Amnesty, Remission And Switching Pena 1

Original Language Title: Amnistia, Indulto E Commutazione Di Pena 1

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No. 30. Law granting amnesty, pardon and commutation of sentence. (1) We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council in its Returned models July 23, 1946: Art. 1. 'amnesty granted: a) for offenses punishable by eg custodial alone or in conjunction to a pecuniary penalty, no higher than one year - b) for offenses punishable by a different penalty from that prison - c) for offenses under the Decree 3 November 1943 No. 47. excluded from the amnesty: I ° of private action offenses for which there is the complaint of the injured party - the annonarii II offenses (Read 27 June 1942 N. 21:22 - Ordinances of the Government Commission for Public Annona and other Authorities) - the III ° specific offenders in the crime of theft. Art. 2. Outside of amnesty cases in the previous article are condoned prison sentences for the only crime of public action no longer than three years and also are reduced those inflicted or inflicted. An amnesty on annonarii crimes is limited up to two months imprisonment and fine of up to 2,000 pounds. Art. 3. The following are excluded from the amnesty and the pardon of offenses and penalties of any kind, under Law 23 October 1944 No. 33. Art. 4. In the event of multiple offenses and penalties amnesty applies to individual crimes; The amnesty applies after the accumulation of penalties under the law. Art. 5. The amnesty should be applied, if the provvedim nto be required by the person concerned, even if it has already taken action to enforce the sentence. Art. 6. The amnesty and amnesty shall not be eligible: a) the restitution of confiscated things neither of those whose confiscation is mandatory for legg provisions - b) the repayment of the sums already paid to the Treasury, however. Art. 7. The amnesty is applied by the Law Commissioner in the processes during the investigation, in those already defined but not yet transmitted to the judge of first instance and those already defined by the Court having jurisdiction to issue a judgment in any other case . The amnesty is applied by the judge issuing the sentence, and in the event of a conviction by a final judgment, by the Law Commissioner. Art. 8. convicted under Law 23 October 1944 No. 33 the only penalty imposed is commuted to exile in the proportion of two months for each month left to serve it. The switch applies only to those who trovan held for punishment expiation. Art. 9. This Act applies to crimes committed until the day prior to that of its approval by the Great and General Council. In any case they remain subject to the rights and civil shares due to injured parties and third parties. Given at Our Residence, this day of July 23, 1946 (1645 dFR). The CAPTAINS Giuseppe Forcellini - Vincenzo Pedini THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR ff INTERNAL AFFAIRS G. Giacomini (1) Already published separately to the date of promulgation.