the year began considering only done if it is past the first half. Art. 7 The allowance referred to in the previous article shall be paid for any reason ceases employment or service or assignment made an exception only for the cases of art. 9. Art. 8. The allowances, if the employee dies during the service or before he himself has made the withdrawal, it is for the spouse and children. If only helps the spouse or one child they riter year, the entire allowance that would have been entitled to the deceased. If you make only the children they share the benefits equally. If contribute spouse and children the first withdraws the third allowance and the remainder is divided among the children. If missing widow and children the allowance will be up to the parents in equal parts or to the surviving parent. In any other case half the allowance, which sarbbe been entitled to the deceased employee, will be attributed to the testamentary heirs and, in the absence of a will, to the legal heirs. In the event that the employee has opted for half the life pension (according to Art. 6) it will be paid for one half to those entitled under this provision. Art. 9. The right to achieve the allowance is lost if the employee is laid off as a result or effect of one of the sentences specified in the second part of Art. 8 of Law No. 7 on March 8, 1927
pensions. Moreover, even in such a case, the spouse and children, as well as dependent parents is up half the compensation that, at the time of dismissal, would have been paid to the employee. Art. 10. The benefits they are entitled to the employees and their families may not be sold, nor seized, nor foreclosed, nor forfeited except in the cases, in the manner and to the extent of Law May 27, 1899 on to seizure of salaries. Art. 11. On the wages of the employees covered by this law is carried out, for the duration of the service, an ordinary deduction of seven percent, where applicable, the extraordinary 4 percent. The latter will be applied for so many years for the people who are, according to this Act, recognized as useful for retirement or for the inde nity in addition to those regularly accrued. Being withholding ordinary wage earners will be five per cent and the extraordinary 2 percent. Art. 12. The Government reserves to pay bonuses in art. 6 or directly or through an insurance institution. Art. 13. The law 14 November 1936 n. 13, the surrogate that will come into force immediately after its publication, is repealed, except as prejudice is in the second part of the art. 5. Art. 14. This law will apply to employees of entities protected by the Government except as the Commission under Article. 2 pel deems appropriate personnel at low services. It does not however apply to employees of the Gendarmerie. Transitional provisions. Art. 15. In all already employed and wage earners in organic ven those permitted under this law will be, at their request or office, recognized by the Commission under Article. 2, years of service completed before the actual appointment as adventitious, provisional, alternate, as long as more than one year. The employee or wage for years recognized in more 'service will pay the extraordinary deduction of art. 11. Art. 16. The current charge for which there is no corresponding place in the organization chart, remaining in service for employees to the offices designated by the Government and will enjoy the benefits of which the first part of Art. 5. ________________ additional list with current organic table. Annual salary Ministry of Basic Regency Lire 7,000 Typist Assistant Keeper and Janitor - Bellhop Secretariats 7,000 Typist Civil State Administration of Finance 7,000 9,000 Two Applied Administration of Justice Typist Bellhop 7,000 8,000 Health and Hygiene Applied Office of Health and Hygiene 9000 Guardian Cemetery Montalbo 6,500 undertaker Cemetery Montalbo 5,500 Janitor A. Public Education - secondary schools 7,000 Janitor B. - "" 7000 Bidella "" 2,000 Janitor Bellhop Library and Museum 7000 Public Works Applied Assistant 9,000 9,000 hydraulic rod person Bellhop 7,000 Cantoniere Department} A "" B} "" } C "" D 6500} ""} E "" F} ""} G, "" H} | "" I} "" L} | "" M} | "" N} "" O} | 6.500 "" P} | "" Q} ""} R "" S} ""} T "" U} ""} V Mechanical pumps Mechanical workshop Help Workshop Fiorentino 8,000 pumps Fiorentino 8000 Mechanical workshop Mechanical pumps Canepa 8000 Help offic. Canepa pumps 8,000 Mechanical offic. Costa 8,000 pumps Mechanical workshop Help pumps Coast 8,000 Scavenger Department A - City 6000 "" B "6,000" "C" 6,000 6,000 Scavenger Scavenger Piagge Department A - Borgo 6,000 "" B - "6000 Communications, Industry, Commerce, Agriculture Postelegrafonista A - city ​​8000 "B -" 8000 "C -" 8000 Bellhop Postelegrafonico city Guardafilo 6,500 8,000 8,000 Customer Service Representative village Postman B - city 7,000 Postino Serravalle - Falciano 6,000 surveillance systems and custody officer telegrafonici 8,000 5,500 Endeavour Endeavour Montegiardino Acquaviva - Ventoso Cailungo - Valdragone - San John Domagnano 2,000 4,500 Endeavour Endeavour Santamustiola - Casole etc. Our Residence Since 4500, this day of 15 June 1946 (1645 dFR). The CAPTAINS Giuseppe Forcellini - Vincenzo Pedini THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS ff G. Giacomini