The Integral Reclamation Agriculture

Original Language Title: La Bonifica Integrale Agraria

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LAW 29 April 1952, n. 11. Law for land reclamation. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council in its session of April 29, 1952. Art. 1. In order to encourage farmers to the execution of works aimed at increasing production efficiency land and promote employment p rays out according to the rules established in the following articles will be paid a contribution to the costs for planting vines, olive and fruit trees for reforestation works and drainage and for improvement of livestock, as well as to expenses for renovations to houses or fitting, for construction of manure pits, wells, cisterns; They will also be interest-free loans for construction of houses. Art. 2. For a Governmental Commission consists above article to the Integral Reclamation Agriculture composed of the Chairman and three members of the Agrarian Commission, two members of the Commission of Public Works and a representative of the State Congress. They will be part of the Commission, in an advisory capacity, the Director of Agricultural, Technical Head of the Engineer, the Director of Health, the Chief Accountant of the State Accounts, a government veterinarian. The Commission is chaired by the President of the Agrarian Commission. He will serve as the Director of the Agricultural Secretary. Art. 3. Farmers who within the year 1952-1953 will perform the work specified in the following a) and b) will be granted the corresponding contributions to the 20, 35 and 50 percent of spending for the workforce employed in the same jobs to depending of belonging to one of three categories, based on income, which will be established by the Commission: a) performance of breaking up for the planting of vineyards and vines in rows limited to those farms that are, according to the Commission, d cient of screws; the rooted for such plants will be free of charge. b) plants of olive groves and orchards specialize performed with real burglary. Will be distributed free of charge, besides farmers above, to anyone who requests it, olive groves and fruit-bearing plants ready to be planted places, provided for every five plants spread is employed laborers a day's work. Art. 4. will be awarded prizes by the Commission for a total amount of 200,000 lire to those farmers who prove to have brought olives and fruit plants to perfection. Art. 5. For the livestock increased, especially good service, will be awarded: a) eight awards of L. 100,000 each for those agrcoltori, station owners mounts taurine authorized, that will possess bulls who, on the advice of a special commission to nominated by the Congress of State, they are deemed "migliorat i" and have regular geneologici certificates; b) six awards of L. 70,000 each to farmers who possess Romagna cows which, in the opinion of the Commission mentioned above, prove to have strong genetic characteristics. It will then be a competition for the fattening of the calf to take beef with prize money totaling L.230.000. Art. 6. In the case of renovations to houses will be granted contributions of 20, 35 and 50 percent on the total charges incurred to be awarded to the owners, in accordance with the criterion established in the first paragraph of Article. 3. The contribution will be granted to those works that will import an expense not less than L. 60,000 and no more than 700,000. construction of manure pits, wells and cisterns. Art. 7. You have granted contributions of 20, 35 and 50 percent on the total charges incurred for the construction of manure pits, wells and cisterns according to the categories of the owners who, in the opinion of the Commission, taking into account ispecie of agricultural income, They will be the economic status more 'or less well-off. Art. 8. For the construction of houses will be granted pre titi, without interest, for the reason 60 percent of the actual expenditure. The loans will only be granted for buildings that will import an expenditure of no less than 1,500,000 lire and not greater than $ 4,000,000. The loans will be guaranteed by a lien on the property and the annual rate will also have privileges on hanging fruits. These privileges will have their effects without the inscription. The loans will be repaid with shares nodded them within ten years. The payment of annual fees will start at the end of the first year from the date of testing. The loan will be for a third paid at the middle of the building, for a third party to work completed and the remainder on proven works. Art. 9.
The granting of subsidies and loans is subject to the use in the hand opera assumed through the medium of the Office of Government employment. Art. 10. Applications for the distribution of grants and loans should be addressed to the Commission under Article. 2; for the work referred to in Articles 6, 7 and 8 related projects, in four copies must be united, the descriptive reports of work and cost estimates. The Commission before granting the contribution or the loan will have to ascertain the existence and the competition of the requirements specified above, and then the actual prescribed for labor use and its relation to the scope of work, as well as the rationality of works themselves. Art. 11. Payments will be made by the State, s lvo how willing the last paragraph of. 8, after the work, carried out in full accordance with the above provisions, have been tested. Art. 12. For the purpose of this law is allocated for the year fi anziario 1952-53 the sum of L. 25,000,000. Art. 13. This Law shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication. Given at Our Residence, 29 April, 1952 (1651 dFR) THE CAPTAINS REGENT Domenico Morganti - Mariano Ceccoli THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS G. Forcellini